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10 Tips From A Perfumer To Make Fragrance Last Longer

Ideas from our perfumers, that are simple and yet will make fragrance last longer.

It can be very disappointing to say the least, when you have spent your Money, Time and Energy choosing your perfect or preferred perfume for the day, only to then discover that the scent has disappeared or is very faint shortly afterwards,

Thankfully it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are 10 Tips From A Perfumer To Make Fragrance Last Longer and that you can do to enhance your scent and to help it linger all day.

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Enjoy Your Fragrance For Longer:

  1. Store your favourite perfume in a cool, dark place, away from direct sunlight. Light and heat will cause your fragrance to deteriorate, in terms of quality, longevity and colour.
  2. Apply an unscented moisturiser or lotion to the areas on your skin where you plan to spray your fragrance. The lotion will  ‘bind’ the fragrance to your skin and make it longer lasting.
  3. Apply your perfume onto your pulse points plus your wrists, behind your knees and on your ankles.
  4. Don’t press your wrists together as the friction will stimulate the evaporation of the light top notes. Top notes are usually light and fresh.
  5. Fan or open your hair and spray fragrance lightly into it. Your hair will cover the perfume to reduce its evporation and yet every time you move during the course of your day, your perfume will come to the fore.
  6. Choose a fragrance that works with and for you, if possible opt for an ‘Eau de Parfum’ rather than the lighter ‘Eau de Toilette’ or ‘Eau de Cologne’, it may cost more initially but it is better value for money in the long run, as ‘Eau de Parfum’ contains a higher concentration of oils that will last longer on the skin.
  7. Spraying or Spritzing on to a favourite scarf or subtly on your clothes is also an excellent way way to retain and surround yourself with your chosen perfume. However be very careful not to spray too much and from a very close range, as the oil in the perfume can stain fabrics. Maybe a better way would be to spray the air and walk through it.
  8. Apply your Perfume following a shower when you have finished moisturising your skin (preferably with an unscented lotion), and just before dressing as it will adhere to your skin and clothes, and release slowly with your movement and body temperature during the day.
  9. Layer your perfume during the day the ‘PAIRFUM London Collection’ is designed to be layered or worn as ‘Stand alone Fragrances’. One way is to choose your ‘Morning’ fragrance and then choose a complimenting Perfume to refresh with during the day. This also allows you to create your own unique Scent and the only limiting factor is your imagination.
  10. The most important ‘Tip’ is to choose a Perfume that you Love and that Loves you back, in other words “Fragrances that Compliment You”, and that get you Compliments.

Now you too can make fragrance last longer.

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