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A New Niche Perfumery Product?

Pairfum London Niche Perfumery Flower Head Rousseau

Do you enjoy Niche Perfumery products and would you enjoy wearing your fragrance as a floral beard or a blooming peruke?

We all like new fragrances and wearing perfume is part of our persona.

In the search for new perfumes, many of us have become familiar with ‘niche perfumery’, ‘artisan fragrance’, ‘indie perfume’ and ’boutique fragrances’.

It is an expanding part of the perfumery market known to be very creative and personal with its fragrances and ingredients but also the product forms themselves, i.e. not just a spray.

With this in mind, we enjoyed these head pieces composed of flowers.

Pairfum London Niche Perfumery Flower Head Leopold

Flower Beards by Geoffroy Mottart

Geoffroy Mottart decorated famous busts in belgium with the floral beards you can see in the photos below.

He wanted to reinvigorate often overlooked, historic busts found in parks and public spaces across Belgium with his floral touch.

Statues depicting historic figures such as Leopold II, Hermes and the Goddess of Bocq are adorned with blooming hairstyles and botanical beards.

“This idea came to me because I realized that most people pass by these statues without paying attention to them,” the artist says.

Vibrantly coloured flowers are arranged to mimic the silhouette and shape of the bust or sculpture, thereby adding a touch of humour.

In the process, the historic busts acquire a new life and persona.

“By putting a floral note in places or on objects, spectators pay attention to my work and rediscover what surrounds it.”

Pairfum London Niche Perfumery Flower Head Delville

What is Niche Perfumery?

We believe the terms Niche, Indie, Boutique and Artisan Perfumes describe, broadly speaking, something similar, as all of them typically have these features in common:

  1. in-house perfumer
  2. no mass marketing
  3. limited quantity & availability
  4. unusual fragrance notes

Head over to our online boutique for some wonderful niche perfumery products for your home and yourself.

Pairfum London Niche Perfumery Flower Head Bocq

What are the Other Fragrance Types?

Knowing Niche Perfumery, the question obviously arises of what the other fragrance classes are.

Here is how these are normally classified:

  1. Prestige Fragrances – perfumes from Houses such as Chanel, Dior, Estee Lauder, etc.
  2. Celebrity Fragrances – fragrances launched or endorsed by celebrities. These can range from Rihanna over Beckham to Tom Ford.
  3. Mass & Masstige Perfumes – the fragrances you would find in Drugstores and Supermarkets with a variety of ‘own-name’ branding.

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