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Boy On His Computer Sensehacking

Sensehacking & How It Can Change Your Life

Psychedelic Depiction Of Sensehacking

What Is Sensehacking ?

Sensehacking is a phenomenon that is explored by Professor Charles Spence in his new book by the same name.

In a sentence, Sensehacking allows us to improve our emotional wellbeing (as well as our cognitive and social wellbeing) by stimulating our senses in different and specific ways. The professor is conducting research as to how we might develop our understanding of this phenomenon to create multisensory environments, interfaces, products and even food.

Why Is Sensehacking So Important ?

Just as an unbalanced diet can lead to poor health, an imbalance in our sensory stimulation can also cause us to experience a number of problems such as stress, anxiety and depression. Such problems can cause someone to struggle to get enough sleep, which actually increases your chance of dying from one of the leading causes of mortality.

In today’s world, this imbalance comes from too much visual and auditory stimulation through excessive screen time, ear phones etc, while on the other hand there is a lack of tactile and fragrant stimulation. All of which are our considered to be our more emotional senses. This isn’t a judgement on your personal choices, this is simply the world that we live in.

Sensehacking With A Bouquet Of Flowers

Life in Lockdown

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, this sensory imbalance has only been exacerbated. For example, we have all heard very sad stories of care home residents being denied the most basic of pleasures of being embraced by their loved ones.

Even before Covid-19, over 90% of the lives of those living in urban environments were spent indoors, often leading to ‘light hunger’ and even Seasonal Affective Disorder. But, throughout lockdown our environmental stimulation has become even more monotonous. The lack of variety and the abundance of the mundane exposure to screens via Zoom and Netflix are not without consequence.

Fortunately, Sensehacking does bring a solution.

Sensehacking With Nature

Sensehacking In Practise

The Power Of Touch

Skin makes up just under 20% of your total body mass – making it the largest sensory organ in (or on) the human body. Wherever hair is grown (e.g. excluding palms and soles), there are receptors called ‘C-Tactile Afferents’ that elicit a pleasure response. This response is best encouraged through slow and gentle stroking (e.g. a massage).

Infact, just like a massage, if the touch is warm (in regards to temperature, although emotionally helps as well), and if there is a pleasant fragrance in the air, the wellbeing benefits are further enhanced.

However, unlike massages, research into Sensehacking concludes that multisensory stimulation of our skin is a biological necessity, not a luxury.

Woman Holding Flower Sensehacking

The Smells & Experiences Of Nature

One of the key principals of Sensehacking is the benefit that being in and amongst nature can have on our wellbeing. It is paramount that the exposure to nature has an all encompassing impact on your sensory stimulation. For example, Sensehacking explores how ‘Anthropocene Noise’ (such as the noise of traffic) can dramatically reduce the benefits of being in nature.

Ideally, as well as looking and listening to nature, you should look for a tactile experience such as feeling the ground beneath your toes or perhaps gardening and growing your own herbs. In fact, growing your own herbs will expose you to the fifth and most important sensory stimulation that nature provides – smell.

Fortunately, the efficacy of nature’s stimulation through our sense of smell is not impacted by whether or not we are actually amongst nature. While it is best to experience the smells of different grasses and wild flowers, Sensehacking shows that air fresheners or scented candles reflecting the aroma of nature can be just as effective. For example, a lavender fragrance as part of aromatherapy can be framed in terms of ‘smelling nature’ – e.g. the olfactory effect.

Furthermore, the positive impact of natural fragrances within the home becomes more pronounced in times of stress and uncertainty – which as we discussed previously, are often caused by an imbalanced sensory diet in the first place.

Sensehacking Through Gardening

Taking The First Steps

We would suggest that you might find our large bell reed diffuser to be effective in bringing the outdoors indoors.

Our natural product is perfect for your home and provides your living space with a continuous fragrance. This will allow you to take full advantage of the perks that Sensehacking has to offer.

We understand that you may prefer some fragrances over, so we invite you to have a look at our full range here to find a diffuser that suits your tastes.

If you are unsure as to which fragrance suits your style, many of our customers have found the perfume experience box to be very useful.

Pairfum Large Reed Diffuser Bell Pure Magnolias In Bloom

Luxury Candles An Essential Guide

Luxury Candles | An Essential Guide

An Essential Guide To Luxury Candles

It might be the faint fragrance of lavender or the gentle flame of a tea light, but a carefully selected luxury candle can help create the right ambiance and it adds the finishing touche to your interior decoration. The candle industry is already worth over £1.9 billion in the UK and perfumed candles are continuing to grow in popularity.

As demand rises, so does the choice on offer and choosing the ideal fragranced candle is more complicated than one might have first thought.

It is with this in mind, that we have written this essential guide to luxury scented candles. We will not only discuss what you should consider when buying your luxury candles, but also how to make the most of them.

After all, Edith Wharton said: “There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or mirror that reflects it.”

How To Choose Luxury Candles

What Type Of Luxury Candle Should You Purchase ?

Of course, everyone’s reasons and surrounding circumstances for wanting a luxury scented candle are different.

Therefore, we have created a table that can be used as a reference to better inform your decision.

Candle Type Usage
Candles in Glass Are poured into containers, usually glass.

The most common type of perfumed candle.

The molten, hot wax releases the perfume.

Pillar Candles Are formed into cylinders from firm wax that can burn free-standing.

Can be placed on a heat-resistant (& possibly decorative) dish.

Often used to enhance a beautiful living room mantel piece.

Taper Candles Made from firm max shaped to be much taller and thinner.

Typically, they are found in a classic candelabra or a typical candlestick.

Commonly positioned as a centre piece upon a dinner table.

Votive Candles Typically small, square or cylindrical.

Commonly presented in a small cup or glass jar.

Suited perfectly for bedside tables, bathroom units or bookshelves.

Tea Lights Usually are small and round.

They are recommended to be scattered across flat surfaces in the home.

Ideally placed in clusters.

Different Types of Wax In Luxury Candles

The main criteria for assessing the quality of a candle are:

  • wax: is the wax petroleum derived or from a sustainable source?
  • clean burn: does the candle soot and smoke when it is burning?
  • strong fragrance: does the fragrance fill the room? Is the odour of soot or smoke perceivable?
  • beautiful appearance: is the wax beautifully white or creamy? Is the surface smooth?
  • no drip: does the taper candle drip?
  • type of wick: is made from cotton? Does it contain a metal filament?

The type of wax that a candle is made from, is often overlooked by most of us and yet for luxury candles, the wax has a significant impact on their quality.

Paraffin Wax

Paraffin wax is the most common type of wax. It produces more smoke and soot than other waxes. Contains ‘toluen’ and ‘benzene’ which are known carcinogenes. On the other hand, it is the cheapest of all waxes, easy to dye and very suitable for making highly scented candles.

Beeswax Candles

Beeswax has a natural honey-like aroma and emits a warm glow when lit because of its colour, i.e. reduces the need to add dyes to the wax. This means they are a good choice for those with allergies or looking for a natural wax. Due to its high melting point, beeswax is also less likely to drip.

Soy Wax

Soy wax is natural and renewable. Essentially, it is the sustainable choice. The wax is made of soybean oil, which is biodegradable but also burns cleanly for extended periods of time. Any spills can be easily washed away with soap and hot water.

Other Waxes

There are many other types of wax that are very suitable for perfume candles: palm, sunflower, coconut, flower wax, avocado, stearin, …

Their popularity varies between regions, e.g. stearin is the most popular wax in Scandinavia, and candle formats, e.g. stearin is more popular for taper candles and soy wax is mainly used in container candles.

For a more in-depth overview, you may enjoy reading through our ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ about candles:

Luxury Pairfum Scented Candles

Luxury Candles & Fragrance

The Scent Thow

Is the ‘Scent-Throw’ strong enough so that the fragrance of the candle fills the room?

When it comes to the fragrance of luxury candles, there are a few things that should be considered

  • the bigger the space, the more candles are required or the larger the candles should be
  • a candle wax with higher meltpoint will result in a stronger fragrance
  • the more perfume mixed into the wax, the stronger and longer lasting the fragrance. Cheap candles frequently only scent the uppermost layer of the candle.

All luxury candle waxes have a saturation point, meaning that there is a certain limit to the amount of fragrance that can be added due to safety concerns, i.e. if the wax is oversaturated, the flame may ignite the essential oils that seep out of the wax.

The fragrance of luxury scented candles is a very personal experience and preference, which will invoke different feelings and memories in each of us. There are infinite combinations of fragrances so we invite our customers to explore the ones that appeal to them.

Wax Shrinks!

As wax cools and solidifies, it shrinks and cracks or holes appear.

A second layer of wax, i.e. like a top coat, is normally applied in order to create a smooth finish.

Some companies only scent the wick or use scented wax during the second refill, which is why you may stop smelling the candle after the top layer of the wax has burned off.

For a candle fragrance that lasts, we include the maximum amount of concentrated perfume oil that is technically possible and we fragrance the entire wax, i.e. from top to bottom and not just the ‘top coat’.

How To Maintain Luxury Candles

How To Maintain Luxury Candles

When the perfect candle has been found, only half of the work is complete. Even the best scented candle still needs some tender love and care to ensure it performs at its best.

Tip 1: The First Lighting Of The Luxury Candle

This is possibly the most important time in any candle’s life and should dedicate a little of your time to it. You need to watch until the wax starts to melt and form a ‘pool’ up to the edges of its container. You should not extinguish the candle before it has developed a full meltpool, i.e. the entire surface of the wax has turned molten.

This prevents ‘tunnelling’ or the phenomenon where the flame ‘tunnels’ down into the wax without ever forming a full meltpool. Tunneling eventually leads to a candle that extinguishes itself before the entire wax has been used up.

If possible, a luxury candle should be extinguished with a sniffer as it will help to ensure that the wick stays centred.

As a result, whenever the candle is lit again in the future, it will burn cleanly down the sides of its glass container.

Tip 2: Invest In Some Wick Trimmers

When you buy luxury candles, it is very likely that the candle maker would have trimmed the wick for the first lighting  If this is not the case, trim the wick to 4mm and again after each burn.

Trimming the wick down to 4mm will ensure that your luxury candles will last longer but there will also be less soot in the wax than if the wick was longer.

As well as avoiding soot, in order to avoid flaring, we recommend keeping the liquid wax free of wick trimmings or match ends.

Tip 3: Good Luxury Candle Burning Habits

Avoid burning the last centimetre of wax in order to protect the candle container, e.g. it might crack, and the surface that you have placed your candle on.

Wicks can become deformed and develop ‘mushrooms’, if they are burned too long. We recommend not burning a luxury candle for more than four hours at a time.

Pairfum Lifestyle Hallway Driftwood Scented Candle Cedar Noir 1 1

Pairfum London Luxury Perfume & Soy Candles

One of the advantages of our Pairfum Luxury Candles is that they have multiple wicks and they are made of cotton (or linen). High-quality luxury candles use finely woven cotton wicks, free from metal filaments to keep them upright. Metal filaments have been proven to be carcinogenic.

Instead, seek out candles that use wick with either a special weave or paper filaments to keep them upright while they are burning.

Our candles tend to release a more powerful fragrance and provide a beautiful glow. The burning time of a candle depends on the quality and size of the candle. The longer burning time of our luxury candles is a sign of quality over cheaper candles.

Pairfum Large Snow Crystal Candle Pure Pink Lavender

Pairfum Large Snow Crystal Candle Noir Orangerie Blossoms

How To Make Your Own Scented Drawer Liner Title Image

How to make your own Scented Drawer Liner

How To Make Your Own Scented Drawer Liner

Why Should You Create Your Own Scented Drawer Liner ?

Creating your own scented drawer liner is the perfect remedy when you are tired of your clothes smelling the same as the drawers where they came from. Not only will it give your drawers a whole new look, but your clothes will carry the wonderful fragrance of being freshly laundered for longer.

To see more reasons why you should use drawer liners, we refer you to an excellent article written by JAM Organising which details the many benefits.

Traditional Fragrant Drawer Liners

Make Your Own Scented Drawer Liner – A Step by Step Guide

Below we have outlined the key steps to make your own scented drawer liners.

Step 1: Ensure You Have All Of The Required Materials

  • Wall Paper / Wrapping Paper / Decorative Copy Paper
  • One Small Glass Dish
  • Cotton Balls / Scent Bottle
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Essential Oil (of your choice)

The fragrance you choose is completely up to you.

We do caveat this by recommending the following:

  • only buy high quality, pure and concentrated essential oils to ensure you have an enjoyable and long-lasting perfume.
  • equally, please steer away from oils that may stain your clothes. Examples of such oils are vanilla, cinnamon and other spices, all types of citrus oils (lemon, mandarine, …). Before using any oil, we advise testing whether the oil discolours using an old piece of fabric, e.g. cotton. Simply apply a little oil to the fabric and leave this sitting in the sun. Within a relatively short time you should be able to see any discolouration.
  • for the same reason, we advise not to buy mixtures of essential oils, e.g. a ‘Christmas Scent’, as these might contain ingredients that will stain without explicitly mentioning them, e.g. cinnamon oil.

Floral Drawer Liners

Step 2: Choose Your Scented Drawer Liner Paper

Choose the paper you would like to use in your dresser. The key criteria must be that the paper is absorbent or porous. This is to ensure that the fragrance you use is being absorb and then released slowly. Coated, lacquered or painted papers are typically not porous enough.

Wallpaper is normally a good starting point, as it tends to be relatively thick and very absorbent. Alternatively, a nice wrapping paper or decorative copy paper can be ideal.

Step 3: Measure The Dimensions of Your Drawers

Measure both the width and length of the inside of the drawer bottom you would like to be lined and then cut your chosen paper according to these dimensions.

Step 4: Mix Your Essential Oils

Create a mixture of essential oil and water. The ratio you should aim for is 50ml of water to every 1 – 2ml of the essential oils. 

We know this can be difficult to measure but an easy solution is to count your drops: for every 50 drops of water you add 1 or 2 drops of essential oil. Alternatively, use kitchens scales.

Stylist Chest Of Drawers

Step 5: Add Your Mixture To A Clean Spray Bottle

Pour the mixture into a clean spray bottle.

Please note: be sure that the spray bottle is clear of debris or you may spray additional and unwanted particles onto your paper.

If you don’t have a spray bottle to hand, add the mixture to a small dish. Then dip and slightly drain with a cotton ball.

Wooden Drawer

Step 6: Apply The Mixture To The Drawer Lining Paper

Spray a mist of the mixture over the paper until it is completely damp but not yet wet, i.e. not liquid or droplets sitting on the surface.

Alternatively, gently brush the cotton ball over the BACK side of the paper. The more of the paper you cover the stronger your scent will be.

Step 7: Leave your Scented Drawer Liner To Dry

Hang your paper to dry on a clothesline or drying rack. If for any reason neither are available, then place a towel on a flat surface and lay the papers on top.

Drying times vary dependent on the amount of solution that you have applied.

Scented Clothing Drawer Liner

Bonus Tips

Traditionally drawer liners are used where you store clothes: drawers, wardrobes or shelves in the bedroom. There is, however, no reason why scented drawer liners shouldn’t be added to drawers, cabinets or cupboards in the kitchen, bathroom, living room or any other suitable room.

During your research you may hear about fabric liners being an alternative to paper. The are certainly suitable true but we do caveat this recommendation by saying that is is important that you use a natural, tightly-woven and absorbent fabric, such as cotton or linen.

Other substrates such as cork and leather are also excellent alternative options, as long as they are uncoated, uncoloured and absorbent. Unpainted, unvarnished or uncoated wood is another very good solution.

We advise against the use of plastics or plastic lined fabrics due to the likely interactions between the essential oils and the synthetic plastic.

Pairfum Flacon Perfume Linen Fabric Spray Bed

Bonus Tips:

If you want to be without the hassle of making your own mixture, might we recommend spraying your drawer lining paper with our Linen Spray.  As well as lavender (featured above), we offer a wide-range of fragrances in our linen sprays such as ‘Blush Rose and Amber’ & ‘Magnolias in Bloom’.

The great advantage of using Pairfum London’s Linen Spray to freshen up your drawer lining paper is that you can refresh them at any time and you are not limited to the choice of perfume or paper that the manufacturer of the drawer liner has selected.

Alternatively,  you may wish to spray your favourite perfume on a suitable drawer lining paper. Please be careful, however, as some of the ingredients they contain might stain your clothes, e.g. vanilla, citrus, cinnamon and other spices.

Pure Eau De Parfum Bottle Pink Rose Sensuous Musk

Scented Sachets

If you are looking for an even more convenient solution, we recommend our Luxury Natural Scented Sachets. Simply hang one in a drawer, wardrobe, cabinet, cupboard or similar location and it will perfume every day for up to 9 months.

Lifestyle Armoire Scented Sachet Drawer Liner

A Guide To Fragrance Layering

Fragrance Layering | A Complete Guide

Professional Woman Layering A Fragrance

What Is Fragrance Layering ?

Fragrance layering is quite self-explanatory. It is the wearing of more than one fragrance at a time to create something unique and a means to stand out from the crowd. The number of combinations of fragrances one can try are limitless and there are also a number of ways that one can layer their fragrances. For more information, you may want to give this article a read.

Why Should Someone Try Fragrance Layering ?

The art of fragrance layering can help people find their own unique fragrance, and is a perfect opportunity for perfume enthusiasts who like to experiment and push the boundaries. Another way to consider it, would be finding and establishing one’s own sense of style. Just as you might mix and match  different clothes and accessories to create new and interesting outfits.

As well as the opportunity for authentic self-expression, your skin is unable to absorb all of the fragrance oils as it otherwise would. Therefore, the fragrance will last a lot longer. A fragrance smells different to each of us, and layering will enhance the true aroma of the fragrance.

An Exploration Of Fragrance Layering

How Does One Apply A Layered Fragrance ?

Applying the different fragrances in the correct order is paramount in order to get a high-quality aroma. You should start with the heaviest fragrance and end with the lightest to be sure that the lighter aromas are not ‘weighed down’.

Regarding where you apply your perfume, this is more or less dependent on your own personal preference. You may want to start with the fundamental pulse points such as your neck and wrists. However fragrance layering is about exploration and experimentation. Why not apply your new fragrance to more original areas such as a floral fragrance in your hair or some scented water on your clothing?

Stand Out With Fragrance Layering

Possible Fragrance Layering Combinations

If you are reading this article then may we assume you are just starting to layer fragrances. To assist you we have put together a table to suggest some possible combinations that you can get started with.

Fragrance Family Recommended To Be Layered With These Fragrance Families
Chypre Aquatic, Floral, Fruity, Woody
Citrus Chypre, Fougere, Fruity, Woody
Floral Citrus, Fruity, Oriental, Woody
Fougere Citrus, Floral, Woody
Fruity Chypre, Floral, Gourmande
Gourmande Floral, Fruity, Oriental, Woody
Oriental Aquatic, Floral, Fruity, Woody
Ozonic / Aquatic Citrus, Floral, Woody
Woody Citrus, Floral, Gourmande, Oriental, Ozonic / Aquatic

Create Your Own Fragrance

Fragrance Layering With Pairfum London

The process of fragrance layering is a great example of trial and error and it is likely to take many attempts before you get it right. Therefore, having lots of different perfumes and fragrances at hand is essential. Although, while perfume can bring such joy, full-sized perfume bottles are a luxury item with the equivalent price.

Therefore might we recommend our Fragrance Experience Box. Not only will you have access to 12 different fragrances, but once you have found a fragrance you love, you can have the cost of the experience box deducted from your ‘full-sized’ purchase.

It is also perfect for sharing or as presenting as a gift to someone who is looking to reinvent themselves.

Savanna Rae Review Perfume Experience Box Fragrance Library 4 Sq

Essential Oil Diffuser Benefits Title Image

The Benefits of an Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential Oil Diffuser

What Is An Essential Oil Diffuser?

An essential oil diffuser releases essential oils into the room. They are commonly used in Aromatherapy.

They tend to work in one of two ways. Some essential oil diffusers convert essential oils in to vapours, while others facilitate the natural diffusion of essential oils.

Here are two examples:

  • Aroma Diffuser: a heated electronic device which either diffuses a mix of water & essential oils or neat essential oils.
  • Reed Diffuser: a decorative bottle containing an oil scented with essential oils.

Essential oil diffuser are affordable, relaxing, healthy and becoming increasingly popular around the world. Some of their benefits are anti-mosquito, anti-mould, stress relief and other aromatherapeutic effects!

What Are Essential Oils ?

Essential oils are fundamentally plant extracts.

They are produced by pressing, steaming, distilling or extracting different parts of a plant (e.g. fruit, leaves or bark) in order to capture aromatic compounds.

It can often require several kilograms of a plant in order to produce a single bottle of essential oil. As well as being incredibly fragrant, essential oils have other functions in plants as well.

Calm & Relaxing Essential Oil Diffuser

What Are The Risks ?

Essential oils must never be applied directly to the skin and must always be diluted. For example, with water (if this is possible without solvents) or with a harmless carrier oil (e.g. almond oil, olive oil, coconut or sunflower). The typical ratio varies but should generally be only a few percent, e.g. a few drops of essential oil to one ounce of carrier oil.

When performing an allergy test, dilute the essential oil in the carrier oil to twice the planned concentration and apply the mixture to a small area of your body that is not visible. Then wait for on 24-48 hours and check for any reactions along the way.

Never ever consume or swallow essential oils. If ingested orally, these oils can damage the liver or kidneys. Also, keep them away from any sensitive areas of the body, such as eyes, nose or genitalia.

How Should You Use An Essential Oil Diffuser ?

Both an Aroma Diffuser and a Reed Diffuser should be placed in an area of the room from where they can easily fill the room with their scent.

1. Aroma Diffuser:

An aroma diffuser releases a fine mist to spread the essential oil around your room.

The fill them, lift the lid from the top of the diffuser.

  • In the versions that use water, put water at room temperature into a small measuring cup or glass and add 3 to 10 drops of essential oil. Then pour it directly onto the water storage tank.
  • For the versions that diffuse pure oils, one literally just places the essential oil bottle into the diffuser.

Replace the top of the diffuser.

2. Reed Diffuser:

These are much easier to use:

Simply open the bottle, insert the reeds and the Reed Diffuser is ready to go.

It is also worth noting that Reed Diffusers do not require a nearby power point and there is no danger of forgetting to switch them off.

3. Essential Oils in Candles and Room Sprays?

Just to avoid any confusion, essential oils can easily be used in candles and room sprays.

Both candles and room sprays are ideal for diffusing essential oils:

  • perfume candles: the heat of the molten wax is an ideal medium to diffuse and vapourise essential oils.
  • fragrance room spray: the fine mist of an alcohol based room spray can volatilise even the most difficult essential oils, making it another perfect diffuser of essential oils.

Essential Oil Diffuser Clarity Of Mind

The Benefits of an Essential Oil Diffuser?

Eliminate Odours

Diffusing essential oils can help to eliminate unpalatable odours or smoky and musty smells. Aromatic oils can kill bacteria and fungi, the cause of unpleasant smells, to purify the air.

Tobacco smoke is one of the most difficult odours to eliminate because it penetrates all the objects within the room even when it is ventilated. The best oils against of tobacco malodours are:

  • Eucalyptus
  • Guangxiang
  • Lemon Grass

The musty odour caused by mould and mildew is not only disagreeable, but can also harm your respiratory system or cause a series of health problems. The best natural anti-fungal essential oils are:

  • Lemon
  • Grapefruit
  • Clove

When cooking, the smell in the kitchen can become overwhelming, and the residual smell in the whole house is equally as unwelcome. To eliminate these types of odours in the kitchen, we recommend the following:

  • Lemongrass
  • Verbena
  • Vanilla

Essential Oil Diffuser Appetite Control

Complements Medical Treatments

The National Cancer Institute found that aromatherapy helps to manage the side effects of cancer treatments by sending messages to the brain that affect a patient’s mood via the smell receptors.

It may work for adults suffering from dementia.

Save Money

Using an essential oil diffuser can help to save some money.

When anti-viral, insect repellent or stress relief solutions are integrated into a safe product, an oil diffuser used with the appropriate oil will prevent purchases that may be needed to treat annoying headaches, sleep disorders or anxiety.


Although most people will tell you to apply essential oils directly to your body to relieve pain (diluted with carrier oil, of course!), you can also use an essential oil diffuser to extend the effects.

This method is an excellent way to combat persistent pains, such as headaches, joint soreness or muscle fatigue.

Fragrant Oil Diffuser

Relaxation, Reduce Stress & Improve Sleep

Dispersing oils with relaxing properties can help people of all ages fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly.

Not only can diffusers mix and match different oil blends (try lavender, Bulgarian rose, and Roman chamomile blends to help with insomnia), they can also run with a gentle buzzing sound, helping to relieve restless minds. Many devices also come with an automatic shutdown function, once you fall asleep, to help save oil.

Several laboratory studies have confirmed that the diffusion of essential oils such as lavender can reduce stress and help relieve anxiety in medical patients. Preliminary research also shows that oil dispersions can help relieve symptoms of depression.

Fragrant House Plant

Elevate Your Mood

Just as diffusers can help to reduce stress, they can also be used to create vitality and mood in your home.

You can use a diffuser to stimulate cheerful feelings during the holiday season, create a positive atmosphere in the office or social gatherings, help to a ‘spring to your step’ on a slow morning, and even create a romantic atmosphere for that special person in your life

Combat Bacteria & Mould

When essential oils diffuse in the air, they can break down free radicals that cause the growth of harmful bacteria. For this, eucalyptus, thyme and tea tree oil are particularly useful.

The same applies when it comes to fighting against the threat of fungal yeast. Pine and red thyme essential oils are best for fighting yeasts, such as mould.

Healthy Oil Diffuser

Cooling Sensation from an Essential Oil Diffuser

During the hot summer season, running the air conditioner all day and all night is a way to ensure that electricity bills are sent through the roof.

Instead, try to spread your favourite refreshing, cool peppermint essential oil in the rooms where you spend most of your time and create a cooling sensation against the heat, perfect for those blistering hot days.

Mosquito & Insect Repellent

No one likes mosquitoes !

However, fighting mosquitos typically includes the use of a repellent full of DEET, a toxic chemical that is particularly harmful to children. This is an unwelcome trade-off.

However, scientists have shown that oil diffusers can be used as a safe and efficient mosquito repellent. Studies have shown that diffusing an oil mixture containing clove essential oil and lemongrass essential oils will repel the Aedes Mosquito, the carrier of the Zika Virus, at a rate of 100%.

Natural Herbal Garden

Appetite Control

Like chewing gum, essential oil blends can help stimulate the senses by suppressing appetite.

New research shows that dispersing peppermint oil can help suppress appetite by created the feeling or state of being satiated in the body and it has also been shown to increase energy.

Isn’t this a much more pleasant alternative to a diet?

Improve Cognitive Function

Using essential oils in a diffuser is an efficient way to help overloaded brain cells.

This effect works on multiple levels:

First, many essential oils have adaptable properties, which means they will soothe you when you are under stress, but they will also give you a refreshing feeling when you feel depressed or sluggish. By balancing emotions, the oil in the air will help you focus.

Second, there are several essential oils that are known for their powerful ability to balance human hormones. With regular use, these oils can actually help heal the root cause that hinder cognitive function.

Natural Herbal Ingredients

The Most Common & Effective Ingredients

Basil Essential Oil is used to increase concentration and relieve certain symptoms of depression. It can relieve headaches and migraines. Avoid taking it during pregnancy.

Bergamot Essential Oil: recent scientific research indicates that bergamot essential oil can reduce inflammation, lower cholesterol and increase positive mood. When mixed with Eucalyptus Oil, it may help to relieve skin problems, including problems caused by stress and chickenpox.

Citronella Essential Oil is a relative of lemongrass and can be used as an insect repellent.

Clove Essential Oil is a topical pain reliever or analgesic, usually used for toothache. It can also be used as an antispasmodic and antiemetic to prevent vomiting and nausea, and it can also be used as a fragrance to prevent gas in the intestines. It has antibacterial, antioxidant and antifungal properties.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil can help relieve respiratory discomfort during a cold or flu. It is often combined with peppermint. Many people are allergic to eucalyptus, so be careful.

Geranium Essential Oil can be used to treat skin problems, reduce stress and act as a mosquito repellent.

Jasmine Essential Oil has been described as an aphrodisiac. Although scientific evidence is lacking, studies have shown that the smell of jasmine will increase beta waves, which is related to alertness. As an irritant, it may increase blood flow to the penis.

Lavender Essential Oil: commonly known to promote calmness, wellness and to reduce stress, nervousness, anxiety, mild pains and the severity of menstrual cramps. It is also said to relieve headache and migraine symptoms. Lavender essential oil is highly recommended as a sleep aid, for people suffering from insomnia or other sleep disorders.

Rosemary Essential Oil can promote hair growth, enhance memory, prevent muscle cramps and support the circulatory system and nervous system. Some people believe that sandalwood oil has aphrodisiac effect.

Thyme Essential Oil is said to help reduce fatigue, nervousness and stress.

Citrus Fruit Bergamot Essential Oil Fragrance 6

Next Steps?

Choose the essential oil from the list above that suits you best and head over to our fragrance descriptions to select a perfume that includes the oil with the therapeutic effects you need.

Then select in our online perfumery boutique a Reed Diffuser, Fragrance Candle, Room or Pillow Spray with the scent you have chosen.

Now, … sit back, relax and enjoy.

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Men's Skin Care Routine Title Image

Men’s Skin Care Routine | A Simple Guide

Perfect Skin Care For Men

The Importance of a Men’s Skin Care Routine

A foundation of good grooming is a religiously adhered to men’s skin-care routine. It brings with it less redness and irritation, less breakouts, and – best of all – less visible signs of aging. It is irrefutable that a daily ritual that takes care of yourself also improves how you feel about yourself before you head off to work or simply a wonderful way to start the day.

But where do you start ?

For the uninitiated, the vast array of oils, serums and exfoliants can lead to ‘paralysis by analysis’ to leave you feeling overwhelmed. Ironically, everybody always speaks about how relaxing men’s skin care is supposed to be.

In this article, we will provide you with a guide, detailing six simple steps to an effective men’s skin care routine. Although, before you start with any routine, there are a couple of factors that you should take in to account.

Skin Care & Self Confidence

What is your skin type ?

According to the AAD, there are five types of skin, as detailed in the table below. This list is by no means exhaustive, but its a good, general guide, as you tend to have one of these five skin types.

Skin Type Symptoms Key Skin Care Tips
Normal Skin No sensitivity with very few (if any) breakouts or blemishes.

Fine pores and a smooth texture.

Stay hydrated and healthy.

Wear Sunscreen and wash or cleanse your face before you go to bed.

Oily Skin Large or open pores.

Greasy to the eye and prone to breakouts.

Stay hydrated and regularly moisturise.

Wash your face twice a day

(do not over-wash).

Dry Skin Itchy, flaky and rough skin.

Has an uneven texture and will likely feel tight.

Regularly moisturise your skin to maintain softness and hydration.

Wear sunscreen to prevent dehydration.

Drink water but avoid spending a lot of the time in the shower.

Retain the natural moisture of your skin with a humidifier.

Combination Skin (Combination of dry & oily skin) Oily T-zone and breakouts on the forehead chin and nose.

Oily & sensitive cheeks.

Have a different skin care routine for your T-zone and the rest of your face.

Wear sunscreen.

Apply gentle cleansers.

Exfoliating is important but as with any skin type, be gentle and do NOT exfoliate daily.

Purchase ‘Oil-Free’ Products to avoid blocking pores.

Sensitive Skin Skin feels itchy and tight (particularly while wearing tight clothes).

Will become red after hot water or after heating spicy food and becomes oily in the summer.

Skin becomes dry in winter or when exposed to the cold.

More prone to reaction from Skin care products.

Don’t be excessive – e.g. use mild sunscreens, moisturizers and cleansers.

Always conduct a patch test – even if a product is advertised to be allergy friendly etc.

Men's Skin Care

Do You Have Any Skin Concerns ?

‘Skin Concerns’ include anything that is happening on your face that you would like to address, e.g. irritation, hyperpigmentation or acne. You will likely have seen that there are products that are often labelled as being effective against specific skin problems. Although if it is a serious skin problem, you are better off having a consultation with your GP.

Skin Care For Men

Five Steps to a Comprehensive Men’s Skin Care Routine

Step 1: Cleanse

We are all washing our hands more due to Covid-19 and the same should apply to our faces.

For most face cleansers (sometimes referred to as face washes), a small amount should be applied on a wet face for 30 seconds, followed by a splash of warm water and a pat (not a rub) with a towel. The type of cleanser you should use (as previously mentioned) depends on your skin type.

Step 2: Tone

You will likely all too often often skip this crucial step. This skin care technique is best explained with the metaphor of painting a canvas. Before you start painting, first you have to clean the canvas (cleanse) ad then you have to apply a primer (tone).

We recommend that you cover a cotton pad with your toner and then rub it all over your face and neck. However, if you prefer, you can apply a small coin-sized amount of toner on to one of your palms. Finally, put your palms together and continue to press the toner in to your cheeks, neck and forehead.

Asian Men's Skin Care Routine

Step 3: Serum

What has serum got to do with a man’s skin-care routine ? An individual may be more likely to associate serum with spy films than a skin caret. But in the ‘real-world’, the term ‘serum’ refers to something that has a high concentration of performance ingredients with the consistency of a light-lotion or a gel.

You only need to apply a couple of drops on to your finger tips before rubbing your hands together and applying the serum to your forehead, the bridge of your nose towards your cheeks and finishing with your neck and jawline.

Step 4: Eye Cream

This part of a man’s skin care routine requires a lot more care and attention because apart from the lips, the layer skin under your eyes is the thinnest on your face. Therefore, we advise that you use your ring finger to apply it for it is the least likely to cause tugging or pulling in that area.

Ideally you should apply a pump (or a half pump) on to the end of our finger and then tap along the outsides of your eyes moving inwards. Be sure to keep tapping in the eye cream until the product is at least mostly absorbed.

Older Men's Skin Care Routine

Step 5: Moisturise

In reality the fifth step of any men’s skin care routines should be split in to two because you need to apply different types of moisturisers. One for when you wake up and the other for when you go to bed. Nevertheless the application is the same.

You want to put a penny-sized quantity on your fingertips and then rub your hands together. After that you simply rub the moisturiser in quick motions across the foreheads, cheeks and along the neck until it has been absorbed by the skin.

In the morning you will want to use a lighter product, ideally with a minimum of SPF 30 before going outside to protect yourself against sun damage.

Before you go to bed, you should finish your routine with a rich moisturiser that can soak in to your skin while leaving your pores able to breath.

Step 6: Perfume

This step is placing the ‘cherry on the cake’. For us here at Pairfum London, it’s what we enjoy the most.

While we would of course recommend our Eau de Parfum range, you might prefer to discover first the fragrance that truly reflects your style and personality using our Perfume Experience Box. It allows you to experience each fragrance in your own time, without distraction and for a few days before you decide.

We should point out that Eau de Parfum is not the same as Aftershave or Cologne. For more information, please have a look at our FAQ page.

Pairfum Collection Niche Perfume Experience Fragrance Library 49 Square

What About Shaving?

You may wonder why we haven’t mentioned shaving.

In this routine, the step of shaving in the morning or evening (before you go out) comes before our Skin Care routine starts, with the emphasis on ‘care’.

The ‘Perfect Shave’ is a subject in its own right and deserves its own article with our favourite tips & tricks.

What Next ?

As we briefly mentioned before, we are washing our hands more frequently, leading to dry, rough and sometimes even cracked skin on our hands.

It would be a pity to neglect them.

We invite you to browse two of our Skin Care products that might be the solution for you:

  • Pre-biotic & Organic Hand Lotions: Made using organic and natural ingredients to strengthen the micro-flora of your skin, they leave your skin soft, pampered and gently fragranced.
  • Organic Hand Wash & Oil: This product moisturises your skin with natural oils as you wash and it is naturally antibacterial / antiviral.

For men, we would recommend one of these fragrances: ‘Cedar Noir’, ‘SPA’ or ‘Pink Grapefruit’.

Pairfum Prebiotic Organic Hand Lotion Cedar Noir

This is it: the fundamentals of what the ideal men’s skincare routine should look like.

If you are looking for a more advance routine, you may find this article from Esquire an interesting read.

Woman Sleeping Hiding Under The Covers

Sleep Hygiene | The Top 6 x Tips For A Better Night’s Sleep

How To Improve Your Sleep Hygiene

An Introduction To Sleep Hygiene

One of the easiest ways to set yourself up for a great night’s sleep is to pay attention to your sleep hygiene.

Good sleep hygiene requires you to both have a regular routine and an optimised environment to facilitate healthy, uninterrupted sleep. Many steps can be taken to achieve the perfect sleep.  While you should ensure that your bedroom is comfortable as well as free from distractions, a commitment to a calming and relaxing nightly routine and sleep schedule is also essential.

Your sleep hygiene can also be improved by creating other healthy habits throughout the day.

Sleep Hygiene Best Practices

Tip 1: Go To Bed At The Same Time Every Night

For those with a more hectic lifestyle, it can become more difficult to be pinpoint accurate with your bed time. This effect is compounded as your biological clock is fantastically conditioned to anticipate sleep as the sun sets and everyday dusk arrives either slightly earlier or later than the night before.

However, it is vital that you keep to your sleeping routine with military precision, even if you find yourself waking up in what might feel the middle of the night.

Big White Luxurious Bedroom

Tip 2: Avoid The ‘Snooze’ Button At All Costs

Moving on from our first tip, even if you are in complete darkness, the snooze button should not be an option, should you want to regularly sleep well at night.

In fact, consistently oversleeping is not only poor sleep hygiene, but it has a strong causational correlation with depression, diabetes, fatigue and heart disease.

Especially when the clocks are wound back you may be tempted to sneak in an extra hour, but we would advise against it.

Couple In Bed Together Sleepimg

Tip 3: Enjoy The Sun – Whenever You Can

Sunlight is essential in preserving and maintaining not only your metal but also your physical health.

This isn’t to say that you have to walk around with a sun lounger, a simple stroll or jog would be perfect. The exposure to the sun and the wind can not only provide a new perspective, but the Vitamin D3 your skin will produce is something that many people lack despite it being an invaluable micronutrient.

In regards to your sleep, as our bodies are designed for you to be asleep at night, we are equally very much configured to be active during the daylight hours.

Try to work with your body clock, not against it when it comes to sunlight.

Woman Walking On A Beach

Tip 4: Avoid Screen Time Before Bed

Disconnect Electronic Devices!

Try to create 30-60 minutes of buffering time without any electronic devices. Phones, tablets, and laptops cause mental stimulation that is difficult to shut down. The screens also produce blue light, which can reduce melatonin production.

If your partner or roommate is less cooperative and still has their screens activated, then you may also want to invest in a sleep mask for your eyes.

Our bonus tip: you way wish to lightly scent your sleep mask using our pillow spray for a more calming experience.

Bad Sleep Hygiene Habits

Tip 5: Reduce Your Alcohol And Caffeine Consumption

If you wish to maintain your sleep hygiene, we recommend you moderate your consumption of alcohol and caffeine before you got to bed.

You may fall asleep quicker with alcohol, but you won’t sleep as well. It is best to stick to less intense levels of drinking, or even better, to avoid it alltogether in the evening to prevent your sleep getting disrupted.

As for caffeine, you are likely aware that it is a stimulant, rather than a relaxant. Try to avoid consuming it later in the day and especially just before you go to bed.

It is also worth noting that if you are drinking large amounts of coffee to start or get through the day, a far better solution could be found in simply improving the quality of your sleep.

Dog And Woman Asleep On Bed

Tip 6: Keep It Fresh When It Comes To Sleep Hygiene

After many months of lockdown and many more hours spent indoors during the summer months, it is important to optimise your living spaces, particularly your bedroom for a better night’s sleep.

You may wish to buy a fresh throw, add new cushions and pillows or purchase a new pair of bedsheets.

On the other hand, we would very much like to recommend that you should also try a deep sleep pillow spray.  They are perfect for lightly scenting your pillows but also ideal for your linens and bed sheets.

Your sense of smell is much more potent than your sight and the perfect fragrance can set the scene for a perfect night’s sleep.

Sleep Hygiene Pairfum Luxury Pillow Spray

More Advice For Excellent Sleep Hygiene

There are many other tips to improve your sleep hygiene:

  • Avoid napping during the day, where possible.
  • Don’t eat before you go to bed.
  • Create calming aromas with a linen spray
  • Soak in a bath as part of your nightly routine or as a wind down from a more hectic day.
  • Wear socks when you go to bed. Warm feet send a signal to your body & head that it is bedtime, according to the National Sleep Foundation.
  • Learn a meditation technique you can practice while lying in bed, such as Autogenic Training.

Now you are much more equipped with the techniques for a good night sleep, there is nothing left to say other than …

Sleep Tight and Sleep Well.

Love Messages In The Sunset

The Top 70 x ‘Love Messages’ For Your Partner, Wife or Husband

Love Messages Created With Fruit

Love Conquers All

Why fall in love with your partner, wife or husband once when you can fall in love with them over and over again by simply sending love messages to show everyday what they mean to you.

This could be anything from leaving a written love message on the pillow, in the car, the briefcase or even the purse. You might even surprise with a new sweet message by text when they are at work.

On that special day (perhaps many years ago), the magic words of “I love you” and “I do” cemented a bond between the two of you to form a very sacred relationship.

It was a message of love when two of you vowed to show complete devotion to each other for the rest of your lives.

Love is the most important element in your life, it gives meaning to everything you do and puts everything else into perspective.

Love Messages With Flowers

Surprise Your Partner

While the Bond remains true, its expression and manifestations can change over time.

The once powerful “I Love You” might have now become a routine remark, when in reality your feelings towards your partner have grown much deeper over time.

In fact, often our feeling of love is impossible to express with mere words, as our emotions as complex, faceted and continuously evolving and deepening.

Whatever we say, it always seems that we fall short of what we actually feel and would love to express.

Magical Love Messages

Not Just At Christmas

Why wait for a specific occasion to share some love messages to demonstrate to your partner how much their love means to you?

Expressing your love and buying beautiful gifts for each other on days such as Valentine’s Day, your Anniversary, Birthdays and Christmas, are the most common situations.

All relationships require continuous effort and there is nothing easier than sending a short message of love for no other reason than because you love your partner but what do you write?

There is no doubt that 21st century life is busy and hectic which makes it difficult to carve out the time and patience for the muse in your heart to find the right words to express your feelings.

What do you do?

Passionate Love Messages

The Right Words

If you are struggling to find the words that are just right and still poetic, then let Pairfum London lend a hand.

We have put together a list of beautiful and romantic love messages that will allow you to bring out what your heart knows to be true. Discover new ways to say “I love you” that your partner will never forget.

Sincere and personal expressions of ‘True Love’ will always trump expensive clothes, flowers, holidays or jewellery.

Be creative and varied when sharing your feelings of love in many different ways and gestures.

 Sitting On A Bench

Online Gifts

Visit our online boutique for inspirational gifts to go along with your message of love.

A unique niche perfume, fragranced candle or reed diffuser will express your love not just on the day you present your gift but they will able to ‘scents’ it over and over.

For your convenience, you can combine these with beautifully rich and crisp tissue paper and a luxurious gift bag.

On the other hand, our Large Luxury Gift Set is a gift that is convenient to buy when you are looking for ready made gift that can’t disappoint when you present it.

 Pink Background White Flower

Our 70 x Favourite Love Messages

Read through our love message, pick out your favourite and then don’t delay but seize the moment.

Use your phone, write a card or send your love message in a way that is personal to you.

Here is a most unusual way of writing your love message:

Get one of our Perfume Experience Boxes, pick up a little piece of white chalk and write your thoughts on the inside of the lid. The rich black paper is uncoated and your message in chalk will look classy. It will be a wonderful surprise to read when your partner opens the box.

Now, … don’t let us delay you any longer and instead choose your favourite Love Message that feels right for this moment.

Love messages flowers Form Heart

I shall only confess to you my wife, you are the secret to my happiness and success.

You have given meaning to my life, the woman of my dreams that turned our beautiful family into reality.

With the bright colours of your love I can paint the sky and make the clouds disappear.

I love you my beautiful wife, since our wedding day I see you are my life’s true meaning.

Wife Romantic Love Messages

You are the angel from the heavens that turned our house into a beautiful family and home.

When I first saw you, a feeling of happiness and peace filled my life and since then it has only grown stronger.

Looking in your eyes, I feelings of impatience but yet admiration are overwhelming.

You are reason for everything good in my life and the fuel to push me through anything bad, you are the most precious gift I have ever received.

Wife Romantic Love Messages Sunset

My gratitude for what you have done for our family and my love for your soul will last for eternity.

Through these many years of marriage, my desire to grow old together has only grown stronger and not even death will keep us apart.

My dear wife, the many reasons for being still crazy I life with you is the reason for the smile on my face.

As the years go by, may we spend ever more at each others side and our marriage grow stronger through the bad and the good times.

Wife Romance Love Messages Quote

You are the rose that brings beauty to my life and I love you more than anything.

No matter your needs and wants, I will always be there for you and I shall never let you go.

Being your husband is my most honourable and proud achievement of my life.I will never be able to put in to words the feelings I have for you, the woman who will fight to the bitter end to keep our family safe and sound.

In my darkest moment, you are often my sole motivation to keep fighting and never give up. For that I shall be forever grateful.Loving you for these past years has been the air in my lungs and the perfume that keeps my life sweet and pure.

Wife Romantic Love Messages

My wife, my love for you will always shine bright for you are the most beautiful flower on this planet and I the luckiest man.

I find myself praying for you as my greatest fear is losing you and the family that I hold most dear.

One touch, one kiss or even a single thought of you can fix my heart, bring peace to my soul and make me smile.

You, the woman of my life, for whom my love for her runs like a poison through my veins, with no cure for eternal love.

Wife Love Messages Romantic Holding Hands

Before you became the wife and best mother for my children, the idea of being a husband or father was nothing but a dream on the horizon.

You are my motivation to endeavour to seize the day, become a better person and grow in to the husband and the father that you and our family deserves.

Holding you, takes me back to the heartbeats of when we first met which will never fade as our love lasts forever.

It is hard to put my feelings in to words, so I shall say I am extremely proud of you and you are my everything.

Wife Love Quote

Loving you is greatest game I could ever play, keeping you safe and warm while you surprise me is the joy of my life.

Our marriage is a quest of love and trough the highs and lows, the fire still burns bright.

I thank the universe everyday for my wife, for you make the impossible seem simple and the dark become bright

Any dark feelings or moments in my life disappear with just the smallest thought of you and your smile.

Wife Love Message With Pink Flower

I send you all my love for life with you as my wife is like a rollercoaster that I wish would never end.

You are the woman of my life and the princess of my dreams; I will always love you.

Your love leaves me speechless, on my needs with my eternal gratitude.

How you are able to stay by my side through all my decisions, good or bad, is my greatest wonder.

Wife Message With Flowers

Many years ago, I made you, the woman who means everything to my life, my wife.

I feel nothing but happiness and pride when I think of the woman who made all my dreams come true.

When I say “kindness”, “love” or “Happiness”, know that I am referring to best part of my life, which is you, my lovely wife.

I will always the appreciate the great fortune I have been given for you being the mother of my children and the love of my life.

Wife Love text With Book Background

Wife Quote

Sunset quote


Perfume Trends: Perfume’s Return To Power In A Post-Lockdown World


As we remain confined to our homes for weeks on end, we are beginning to yearn for the natural freedom to go outside and to make an appearance in society. On those rare occasions that we do venture outside many of us will have our faces covered. How will this new world affect perfume trends?  How will we use fragrances? How will perfume brands be able to tackle these issues ?

While makeup or even our faces may no longer allow us to express our personality or emotions, perhaps our best alternative comes in the form of perfume. To overcome any garments we may be wearing as a precaution after the lockdown, perfumeries will look to experiment with different perfume strengths and intensities.

In this article we will explore how perfume brands can take advantage of this and provide us with new innovative ways of presenting ourselves to society.


What role will perfume have and how will perfume trends change we move forward post-lockdown?

Once before, perfumes were a trigger to sparking desires and curiosity in others where we could explore ourselves, our overall wellbeing and even ourselves. In a post-lockdown world perfume can return to being a means to enhance our emotions.


How can perfume brands move away from simply offering a “standardisation of fragrances?

Fragrances naturally have their own strengths and virtues that can influence our overall wellbeing and how we feel physically and mentally. If perfumes contain fragrances that have the allow us to express ourselves the way nature intended, the soothing and energizing effects on our mood would be irrefutable.

Memories of reassurance and intimacy can be invoked through particular vibrations that are generated from different aromas. During the development of new perfume, the creative strategy must be focused on the fragrance at its heart.

It is also likely that boutique perfumes or niche perfume will becomes more available to the consumer.


How can a fragrance stand out without having to be bespoke ?

The characteristics that lead to a perfume becoming unique are as distinctive as they are numerous. The best perfumes contain essences with a variety and a range of powers.

They can invoke regressive nostalgia and intimacy or they can portray astonishing radiance.

The problem perfume brands face is proposing signature and ‘true’ perfumes by following their creative intuition rather than solely depending on industry trends.


In the art of perfumery, the trick is to experiment with combinations such as floral bouquets and over-dosing ingredients; all the while, ensuring that beautiful materials are chosen.

When it comes to perfume it is advisable to focus your attention on fragrances that resemble nature while still remaining addictive and reassuring.

Rather than simply using aromas to aid their packaging and branding, the best fragrance houses have their perfumes at the heart of the business model.


How can perfume brands ensure their fragrances stand out while consumer behaviour and perfume trends are changing ?

Since the lockdown, the fact that perfume bouquets reveal emotions and reflect personality has become much more apparent to the consumer.

It is likely that perfume brands will include exclusive and original perfumes within their collections and invite the consumer to experiment with doses to explore the effects that new spices have on themselves and those around them.


It is very possible that many perfumery houses will create hybrids between their existing ranges of perfumes and other aromatic ingredients such a soliflore essence, perhaps even several notes.

The consumer has become much more sensitive to fragrance since they have been confined during the lockdown.

Therefore, there is a need for fragrance houses to rediscover their love and passion for perfuming.


Perfume brands will also need to look at other factors such as our activity, times we are outside and our relationships with others as well as ourselves.

One such example to consider would be that fragrances become much more powerful through movement. How much we move will depend on the potency required from the applied perfume.


The Perfume industry will change forever but what will remain the same for perfume brands ?

One part of the business which perfumery houses may change will be the packaging. They will become much more responsible and document their own unique convictions, generosity and even history on bottles and packaging.

But while many things will change, core principles such as the commitment to sustainability and transparency will continue.

For niche perfume by Pairfum London we invite you to visit our online perfume boutique.