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Video Post – Happy New Year 2020

By Huib Maat | 01/01/2020
Pairfum London Happy New Year 2020

We wish all of Customers, Friends & Partners a very Healthy & Happy New Year 2020. Enjoy this wonderful new year to its fullest. Pairfum London    

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Dear Reader,

Welcome to the PAIRFUM blog,

When asked by the ‘Amara Interior Blog Awards’ the question “What is your favourite / the best part about interior blogging?”, the first answer that sprang to mind was ‘perfume’ , we ‘love’ it and we ‘love’ writing about it! Of course, that may be because we are biased !

We know that people ‘love’ wearing / using perfume in their homes and they ‘love’ discovering their favourite scent, it becomes their aerial signature !

It has been proven that we create our world around us. We use our interior landscape to create the homes we wish to live in. This also includes our outside spaces, from gardens to a window box.

Within this interior/exterior world ( Our World), ‘olfaction’ or as we know it ‘our sense of smell’, is the oldest sense. It keeps us safe, creates memories and makes us happy.

For us, perfume, sense of smell and interiors are intrinsically linked, like ‘Love & Marriage’ or a ‘Horse & Carriage’, you can’t have one without the other.

So in a ‘nutshell’ (a beautifully fragranced nutshell) – What is the best part of blogging ? - we love it, we love sharing, learning and discussing.

Huib xx

P.S. ( God bless who ever invented ‘blogging’ )

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