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The Company Behind Pairfum ?

Who makes these couture perfumery products?

Company Background

Pairfum® is created by InovAir Ltd, a boutique or niche perfumery house specialising in couture perfume for the home, body & soul.

It produces home fragrances, fine fragrances, skin care products and fragrant gifts.

The company is entirely UK based and all of its products are invented, created, developed and manufactured in its ateliers in the UK.

Pairfum’s ‘raison d'être’ is to diffuse the essence of Boutique Couture Perfumery.

At the heart of Pairfum is its in-house perfumer Huib Maat with his passion for perfume, beauty and all things natural which are the beliefs upon which PAIRFUM rests.

Today, Pairfum is renowned globally for producing perfumery products of outstanding quality, longevity and which are beautifully presented.

The Compnay is a leading inventor and pioneer in perfumery worldwide. For example, no other company globally, has launched as many innovative room fragrances in the past 5 years.

PAIRFUM offers perfumes to inspire, delight and beautify your world within.

Pairfum is available from leading retailers (department stores, perfumeries, boutiques, garden centres/florists, …) in many different countries:

  • North America (USA, Canada),
  • Europe (UK, Ireland, Germany, Italy,…),
  • Asia (Japan, China, Singapore, HK, …), and
  • the Middle East.

"Perfume is our passion here at Pairfum. We strive to offer you visionary fragrances that add a new dimension to your life, every day." (Huib Maat, in-house perfumer at Pairfum)

PAIRFUM Huib Maat perfumer focused on perfume home fragrance skin care
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Enjoy Pairfum!

Natural Couture Perfume for You & Your Home.