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Find out why these are the ultimate luxury perfume room sprays

Natural & Luxurious Perfume Room Sprays

Answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Flacon Perfume Room Spray and the Petite Spray by PAIRFUM and why they are the ultimate perfume room sprays.

How To Use ?

How do you use it ?

PAIRFUM Flacon - designed to be displayed ! Simply release PAIRFUM Flacon to envelop yourself and your home with a beautiful couture perfume.

PAIRFUM Petite - the essence for travelling ! Place in your car or in your purse and make every place your home. Simply spray to infuse your space and make it your own.

Why So Longlasting ?
Room Versus Skin ?
Linen & Fabrics ?
No Names On The Bottle ?
One Bottle Shape ?
Alcohol From Molasses ?
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