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FAQs - Reed Diffusers by PAIRFUM

Find out why these are the ultimate natural & luxury reed diffusers

Natural & Luxurious 'Eau De Parfum' Reed Diffusers

Answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Reed Diffusers by PAIRFUM and why they are the ultimate perfume reed diffusers.

How Do They Work ?

How do fragrance reed diffusers work?

PAIRFUM® aromatic reed diffusers will naturally disperse fragrance throughout a room via the natural rattan reeds. Once placed into the aromatic liquid, the porous fibre reeds will draw the liquid up and the fragrance is diffused from the reeds into the air.

Fragrance diffusers are fantastic for the home or the office because they emit aroma subtly, so the scent is never too overpowering. Candles will last for a few hours and flowers, a few days, yet a superior diffuser will last for several months.

PAIRFUM Reed Diffuser are designed to be displayed ! Simply open the flacon and insert the reeds into the perfume infusion. They will draw the liquid up and allow it to diffuse into the room to envelop your home with an exquisite, natural couture perfume. Pairfum invites you to add a touch of loving elegance to your world within.

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