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What Is Luxury With A Conscience ?

a natural, luxurious and ethical perfume collection by Pairfum

Luxury with a Conscience

Enjoy pure luxury without even a hint of guilt !

Here at Pairfum, we believe that 'luxury with a conscience' means the following:

  • noble ethics
  • natural / eco-friendly
  • handmade in the UK
  • but always thoroughly and uncompromisingly luxurious


'Eco-Chique' is another word sometimes used to describe 'luxury with a concience'.

Pairfum is setting & driving the ‘eco-chique’ trend.


Delight in the art of home pairfuming. Each product typifies great British design, with elegantly clean and pure lines.

Our perfumes honour you and enhance your life, by recalling precious moments and allowing you to dream !

A perfume is a gift that keeps on giving. Give Pairfum with love, because loving is giving.


Natural / organic formulations, because:

  • 100% natural formulations in every product, not just a few percent ! In our industry, a product can claim to be ‘natural’ if it contains at least 20% of natural ingredients. Pairfum does not endorse this ‘cheat’ of pretending.
  • no ingredients that are ‘genetically modified organisms’ (GMO) in Pairfum. 99% of all soy candle wax is a GMO. In the same way as consumers rejected GMO foods in Europe (e.g. tomato, milk, etc.), retailers should expect a reaction from consumers against GMO soy candles.
  • our perfumes are made using essential oils (natural or organic)
  • fully biodegradable
  • CO2 neutral - non toxic - non carcinogenic


Renewable & Home Compostable

Renewable because:

  • the natural ingredients come from sustainably managed farms. Equally the paper & cardboard used comes from trees sourced from sustainably managed forests (FSC/PEFC certified)
  • inks are plant based; ribbons from cellulose


‘Home Compostable’ packaging:

  • packaging biodegrades quickly, i.e. within 6 – 12 months, and it can be composted in a home environment, i.e. garden
  • this is the next phase of eco-friendliness that will come in the next few years
  • home compostability is achieved through the use of plant based inks and waterbased varnishes & glue.
  • Fully biodegradable inks, varnishes, glues, ribbons, cartons and papers.


Handmade in the UK

Each Pairfum product is manufactured by hand on a "micro-level", i.e. in small scale workshops by artisans, with a sustainable development ethos.

Production in the UK avoids the CO2 emissions from shipping products to Europe from Asia.

Low Energy Consumption:

  • our offices are already carbon neutral, and
  • we endeavour to make our factory carbon neutral within 2 years.


Nobel Ethics

NOT made by under-age children in the slums of Asia or Africa.

NO animal testing.

Part of our profits is used to buy beehives for farmers in Africa. Pairfum buy beehives to supply to African Farmers as it allows people to help themselves. One beehive feeds one family, year after year.

We also support a variety of other charities:

  • donated to the Japanese Tsunami Disaster Fund
  • funded books to open libraries in rural China. Libraries are the only form of education available in rural China.
  • Supports MacMillian Fund Raisers
  • Norfolk & Waveney Big C Cancer Charity


Inside every Pairfum is a loving and giving heart.

Luxury Scented Candles

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pure luxury with a conscience

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