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Lavender Candles In 3 x Different Fragrances

In honour of this wonderful flower and plant, PAIRFUM has produced a collection of lavender candles with three very distinct perfume accords that express its different facets:

  • Linen & Lavender
  • White Lavender
  • Pink Lavender


About Lavender

Lavender is part of the mint family Lamiaceae. Lavender has small violet flowers on woody branches covered with silvery, gray-green narrow leaves.

Uncommon variants have either 'white' or 'pink' fowers.

As a flowering plant, Lavender is native to the Mediterranean, typically growing in sunny spot and on stony, dry soil.

Nowadays, it can be found across Europe, the USA and even Australia.

The main types are:

  • Lavandula Angustifolia, or 'English Lavender'.
  • Lavandula Latifolia, 'Spike Lavender' or 'Portuguese Lavender'.
  • Lavandula Intermedia - 'Dutch Lavender' is a hybrid of L. Angustifolia and L. Latifolia, commercially cultivated for its bigger flowers that are easier to harvest and produce a higher yield of lavender oil.


Olfactive Profile

L. Angustifolia has a sweeter note than L. Latifolia and L. Intermedia. Their fragrance tends to have higher levels of terpenes and camphor, which produces their sharper overtone.

All are known for their fresh and aromatic odour that can also be described as dry or balmy. It is typically strong and has been shown to have a relaxing or calming effect.

Olfactive Family

Lavender perfumes are part of the Aromatic family of fragrances. Perfume accords of the Aromatic olfactive family are mainly composed of sage, rosemary, thyme and lavender.

These notes give fragrances a virile and energetic quality. Typically, this quality is complemented by or harmonises well with citrus (e.g. bargamot) or spicy notes, oakmoss, patchouli, pine or spruce, rosemary, neroli, orange blossom and sage.


To this day, the essential oil of lavender is obtained by distilling the flower spikes.

Pure lavender oil tends be a clear or pale-yellow liquid.

Like all essential oils, the oil is not a single compound or molecule. Instead, it is a complex mixture of natural phytochemicals (incl. linalool, linalyl acetate).

Bulgaria is currently the largest producer of lavender oil.

Culinary Use

As a herb, lavender has a culinary use and adds a floral but typical flavor to a receipe.

Lavender oil or the dried lavender buds are used to create unusual pastries (scones, bisquits, ...), tea, bread, ice cream, salads, condiments and many other culinary delights.

Honey from lavender producing regions also acquires a typical note.

Occasionally, the flowers are candied for decorations or they are mixed into sugar to flavour it.

Lavare Or Livendula

It is likely that the Latin word 'lavare' (the latin meaning is 'to wash') is the root of “lavender” in English. In the Roman Empire, lavender was used to scent oils for bathing.

In Latin, 'Livendula' means bluish or livid colour. This is another possible explanation of the name, the reference to the colour of the flowers.

Other Uses Of Lavender

In addition to bathing, lavender has also been hung in wardrobes to repell moths, placed inside pillows to relax & soothe during the night, applied as a remedy for insect bites and lavender oil has been used as a disinfectant.

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Linen & Lavender

- by PAIRFUM -

A fresh breeze of aromatic lavender, with a twist of rosemary, basil & chamomile creates the sensation of crisp & clean linen. Airy ozonic notes radiate from a transparent floral heart of lily of the valley, that is infused with soft, enveloping musks.

White Lavender

- by Pairfum -

This beautifully innocent white fragrance opens with a pure and soft lavender note to combine with a sweet, floral heart, that leads into the sensually enveloping aroma of amber and vanilla.

Pink Lavender

- by PAIRFUM -

 A fresh and delicious lavender fragrance with top notes of tangerine, bergamot and hints of dew drops. It has a fruity and yet floral heart of rose, freesia and lily of the valley, which is enriched with a base of musk and aspects of dried lavender.

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