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The Philosophy of Pairfum ?

a natural, luxurious and private collection perfume.

What is the Philosophy of Pairfum ?

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What is a Private Collection Perfume ?

The philosophy of Pairfum is that of a 'private' perfumery collection, similar to the private collections by Armani®, Tom Ford®, Hermes®, Chanel®, Guerlain®, Prada®, Dolce & Gabbana®, etc.

A ‘Private' Collection Perfume is a special, luxurious edition with:

  • a selection of 'unusual fragrances', i.e. not just one single fragrance but each one of them with a rare character,
  • ‘limited availability’, which means that it is not a product that is widely available to everybody. Instead, access to the collection is a 'privilege’ and
  • the perfumes present themselves most beautifully with a confidence in their 'prestige'.

Similar to Pairfum, other boutique perfumery houses offer brands consisting only of private collection perfume, such as Jo Malone®, Molton Brown®, etc.

What Defines Pairfum ?

The following defines every single product within Pairfum's Private Collection:

  • intriguingly complex and sophisticated but natural couture perfume for you & your home. Our fragrances always aim to either create and ignite trends that can be followed by the wider fragrance world.
  • pure luxury with a conscience: all of our products are beautifully presented and natural but with noble ethics built into them, in other words ‘eco-chique’.
  • exquisite perfumery products with IQ: our products are science-led but always guided by nature, making them ‘best-in-class’ and the benchmark for others.
  • carefully handmade for your enjoyment by our Artisans in their UK ateliers with pride & passion.
Luxury Scented Candles

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