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Top 10 Things That Make A Perfume Niche

We are often asked what is Niche Perfume? so we decided to share with you our Top 10 Things That Make A Perfume Niche?

If you are one of those people who have heard the terms Niche Perfume, Artisan Perfume, Indie or Boutique Perfume bandied about and wondered what they really mean…

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Then you are not alone, as we receive emails regularly from people wanting to understand what we or others mean when they use these terms.

There are specific elements that set a Niche Perfume apart from the Mass Market Brands…

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Although the lines are sometimes blurred when large worldwide brands that are available in every Airport, High Street and Shopping Mall, describe their offerings as ‘Niche’.

The fact that a product is available everywhere would by definition exclude it from being considered a Niche Creation.

So when looking for a genuine Niche or Artisan Perfume, the list below will help you

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Separate the Niche from the Niche Wannabee?

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Well the following are our Top 10 Things That Make A Perfume Niche:

  1. A Perfume House founded by a Perfumer who’s wish is to create Unique Perfumes – like the original Perfume Houses Of Old
  2. An in-house Perfumer that is unencumbered by the restrictions of mass consumerism, and is allowed to recreate the ‘artistry of the unique’ in luxury fragrances.
  3. Limited Availability – not on sale in every shop, store and airport worldwide.
  4. Art and Creativity – like Painters, Poets, Writers, Chefs, Wine Makers, Gardner’s, Designers, as the founder of PAIRFUM London Huib Maat said “Who would want to create a copy of the same thing again and again if they have the ability and creativity to create an original? – no true Artist would”
  5. The use of Natural, Unusual or Unique Perfume note combinations.
  6. Selective approach to Distribution
  7. A different approach to P.R & Marketing – where the best form of advertising is – through ‘Word of Mouth’ passed from one Perfume aficionado to another ( and with a little help from the right type of Magazine article)…
  8. With the attention to detail given to the creation of a Niche Perfume, it assures the wearer that the Perfume is of the highest quality.
  9. Something that is rare is always more precious – Clientele will seek out and love something different – because we were born unique – so why not celebrate it..
  10. Produced in small batches and not on a large scale factory floor.

PAIRFUM’s London’s in-house Perfumer Huib Maat will shortly be launching a New Collection of ‘Niche Eau de Parfum’, so if you would like to be one of the first to try them or find out more about them. Then you can contact us or leave your contact information here, we look forward to hearing from you…

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