Enjoy the Experience: Niche Perfume that Complements You, Naturally.

Natural Boutique Perfume

  • Pairfum Large Reed Diffuser Bell Pure Neroli OlivePairfum Large Reed Diffuser Bell Noir Cognac Vanilla

    Large Reed Diffuser – Bell Shape

    5.00 out of 5
    £ 40.00

    Sumptuous fragrance for 6-9 months, ...

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  • Eau De Parfum Lift Off Bottle Neroli Musk Orange BlossomEau De Pairfum Sea Salt Sage Amber Bottle

    Eau de Parfum – Intense

    0 out of 5
    £ 120.00

    Limited Edition Natural Niche Perfumes Type: ...

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  • Pairfum Collection Niche Perfume Experience Fragrance Library 10 SquarePairfum Collection Niche Perfume Experience Fragrance Library 6 Square

    Fragrance Library | Perfume Experience™ Box

    0 out of 5
    £ 30.00

    A collection of 12 x ...

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  • PAIRFUM Flacon linen perfume for linen & fabrics room sprayPairfum Flacon Perfume Linen Fabric Signature Linen Lavender

    Pillow Spray – For A Deep Night’s Sleep

    0 out of 5
    £ 20.00

    Sleep like a baby ! The ...

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Enjoy the Compliments for Your Fragrance

Naturally Luxurious Fragrances By Pairfum London:
Eau de Parfum, Home Fragrance, Bath & Body.

Rise above the Mere Functional.

Lifestyle Bedroom Reed Diffuser Room Spray Perfume Candle 16 9
Bedroom Reed Diffuser Luxury Scented Candle Room Spray 1 1
Lifestyle Bedroom Reed Diffuser Room Spray Perfume Candle 9 16

Luxury Fragrances In Your Home & On Your Skin.

We are London's Niche Perfumery House

Why settle for a perfume that is available everywhere, advertised on TV, on tip of everybody's tongue or synthetically uniform?

How does the Unique in You and Your Home flourish when the High Streets of London, New York, Paris, Bejing and Tokyo are eerily similar?

The fragrance you radiate is part of your Authentic Self and it needs care and attention to thrive in world of mass-manufactured and standardised Luxuries for All.

Be Yourself and enjoy a Fragrance that is Uniquely You from London's Artisan Perfumers, an authentic Perfumer's Collection for the wellbeing of your senses.

You are an Original. Be Your Authentic Self

Natural Boutique Perfume

Natural Eau de Parfum

  • Natural Eau de Parfum 'Intense' Spray
  • Natural Eau de Toilette Spray
  • Travel Size Eau de Parfum Spray
  • The Perfume Experience Box

Natural Home Fragrance

  • Natural Reed Diffusers and Refills,
  • Luxury Fragranced Candles,
  • Perfume Room Sprays,
  • Aromatherapy Pillow / Sleep Sprays,
  • Scented Sachets / Drawer Liners,
  • Fragrant Botanicals and Scented Art.

Organic Skin Care

  • Pre-biotic Hand Lotions,
  • Hand Wash and Hand Oils,
  • Pre-biotic Body Lotions,
  • Body Wash and Shower Oils,
  • Bathing Gel and Bath Oils.

Gifts & Giftsets

  • Gift Boxes,
  • Gift Sets,
  • Gift Bags,
  • Tissue Paper,
  • ... everything you need for a perfect gift

Customer Testimonials

"A bit more expensive than I would normally pay, but it has been so well worth the extra spend."

Jill from Weston Super Mare, UK

"Good deep black colour. Exactly as described. Highly recommended."

Mrs Ward from Cleveland, USA

"Delighted with the candle purchased. Wonderful Perfume. Very pleased with the customer service and delivery. 5 stars from me."

Robert from Richmond, UK

"Smells amazing, worth the money."

Marie from Derby, UK

"Great product and service."

James from Leeds, UK

"Great brand, great products, excellent service. Thanks a mil for the bonus reeds."

Anna from Dublin, Ireland

"Herrliche Parfums. War erstaunt wie schnell geliefert wurde."

Frau Horst from Munich, Germany

"My diffuser smells lovely and fills the room. Well packaged and protected. Thank you."

Joanne from Los Angeles, USA

Life is Good!

Pairfum Eau De Parfum Person Reflection Cardamom Tonka White Oud Man 16 9
Eau De Parfum Person Reflection Cardamom Tonka White Oud Man 1 1
Eau De Parfum Person Reflection Cardamom Tonka White Oud Man 9 16

A Connoisseur's PAIRFUM

Do you enjoy the Artistry of Perfumery?

Would like to find out more about Boutique Parfum, Home Fragrance, Bath / Body / Skin Care and Everything Perfume?

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A News & Blog Magazine, not just for the CognoScenti & Perfumistas

Naturally You!

Eau De Parfum Person Reflection Mandarin Blossom Sandalwood Woman 16 9
Pairfum Eau De Parfum Person Reflection Mandarin Blossom Sandalwood
Eau De Parfum Person Reflection Mandarin Blossom Sandalwood Woman 9 16

Enjoy the Compliments for Your Fragrance.

The Case for Niche Perfume

As London's Boutique Perfumery House, our inspiration draws naturally from the Essences of Life in this City.

Each one of our niche perfumes tells a unique Story through Fragrance about London:

From the Royal Palaces to the Village Greens, from the Magnificent Parks to the Cottage Gardens, London is a bustling metropolis that has at its heart the sense of a village community.

Our Inspirations come from the Orangeries and heady Flowers of Kew Gardens, the Victorian Bath Houses and Spas, the exotic spices and herbs in Fusion Cuisine, Afternoon Tea by the River, Strawberries and Cream during Wimbledon, the green aroma of Columbia Road Flower Market, the wonderful roasted coffee around St Katharine Docks, the smoky incense of Camden Town, the sweet antique woody note of the National Portrait Gallery and the richness of the spices floating on Portobello Road Market, ... to name but a few.

These Essences of London Life, are distilled into our handmade products:
luxury candles, reed diffusers, natural boutique perfumes, organic lotions and washes.

We are one of the few remaining Perfumery Houses Worldwide that still have their own in-house perfumer, who takes great passion and pride in ensuring our products are an exquisite and luxurious creation: natural / organic, healthy, unique, artisan.

London allows so many facettes to co-exist and flourish, while also fusing parts of them. Only in London, will you find the old and traditional beside the new and forward thinking, 'Fish and Chips' and 'Tikka Masala' on the same menu, the 'Shard' glistening across the river from the Tower of London, a Savill Row dressed gentleman crossing the same bridge as a lady wearing Street Style inspired by the London Fashion Week.

Unencumbered by the restrictions of mass consumerism, our Perfumer is allowed to recreate the 'artistry of the unique' in London through luxury fragrances.

Our fragrances are unique and will continuously change for two reasons:

  1. they adapt to your skin & your home! Have you noticed how natural fragrances smell different from one person or home to the next? They become uniquely You! This is lost in modern prestige fragrances that are designed to smell uniform on everybody.
  2. we manufacture in old-fashioned batches! Our fragrances change from batch-to-batch. The natural ingredients we incorporate change their profile according to the characteristics of the crop, just as wine changes from one year to the next.

Be Your Own Pairfum.

Does Your Fragrance Complement You?

Eau De Parfum Person Reflection Spiced Rum Lime Guaiac Wood Man 16 9
Eau De Parfum Person Reflection Spiced Rum Lime Guaiac Wood Man 1 1
Eau De Parfum Person Reflection Spiced Rum Lime Guaiac Wood Man 9 16

Love your Life and Celebrate the Unique in You.

Magazine & Blog

Read in our Blog & Magazine about:

  • Anything 'Making Scents', e.g. perfume memories
  • Home Fragrance, Couture Perfume, Skin / Bath / Body Care
  • Ingredients, e.g. natural / organic essential oils, flowers, bees, waxes.
  • Your Home, e.g. beautiful interior designs, architecture, decor, ...
  • Food, Drink, e.g. essential oils in foodd, desertd, drinks,...
  • Britain, e.g. London, the Queen and Royal Family, ...

The World of Pairfum London

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  • About Pairfum
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  • Wholesale

Be Original in the choice of your Perfume.

Eau De Parfum Person Reflection Sea Salt Sage Amber 16 9
Eau De Parfum Person Reflection Sea Salt Sage Amber 1 1
Eau De Parfum Person Reflection Sea Salt Sage Amber Woman 9 16

We are passionate about Natural Fragrances

Natural Indie or Boutique Perfume

Natural Room Fragrance

What sets our Natural Home Fragrances apart?

Your home is a safe haven for you, your family and friends.

A place to relax and luxuriate in but also where you celebrate some of the most memorable moments in life.

This requires both Luxury & Health from a Home Fragrance.

As London's Artisan Perfumers, Pairfum London combines Luxury in Fragrances with Health & Wellbeing in Room Perfumes.

All of our Luxury Perfume Candles, Natural Reed Diffusers, Pillow & Sleep and Perfume Room Sprays, are not only natural & healthy to live with but also enrich your life at home with boutique luxuries.

Natural Artisan Perfume

We believe Niche, Indie, Boutique and Artisan Perfumes are terms that are used broadly synonymous. In other words, they all describe the same.

These features typically set these perfumes apart:

  1. an in-house perfumer
  2. no mass marketing
  3. limited quantity & availability
  4. unusual fragrance notes

Be authentic and enjoy a naturally luxurious Pairfum, in your life and in your home.

Love an Organic Perfume

Flacon Room Fragrance Spray Rose White Flower 16 9
Flacon Room Fragrance Spray Rose White Flower 1 1
Flacon Room Fragrance Spray Rose White Flower 9 16

Transform your Home into a Sensuous Haven of Boutique Luxury.

Organic Bath, Body & Skin Care

Our range of organic hand lotions, body wash, shower gel, hand wash, hand oil and body lotion ensure your skin is supple, smooth and beautifully looked after.

True to our nature as London's Artisan Perfumers, our skin care products are offered in a selection of wonderful fragrances to leave your skin not only soft, pampered and youthful but also lightly fragrant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find Answers to this type of Commonly Asked Questions:

  • How Do The Products Work ?
  • How Long Do They Last ?
  • Liquid Changed Colour ?
  • Any Precautions ?
  • Differences Between Longevity Of Fragrances ?
  • Some Fragrances Are Darker ?
  • Materials Used ?
  • Vegan?