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Savour your World with Natural Couture Perfume by Pairfum.

The Art of Pairfum

When does a product become an item of beauty or a piece of art?

When ingenuity meets science. When creative invention and relentless research ignite a trend. When quality is pride of product. When a woman feels beauty in herself and a desire for life’s little luxuries is fulfilled.

Excerpt from Leo Tolstoy’s ‘What Is Art?’ :

“… In order correctly to define art, it is necessary, first of all, to cease to consider it as a means to pleasure and to consider it as one of the conditions of human life.” (1896 – translated by Aylmer Maude in 1900).

Fragrance Boutique

Enjoy natural couture perfume in your home:

  • home fragrance:natural fragrance reed diffusers and reed diffuser refills, luxury scented candles, perfume room sprays, wardrobe sachets and much more.
  • natural bath, body and skin care: organic hand lotion, organic soap bar, organic hand wash, organic body lotion, organic body wash, foam bath,...
  • couture perfume: natural eau de parfum

Here, at PAIRFUM, you will only find beautifully presented and exquisitely finished perfume, home fragrance, bath, body and skin care products with fragrances that you can fall in love with.

You will absolutely love experiencing our couture perfumes that delight with their natural, essential fragrance oils. We believe that if only an 'eau de parfum' is good enough, then would your family, friends and home not deserve the same ? Elevate their mood and enhance the atmosphere with natural goodness. 

All of the products in the PAIRFUM Collection are proudly handmade in our Ateliers in the UK by Artisan with love and care for your enjoyment. You can literally feel the passion and attention to detail. After all, PAIRFUM is crafted and finished by hand in small scale workshops and studios.

As a boutique perfume house, PAIRFUM develops new perfumes which inspire trends in the wider world of fragrances. We lead on the trends that are frequently picked-up by leading Haute Couture fashion houses and many other trendsetters.

Luxury Scented Candles

Love Pairfum in your home.

Pure Luxury with a Conscience on your Skin and in your Home.

The Pairfum Collection.

Pairfum diffuses the essence of natural couture perfumes into your home!

A luxurious, perfumer's collection of natural / organic, healthy and beautifully fragrant products:

  • home fragrance: luxury scented candles, fragrance reed diffusers, reed diffuser refill oils, room perfume sprays,...,
  • skin care: hand & body lotions, hand creams, hand & body washes, foam bath, bar soap,... and
  • boutique couture perfume: eau de parfum, eau de toilette,....

All of our Artisans proudly make the products in the Pairfum Collection by hand with love & care, in our Ateliers here in the UK.

Pairfum is a perfumer’s collection created for the wellbeing of the senses. Hailed as ‘best-in-class’, you can now treat yourselves or your friends.

Home Fragrance

The History of Home Fragrance

Suetonius claims in his ancient writings that Nero (Roman Emperor from 53-65 AD) used to shower his guest routinely through vents in the ceiling of his banquet hall with aromatic herbs & flowers and vents to sprinkle them with perfume.
These scents were used to welcome his guests and create a sense of distinction for the royal house.

In India, the maharaja enjoyed an early form of ‘air conditioning’ by flowing perfumed rose water over draped sheets in their rooms. The evaporating water cooled the rooms and the delicate scent of rose was their home fragrance. Both intended to improve the wellbeing of the maharaja and his court.

The Power of Fragrance

‘Smells’ are an direct route into our hearts and minds. In humans the olfactory bulbs are located in the limbic system of the brain, which is found in close proximity with the amygdala and hippocampus. Both regions are largely responsible for emotion and memory. This gives scents the power to trigger very fast reactions.

Here are a few examples:

  • they can warn us (e.g. the burnt smell of a fire or stinging scent of a gas),
  • they can be mouthwatering (e.g. warm bread or fresh coffee are hard to refuse )
  • they can remind us (e.g. lavender or baby powder are sure to trigger memories in most of us)

Smells allow us to form abstract associations between ourselves and our homes or the places we visit. They send an instant signal when we enter a new house or when we come home. Don’t we all enjoy coming home to something lovely roasting in the oven ?

A beautiful aspect of scent is that it allows us to change or refresh how our home smells. In the same way as a redecorated home or a new accent cushion can change the perception of a room, a new fragrance can be inviting, invigorating or comforting. Perfume has the power to change the perception of your home. This is where the role of boutique home fragrances comes in.

Home Fragrance by Pairfum

Home Fragrance is the origin of the boutique perfumery house Pairfum. This is where the company started and we offer a specialist Home Fragrance Collection with the following products:

  • a large variety of reed diffuser and reed diffusers in many different glass shapes, forms and decanters but also reed diffuser refill and diffuser refill oil. Typically, a PAIRFUM reed diffuser contains more pure fragrance oil than an 'eau de parfum' you would wear on your skin.
  • many types of luxury scented candles, scented candles in general and specifically soy wax scented candles or natural wax candles. For example, we produce beeswax candles, flower wax candle and soy wax candles.
  • we offer a natural perfume room spray, either in an elegant 'Flacon' in a 'Petite' travel or handbag size
  • we are very proud of our multi-award winning wardrobe sachet with it long-lasting and natural fragrance, it uses a natural beeswax honeycomb to support the solid perfume.
  • PAIRFUM introduced 'fragrance art' for the home, in the form of large, natural botanical driftwood diffusers and 'Canopy Infusion', the botanical leaf diffuser.

Bath, Body & Skin Care

Our passionate fans and 'Pairfumistas' have been asking for a while now for the Pairfum Collection to be expanded to include fragrant skin care. We have now proudly introduced the following products to suit everybody's daily beauty routine and skin type:

  • beautifully scented and intensely hydrating body creme, hand cream, body lotions and hand lotions but also a choice of lightly scented oils for hand, body and face.
  • fragrant washes in the form of perfumery quality hand wash, body wash, foam bath, foaming bath oil and shower gel
  • beautiful, natural and highly fragrant soap and moisturising beauty soap, both as a large soap bar and guest soap, are now also part of the Pairfum Collection.


Pairfum has created a niche and boutique collection of outstanding perfumery products:

  • natural couture perfume, using natural or organic fragrance oils, essential oils and other unique perfumery oils
  • in the form of eau de parfum, eau de toilette or eau de cologne
  • we offer these perfumes either as a perfume spray, solid perfume or pulse roll-on parfum
  • we specialise in the use of unusual perfumery ingredients and fragrance accords with character. For example, rare spices, beautifully fragrant flowers and plants take center stage in our creations.
Luxury Scented Candles

Pure Pairfum in a Flacon.

Bath, Body & Skin Care, Home Fragrance and Perfume.

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