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The Art of Natural Perfume

Do you enjoy finding our more about the world of natural perfume ? Then, this page is for you. Scroll down and to find out more about:

- the natural perfume by PAIRFUM

- what an 'olfactory triangle' is, and

- what makes a 'couture perfume'.

Enjoy your journey of discovering natural couture perfume.

We believe, an outstanding fragrance is like a timeless design classic or a great painting from a genius! It requires a harmonious combination of inspired creativity and technical excellence.

Is Perfume Art ?

Beethoven for your ears. Romeo & Juliet on the stage, Van Gogh for your eyes and PAIRFUM for your nose ? Should one consider natural perfume as an art form ? Art is in the eye of the beholder.

“By any reasonable and rational definition that applies to an art medium, scent is one – and clearly so,” says Chandler Burr, perfume expert and olfactory curator for New York’s Museum of Art and Design.

He continues, “works of art must elicit emotion, thought and some reaction,” he says. “At their best they make their audience perceive reality differently than they did before experiencing the work. Works of scent do all these things brilliantly.” 

He firmly advocates a place for olfactory art in museums and galleries.

Perfumery Museums

Here are three museums we are aware of:

- The Perfume Museum in Andorra

- The Museum of Perfume Art in Moscow

- The International Perfume Museum in Grasse

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