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Luxury Scented Candles

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live in a healthy atmosphere with long-lasting, natural couture perfume

Natural Reed Diffusers For Healthy Living

Pure, infused perfume oils are slowly released from the bundle of natural rattan reeds, permeating your living rooms with a sophisticated fragrance. Black reeds stand out from the norm but blend subtly into your home. Just place them into our Italian glass decanters. You may turn the reeds to increase the fragrance in your rooms.

Pairfum Reed Diffusers use an innovative, highly fragrant oil serum, which is healthy ( non-VOC ), recycled and biodegradable.

Reed diffusers contribute to a multi-sensorial experience within your home and are sure to delight visitors and friends alike.

Transform your rooms into havens of boutique luxury:
- the ‘healthy’ reed diffuser with a perfume serum: non-VOC, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, non-flammable, recycled and biodegradable
- highly fragranced with couture perfume, i.e. more pure oil than an ‘eau de parfum’
- 10 x extra tall, natural rattan reeds in black

Luxury Scented Candles

Enjoy a touch of Pairfum in your home

pure luxury with a conscience, handmade by Artisans in our Ateliers in the UK

Reed Diffuser Buying Guide

What are they ? How do they work ?

Not all Reed Diffusers are the same and can vary greatly in quality and consistency.

They consist of a bottle (or container) filled with a perfumed infusion and reeds, which in some cases (but not all) are natural rattan reeds.

All reed diffusers fundamentally work the same way: the reeds draw the perfume infusion up the length of the reed from where the fragrance evaporates into the room.

There are three different types of fragrance liquid:

  • The first generation liquids were essentially alcohol and perfume, similar to an 'eau de toilette'. Their main downside was that they evaporated too quickly (the alcohol is typically gone in less than a week !) and they were not very consistent over time. Today only older and cheaper versions still use this type of formulation. 
  • The second generation switched from a light & volatile alcohol to a 'heavier' alcohol that evaporates slowly. These heavy alcohols have recently come under scrutiny as they may damage the lungs when there is too much solvent in a home. 
  • Eliminating these harmful solvents was the drive behind the third generation of reed diffuser serums (or so called non-VOC liquids). PAIRFUM is one of the pioneers of this type of reed diffuser oil.


Caution: as with all perfumes, reed diffusers should at all times be kept out of reach of children and pets.

How do you regulate the fragrance intensity & longevity ?

The more reeds you use, the stronger the fragrance ! In turn, it also means the faster the perfume oil empties or the shorter your reed diffuser lasts.

This is especially the case where a diffuser that has been made using alcohol (1st generation) or a heavier alcohol (2nd generation).

How do you spot a 1st or 2nd generation reed diffuser that is made using this combination of alcohol & fragrance oil ? One very simple way is to check the length of reeds supplied with the product. Another is to look at the number of reeds used.

For example:

> short reeds (approx 20 cm or 8 inches) in length or shorter are used in products that contain the alcohol / oil mix.
> the lower the number of reeds used, and in most cases this is 6 and under, is an indication of a method used by manufacturers when they wish to slow down evaporation.

PAIRFUM Reed Diffusers have always contained and should be used / displayed with all of the 10 x long reeds supplied.

Where to place your reed diffusers?

Reed Diffusers work continuously and thereby lend themselves ideally to rooms such as the entrance hall, the bedrooms, the guest rooms, the bathrooms but also the kitchen and living room. Essentially, there isn’t a room where they are not suitable.

natural reed diffuser and reed diffuser oil

Pro Tip: One of the most important rooms in your home is your hallway ! It is the first room your visitors, friends and family come into contact with when they enter your home. It sets the tone for the rest of your house and yet we frequently forget to prominently display a sensory treat, like a reed diffuser. Why not give it a try. You may be surprised at the result.

What to do for different room sizes ?

For a smaller room you may wish to use less reeds for a pleasant, subtle fragrance.

Whereas a large room, such as your livingroom, will require that you use all of the included reeds to fully infuse the room with a scent.

Need a reed diffuser refill or refresh?

Over time, your reeds will clog up with dust and become saturated with natural fragrance ingredients. To give your reed diffuser a new lease of life, simply replace your reeds with a fresh set and you will find that the fragrance will flow again.

Another tip is to turn the reeds over to refresh the fragrance in your room. Be careful though to wash your hands thoroughly after touching the saturated reeds and ensure that none of the reed diffuser liquid spills to damage your furniture, clothes, fabrics or any other material that may be affected by the high concentration of pure perfume oils.

Once your reed diffuser bottle is empty, it is time to replenish it with a reed diffuser refill (or also called reed diffuser refill oil or simply refill oil).

Pro Tip: When you treat yourself to a new refill, don’t forget to include a fresh set of diffuser sticks (also called diffuser reeds, rattan reeds, natural reeds).

How are Design Schemes & Colours influencing the choice of a reed diffuser ?

This is where you come into your element, as a reed diffuser should blend with colour scheme in the room but it can also be used in the same fashion as you would place an accessory or set an accent (similar to an accent wall).

In this context, the colour of the reeds, the bottle, the collar and the liquid, should either be neutral so that they can fit in to many different design schemes (especially important when you give a reed diffuser as a gift) or the direct opposite, in that they match your specific colour scheme.

How do the Seasons or Special Occasion play when choosing a reed diffuser ?

Similar to the decorations you use in your home depending on the season (spring, summer, autumn, winter) or the special occasions throughout the year (Christmas, Valentine, Mother’s Day, Easter, Halloween, …), you may wish to fragrance your house accordingly.

This may lead you to light, fresh fragrances for the Summer and heavier notes for Winter, a ‘rose’ fragrance around Valentine or spicy notes for Christmas.

natural reed diffuser

Pro Tip: As most of us expect ‘longevity’ from their reed diffuser, it is important to keep in mind that the fragrance you choose, will have to be suitable for multiple seasons or occasions and you may wish to avoid a scent which is too specific. You may tire of a Christmas spice fragrance when the first signs of Spring burst into life.

What is the purpose of the room ? What is the mood ?

In which context will you enter the room ?

Are you looking for a calming fragrance for your bedroom which helps you to sleep or would you prefer something energetic for the morning in the bathroom?

What atmosphere or mood would you like your home to radiate when you come back in through the door?

What feeling would you like to express? Should it be happiness, relaxation or comforting?

Choose your fragrance accordingly and refer to our perfume guide for inspiration.

Luxury Scented Candles

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