Reed Diffuser Tower Classic

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Sensuous fragrance for 3-5 months (100 ml of concentrated Fragrance Oil). Yes, it clearly lasts noticeably longer than your typical reed diffuser.

Enjoy upgrading to an Eau de Parfum for your Home.


Fragrances with natural and organic essential oils. We have an enticing variety of unique perfume oils for you to select from (see ‘fragrance descriptions’ below). Pure Luxury to enjoy in your home.

Proudly display this Reed Diffuser and feel it envelope your home with a beautifully Natural Couture Perfume.

We invite you to infuse your world within with a touch of loving elegance.


Pairfum London’s Reed Diffuser uses a highly fragrant and natural non-VOC oil serum, which is much healthier for you & your family in your home (see below for more details) than the average aroma diffuser, especially cheap reed diffusers.

100% Happiness Guarantee:

We understand that shopping online for a new reed diffuser fragrance is different, which is why we offer our 100% Happiness Guarantee.

Natural & Healthy Reed Diffuser

Opening and displaying this Reed Diffuser in your room will feel like you just upgraded to an ‘Eau de Parfum’: it beautifully infuses your home with a natural and sensuous Couture Perfume.

PAIRFUM invites you to add a touch of loving elegance to the world within your home:

  • Fragrances with natural / organic essential oils that are healthy to live with for you, your family and the environment. A beautifully natural couture perfume for your room.
  • 100 ml of the concentrated perfume oil serum will sumptuously fragrance your home for 3 – 5 months (yes, this is surprising but they are indeed much longer lasting than most).
  • we offer you a large variety of wonderfully different fragrance oils for you to choose from. Enjoy selecting your ideal perfume.
  • 10 x natural, extra-long and strong black reeds make this reed diffuser suitable for large rooms. Regulate the fragrance intensity and longevity to your taste by using more or less reeds.
  • non-flammable – no-toxic – non-carcinogenic
  • handmade with love and care by Artisans in our Perfume Ateliers in the United Kingdom
  • highly concentrated and deeply scented diffuser oil: there is more pure couture perfume in our bottles then in a typical ‘Eau de Parfum’ from a couture fashion house or designer label
  • luxury glass decanter with frosted design
  • includes decorative chrome collar
  • suitable for Aromatherapy at home
  • 100% Vegan

This is a natural and healthy reed diffuser for you, your family and the environment.

This reed diffuser will infuse your home with natural goodness making it an ideal gift or something special for your own home.

Why is non-VOC healthy ?

All of PAIRFUM’s Natural Reed Diffusers use an innovative natural, biodegradable and non-VOC oil serum.

VOC stands for ‘volatile organic compound’. These are chemicals that are highly volatile at room temperature and which negatively affect the air quality in your home.

When using any of PAIRFUM’s reed diffusers or reed diffuser oil refills you eliminate the risks from VOCs.

If you would like to find out more what VOC actually means, then please use this link to Wikipedia’s definition to find out more.

Click here to read Wikipedia’s definition of VOC (opens in a new tab).

Currently, nearly all reed diffusers on the market, use carrier solvents which are not eco-friendly and which are classed as VOC according to EU and US legislation.

This type of reed diffuser and their diffuser refill oils are not healthy for the respiratory system, i.e. they attack your lungs, and they are harmful to the ozone layer.

Below is an external weblink to a very informative article by the US Government’s Environmental Protection Agency. It describes the impact of Volatile Organic Compounds’ on the indoor air quality and the simple steps you can take to avoid these risk.

One simple solution is to only use Reed Diffusers and Reed Diffuser Refill Oils by Pairfum!

Click here to read the article (opens in a new tab).

After this excursion into science, you will understand why we are passionate about indoor air quality and created this range of PAIRFUM Reed Diffusers (and refill oils) which are both natural and healthy to live with.

We believe in ensuring that Reed Diffusers are healthy and safe for you to use. You don’t have to worry about their safety any longer.

Here at PAIRFUM, we have solved this problem so that you can simply enjoy a beautiful reed diffuser fragrance at home.

How does a Reed Diffuser work ?

Open the bottle and insert the black reeds. You add more less reeds depending on the fragrance intensity your require. We recommend inserting all 10 x reeds.

The natural, black rattan reeds will then draw up the fragrance oil from the perfume bottle.

The exposed section of the reeds, i.e. above the neck of the bottle, will then begin to evaporate the perfume to envelope your home with a fragrant atmosphere and sensuality.

The natural, black reeds will draw up the fragrance and continuously envelope your home with fragrant atmosphere and sensuality.

As more fragrance diffuses, it draws more scented oil up the reeds.

Some people recommend rotating the reeds, but we believe this is no longer necessary.

Eventually, the perfume bottle will be empty and needs to be refilled. Remember to look out for Pairfum’s Reed Diffuser Refill Oils and natural rattan Reed Sticks.

Home Decor

Modern Reed Diffusers have become an essential part of the decor in a home. They are an attractive accessory, alternative to an ornament or an artistic touch that adds a unique, creative element to an interior design.

Similar to the way in which an Eau de Parfum amplifies our personality, a reed diffuser enhances the rooms in our homes with the creativity and style of its fragrance and design.

We pay a lot of attention to how we decorate or style our homes through the colours, textures, fabrics, wallpapers, art and pieces of furniture we use. In the process we create beautiful havens for our senses: sight and touch.

Home Fragrances, such as reed diffusers, perfumed candles, perfume room sprays or pillow sprays, allow us to translate this visual and tactile sensory experience into something exciting for our noses that complements the overall feel of a room.

Treat all of your senses by adding a healthy reed diffuser by Pairfum London to the castle that is your home.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    anne walters

    Best reed diffuser I know. I can highly recommend it.

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How do fragrance diffusers work?

Pairfum® aromatic diffusers will naturally disperse fragrance throughout a room via the natural rattan reeds. Once placed into the aromatic liquid, the porous rattan reeds will draw the liquid up and the fragrance is diffused from the reeds into the air.

Fragrance diffusers are fantastic for the home or the office because they emit aroma subtly, meanting the perfume is never too overpowering. Candles will last for a few hours and flowers, a few days, yet a superior diffuser will last for several months.

PAIRFUM Reed Diffuser are designed to be displayed ! Simply open the flacon and insert the reeds into the perfume infusion. They will draw the liquid up and allow it to diffuse into the room to envelop your home with an exquisite, natural couture perfume. Pairfum invites you to add a touch of loving elegance to your world within.

Are there any special usage instructions ?

You may regulate the perfume intensity & longevity to your personal taste through the number of reeds you insert and by how frequently you turn them. The more reeds you use and the more often you turn them over, the stronger the perfume in the room will be. Air flow and local conditions will also affect the longevity of the fragrance infusion.

Why is there one bottle / glass decanter shape but many different perfumes ?

Every one of the ‘private collections’ use the same bottle across the entire range of their perfumes. Many of the top brands now use the same bottle across many different products. See Estee Lauder ‘Pleasures’, Dior J’adore, Chanel, etc.

How long will my aromatic diffuser last?

This will depend on the fill level of your reed diffuser:

  • 50 ml – will fragrance for 2-3 months
  • 100 ml – you may expect it to perfume for 3-5 months
  • 200 ml – will fragrance 5-8 months
  • 250 ml – expected to perfume for 6-9 months

Is a refill available?

Yes, refills are available in our shop:

  • refill liquid
  • rattan reeds

Once the content of one bottle has been diffused the fibre reeds will be fully saturated and need to be replaced. Additionally, our fragrance formulation needs to be stored in a special aroma barrier container to preserve the effectiveness of the product to ensure your next Pairfum® aromatic diffuser perfumes as well as the one you have just enjoyed.

What are the reeds made from ?

They are natural rattan reeds and they have been coloured black with natural dyes (i.e. minerals).

Why has my diffuser changed colour?

The formulation uses natural essential oils and when exposed to the oxygen in air or sunlight, these may change color. This is especially pronounced in diffusers that contain vanilla, jasmine and sandalwood. Over time the product will become progressively darker. However, be assured that this does not affect the performance of the product at all.

What precautions should I take when using my diffuser?

Ignoring safety instructions may lead to property damage, personal injury or fire hazard. Do not drink. Keep it out of reach of children and pets. Handle with care and only with your hands as glass containers are fragile and liquid perfume may spill when the bottle is open. Ensure the bottle is upright before opening. Do not use if the bottle is cracked, chipped, or scratched. Place on an inert surface to avoid damage from perfume oils.

Do not let the bottle or perfume get in direct contact with any fabric or polished, painted, plastic or wooden material which may be damaged by perfume oils. Place away from open flames and sources of heat (e.g. radiators, lightbulbs, TV’s). Do not light the reeds. Always wash your hands with soap and water immediately after touching the bottle, the reeds or perfume liquid and before touching anything else (e.g. eyes, mouth). Should this accidentally happen, immediately rinse with clean water and consult your doctor. Teach everyone these rules for safe use.

Why are some fragrances easier to detect than others?

Like flowers, natural essences and perfumes vary in fragrance strength. Our noses more readily detect heady spice fragrances than delicate floral ones. Depending on the effect you desire, you can choose your Pairfum product based on the subtleness of the effect you want to achieve. Also, over time, our noses can become accustomed to a fragrance which we have been using for a period of time.

If you find yourself not detecting the Pairfum fragrance, move it into another room for several days and you will be amazed at the difference!

Why is the rate of evaporation faster for some fragrances than others?

Light green citrus scents are more volatile and will evaporate more quickly than the heavy, woody, vanilla style fragrances that will linger. The frequency with which you turn the reeds and the air conditions in which the diffuser is placed can also affect the longevity of the product .If the room is large with air-conditioning or drafts, the product will ‘evaporate’ much more quickly than if it is placed in a small, room with minimal ventilation.

Does the product have a use-by date?

We recommend you open and enjoy your diffuser within 12 months of purchase.

Why are some fragrance diffusers darker than others?

There are no artificial colours in the diffusers. The fragrance oils have essence extracts from natural botanicals, this means that the liquids can differ in hues from clear through to the warm browns of vanilla.

What is the diffuser made of?

The diffuser is a combination of fragrance oil and a special carrier liquid. Some diffusers are more heavily scented than others, as each product has a different, specially blended combination of essence extracts in the fragrance oil. The alcohol is necessary in the product as it allows the reeds to disperse the fragrance oil. The concentration of each specific extract also varies between diffusers, resulting in unique performances with each product.

Here is weblink with more information about VOCs:

Excluded Ingredients:

None of PAIRFUM’s products contain any of the following:
• NO parabens, e.g. Methyl, Propyl, Butyl and Ethyl Paraben
• NO GMO ingredients,
• NO animal derived ingredients,
• NO animal testing,
• NO phthalates,
• NO sulphate,
• NO nitro musks or polycyclic musks,
• NO alkyl phenol ethoxylate solubilizers,
• NO mineral oils and none of the following petroleum derived ingredients: petrolatum, petroleum jelly, petroleum distillates, etc.
• NO propylene glycol, IPA, etc. from petroleum. Naturally derived alcohols are fine.
• NO carbomer,
• NO DEA or TEA,
• NO acrylates, and
• NO PVP/VA Copolymer
• NO Diazolidinyl Urea, Imidazolidinyl Urea, e.g. Germall
• NO Stearalkonium Chloride
• NO Synthetic Colors
• NO Fluroide
• NO Lead or other heavy metals
• NO Phenylphenol
• NO Sodium Chloride
• NO Talc
• NO Triclosan
• NO Zinc Oxide

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