Luxury Scented Candles
PAIRFUM London Flacon Perfume Home Fragrance Skin Care

Organic Skin Care

natural & healthy care for skin in need of some loving pampering

Luxury Scented Candles
PAIRFUM London Flacon Perfume Home Fragrance Skin Care

Pampering For Your Skin ?

your skin rewards you for some luxurious pampering

Beauty for Skin Care

Treat your skin to a ceremony of gentle cleansing followed by a luxurious moisture boost and you will envelope yourself with the beautiful scent from essential oils.

PAIRFUM's luxury hand & body wash gently cleanses your hands without drying your skin. Infused with essential oils, experience an instant therapeutic treat and aromatherapy boost every time you wash your hands !

Sooth your mind and body after a day's work or when preparing for the day ahead. Made with a blend of restorative, caring and calming essential oils.

After cleansing, complete the ritual and treat your skin to some moisturising goodness to leave it soft, loved and silky. Our sensually fragranced lotion is ideal after a bath, in the morning or during the day.

The pure, infused oils in our lotions that are easily absorbed by your skin to restore moisture and rejuvenate your skin. Highly fragrant with essential oils that linger for a while. Enjoy boutique luxury on your skin.

Proudly made in England with 100% organic & natural ingredients, with love & care for your skin.

PAIRFUM Reserve Organics are ‘eco-chique’ and organic goodness that is easy to enjoy. We invite you to the touch of loving elegance for your world within. Celebrate your skin !

Luxury Scented Candles
PAIRFUM London Flacon Perfume Home Fragrance Skin Care

Enjoy Pairfum for Bath & Body

Pampering Organics for a Luxury Experience

What is Your Beauty Routine?

What is your beauty routine in the morning ? How do you refresh your skin during the day or unwind in the evening  ? When do you know that your skin is in need of some pampering ?

At PAIRFUM we offer skin care that works alongside you during the day and supports you from the outside in.

Gentle but deep cleansing, natural moisture boosting and ongoing protection are at the core of the beauty ritual we offer but it is the pure and natural fragrance oils which perform the wonders that affect how you feel afterwards.

Lotions, creams and washes infused with pure essential oils offer a lingering therapeutic effect on how you feel.

PAIRFUM adds a touch of loving care and natural goodness to your skin, from the outside in.

Luxury Scented Candles
PAIRFUM London Flacon Perfume Home Fragrance Skin Care

Enjoy Pairfum on your Skin

pure, natural Boutique Luxuries with a conscience

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