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InovAir Ltd ("Pairfum London")
16 Kingswood Close
Englefield Green
(Greater London / near Windsor)
TW20 0NQ

Tel +44 (0) 20 7099 3170 / +44 (0) 1784 473 523

"Pairfum London" - USA & Canada
135 Grasslands Rd
CT 06488

Tel +1 (0) 609 2280 589

"Pairfum London" - Arabia
Tel +971 4 3398897

Tel +971 4 5849911

WAFI, Dubai, UAE
Tel +971 4 3244342

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Englefield Green & Pairfum London

Englefield Green Wedding Antique Car Rolls Royce

Englefield Green

The PAIRFUM offices, studio & perfume laboratory are located in Englefield Green.

‘Englefield Green’ is a beautiful, quintessential English village in northern Surrey, just outside London.

It is located close to Windsor, at the end of the 'long walk' coming out of Windsor Castle, next to Egham and Virginia Water.

Englefield Green is home to Royal Holloway (University of London), the first university for women.

Click to find out more about Englefield Green.

Around Englefield Green

Some highlights of the area around Englefield Green:

  • Englefield Green borders Windsor Great Park, Windsor and the the famous ‘Windsor Castle’.
  • Around the corner from Englefield Green, lies ‘Old Windsor’ where Elton John’s home ‘Woodside’ is located.
  • Many royal families have a second home in Englefield Green.
  • ‘Eton College’, where the Princes William & Harry went to school, is across the Thames from Englefield Green in Eton.
  • Equally closeby is the well-known Royal Race Course at Ascot, with its fantastic hats on ‘Lady’s Day’.
  • Virginia Water and the renowned Wentworth Golf Course are only a short 'drive' down the road from Englefield Green.

Magazine & Blog

Read in our Blog & Magazine about:

  • Anything 'Making Scents', e.g. perfume memories
  • Home Fragrance, Couture Perfume, Skin / Bath / Body Care
  • Ingredients, e.g. natural / organic essential oils, flowers, bees, waxes.
  • Your Home, e.g. beautiful interior designs, architecture, decor, ...
  • Food, Drink, e.g. essential oils in foodd, desertd, drinks,...
  • Britain, e.g. London, the Queen and Royal Family, ...

The Fragrance Boutique

Enjoy shopping in our online Boutique:

Natural Home Fragrance:

Luxury Scented Candles, Reed Diffusers and Refill Oils, Perfume Room Sprays, Sleep & Pillow Sprays, Fragrant Botanicals, Wardrobe Sachets, Drawer Liners, ...

Natural Perfume:

Eau de Parfum "Intense" Sprays,  Eau de Toilette Sprays, Eau de Parfum Travel & Purse Sprays, The Perfume Experience Box, ...

Organic Bath, Body & Skin Care:

Hand Lotions and Creams, Hand Oil & Washes, Body Lotions, Body Washes and Shower Oils, Foam Bath, Hand Soap, …

Gifts & Giftsets:

Giftboxes, Giftsets, Luxurious Gift Bags & Tissue Paper, Gifts for Men, ...

Enjoy Pairfum London

Handmade with pride & passion in our Ateliers in the UK for Your Enjoyment

Royal Windsor Bridge Town Great Britain

Registered Address

InovAir Ltd ("Pairfum London")
16 Kingswood Close
Englefield Green
TW20 0NQ

Tel +44 (0) 20 7099 3170

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