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Should you use a Sanitiser Spray for Fabrics?

We have all read & heard about the need for washing hands and hand sanitisers.

What about our clothes? Do you need a sanitiser spray for your clothes?

In our daily lives, especially in times as unparalleled and unprecedented as the situation in which we now find ourselves, there will be times when we or our family members have to carry out normal daily tasks or duties such as:

  • A commute to work, where having to share a space with other commuters is unavoidable and even with social distancing you naturally have to share a space on trains, buses or the underground. Your clothing will unavoidably touch surfaces others have touched or used, or where you may accidentally brush against another person.
  • With schools closing or closed for most children with the exception of children of front-line workers, you may still wish to take your children out side to play and even while maintaining the required social distancing. Their clothes and yours may well come in contact with surfaces or areas used by others during the course of their play.
  • We still need to provide food and basic necessities for ourselves and our Family's, so shopping is for most people an unavoidable necessity

These are just some of the normal day to day activities that we need to preform to provide for our Family and loved ones, we may not be able to avoid doing them but we can take all precautions to protect ourselves and others. For example, we may be wearing a face mask.

Viruses and bacteria are easily transferred in these situations and these settings, and they can then linger on clothes, linens, upholstery or soft fabrics in general.

For example, the Coronavirus survives for approx 3 x days, on even the most inhospitable surfaces, such as stainless steel and kitchen surfaces. On cardboard, it last approx 24 hours.

Every day we come into contact with millions of germs, bacteria and viruses. Many surfaces (hard & soft) and objects that we touch are covered in them.

Don't take a risk with your fabrics when a solution is available.

How to Remove Bacteria & Viruses from Your Fabrics?

Currently, these are the solutions proposed to kill the Coronavirus on soft surfaces:

  • wash: washing your fabrics, linens, clothes, ... etc. at high temperatures
  • heat: placing your fabrics, linens, clothes, ... and even your paper face mask in the oven and heating them thoroughly to 70 deg C for at least 5 minutes. You may have to extend the time if you place a lot of items in the oven. The Coronavirus does not survive this heat.
  • sanitiser spray: can using a sanitising spray kill the bacteria and viruses that accumulate on your clothes, jackets, shirts, upholstery, bedding, soft furnishings, boots, pet beds, handbags, ....? The answer is 'YES', if they contain alcohol and the alcohol dosage is at least 60%. A higher dosage, of up to 95%, has been proven to be even more effective. The finer the spray, the better the effect. A sanitiser spray is also ideal for face masks (both paper & fabric), as it allows you to quickly sanitise them (e.g. at work), rather than having to place them in the oven (Note: you can't wash paper masks).

Soft surfaces are unlike hard surfaces. Hard surfaces can be wiped & disinfected using a liquid disinfectant and a cloth.

On the other hand, soft surfaces are naturally porous, undulating and flexible. They require heat or a sanitising spray, as both can work with the undulations, folds and creases, and both can penetrate between the fibres. A spray has the advantage over a high temperature wash that it does not damage or discolour fabrics.

Note: When sterilising clothes, bags, boots or jackets, please insure that they are not made from leather, as alcohol or heat may damage or discolour leather.

Can we kill Viruses & Bacteria with a Spray Sanitizer?

Dr. Philip Tierno, author of "The Secret Life of Germs" and the director of Clinical Microbiology and Diagnostic Immunology at N.Y.U. and Mt. Sinai Medical Centre, explained, that while we are constantly in contact with germs, only a small minority will cause any harm.

As we know not all bacteria are harmful. In fact, we need the good bacteria to keep us healthy.

At the moment, the question that is uppermost in most people's minds is:

Can we kill the Bacteria and Viruses that are harmful to us?

The 'Good News' is: yes, we can kill bacteria!

What about viruses? Can we also them them?

Professor Sally Bloomfield from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine has said that viruses are much more resistant to disinfectants than bacteria. Viruses such as the norovirus or rhinovirus are not enveloped, which means they are not surrounded by a shell.

However, the Covid-19 / Coronavirus is an envelope virus, meaning it has a coating around it, which alcohol can attack.

For centuries, alcohol has been used as a disinfectant. Alcohol is incredibly effective in the fight against single-celled microorganisms like bacteria.

It has also been proven to kill some forms of viruses

It has been used in one form or another to disinfect, sterilise and clean surfaces, implements, hands etc. and the most common sterilising products used today are alcohol based hand sanitisers.

The type of alcohol most often used in these products is isopropyl or ethyl alcohol.

Why are Pairfum's Linen & Fabrics and Pillow Sprays ideal?

Our background is perfumery and we continuously work with alcohol and the best perfume spray-heads.

Here are some of the reasons why our sprays for pillows, linens & fabrics are ideal fabric sanitiser sprays:

  • we use at least 95% of pure and natural alcohol in our Fabric & Linen and Pillow Sprays.
  • the combination of alcohol and the very fine spray head on our bottles, leads to a micro-fine mist which enables you to gain maximum coverage and penetration when spraying.
  • our formulations are designed for direct skin contact. A pillow and linen spray should be the same, since you place your face on the pillow and your skin comes in contact with your clothes and bed sheets / duvets.
  • when spraying your pillows, linens and fabrics with alcohol you instantly disinfect and cleanse the fabrics. Alcohol has anti-bacterial and anti-viral effects. A water-based pillow spray on the other hand allows the growth of bacteria unless it incorporates synthetic anti-bacterial or preservative agents. Direct skin contact with these is not very pleasant and we do not recommend it.
  • alcohol sprayed on sheets, pillows, linens and fabrics evaporates very quickly and does not leave them wet or damp.
  • alcohol has a neutralising effect on odour causing bacteria.
  • essential oils dissolve easily in alcohol. By using only alcohol and no water in our linen & pillow spray, we eliminate the need for solubilisers to dissolve oils. A water-based spray must use solubilisers or solvents to achieve the same. Resting and keeping your head on a pillow for the night that you have just sprayed with a water-based spray containing solubilisers/solvents is not beneficial to the health of your skin. Women take great care of their skin, particularly their face and this would only undermine it.

We have always promoted the use of ‘Eau de Toilette’ formulations in Linen & Fabric and Pillow Sprays. Killing viruses and bacteria is now a very welcome and timely side effect, making them ideal fabric sanitiser sprays.

Stay Healthy & Safe

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Enjoy Life in the Comfort of Knowing all Fabrics are Pure and Sterilised

Why it Alcohol so effective? How does Alcohol kill bacteria?

Alcohol kills bacteria through a process known as denaturation.

Alcohol molecules are amphiphile chemical compounds. It means, they are compounds that possess both hydrophilic (water-loving) and lipophilic (fat-loving) properties.

Bacterial cell membranes have both a fat-based and water-based side. This means that alcohol molecules are able to bond with and thereby break down the protective membrane of the bacteria.

When this happens, the core elements of the bacteria are exposed and dissolve, losing their structure and unable to function, the bacteria dies quickly.

Because single-celled microorganisms like bacteria or viruses (which are not considered living cells and therefore are neither single-celled nor multi-celled - they are simply considered to be protein shells primarily composed of water, with fatty proteins suspended within them)

This makes the amphiphile characteristics of alcohol incredibly effective as a sanitising agent, because the alcohol molecules bond with the molecules of the bacteria's cell or the shell of the virus membrane, making it more soluble in water and causing it to loose it's structural integrity.

The alcohol molecules then begin to dissolve the proteins through a process known as denaturation, by forming bonds with the alcohol molecules, the amino acids in a given bacterial protein begin to lose their structure, ceasing to function as a result. A bacteria can not survive without it protein function so causing the cell to die quickly.

Pairfum Infographic Coronavirus Membrane Inside

What about Hand Sanitising?

Another article that you may find interesting and useful is on how sanitising hands helps to prevent you catching the Covid-19 virus or help to prevent the spread of it.

Please click on the following link: sanitising hands.

Additionally, we now offer a hand sanitising spray.

Enjoy purity & health with Pairfum

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