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The Advantage Of Buying Niche Perfume Online

The internet has revolutionised the way we buy perfume. In the past, buying perfume was a very personal experience that involved going to a physical store, a consultation with a perfumer and trying different fragrances. With the rise of online shopping, buying perfume has become much more convenient and accessible.

A perfume is a personal expression of one’s persona and it embodies the invisible aura that we radiate. However, in today’s fast-paced world, it is challenging to fully appreciate a perfume before buying it. Often, we are in a hurry while passing through an airport or we are greeted by a cloud of fragrance when entering a perfumery. Both distort our perception and prevent the full appreciation of a perfume.

With this in mind, buying your next niche perfume online actually has a variety of advantages:

  1. Choice: Buying niche perfume online gives you unlimited choice. You can buy direct from any Niche Perfumery House worldwide, i.e. the manufacturer. No longer are you restricted to what has been pre-selected for you by the perfume shop.
  2. Maximum 3 Fragrances: The nose is designed to detect differences. After smelling three to four perfumes, the receptors in the nose become saturated, and the cloud of scents you walk into at the perfumery section begins to block your nose. Hence, to avoid saturation and to give your nose a rest, we recommend smelling a maximum of three fragrances, giving your nose time to naturally cleanse itself, which usually takes around three minutes (if you are in a scent-neutral environment and not a perfume cloud).
  3. Test on Your Skin: The same perfume can smell superb on one person but not as exciting on another. This is why we should test a fragrance on our skin and not just on a paper card. Sales assistants may have already sprayed perfume on our wrists, andHowever, when in a rush, we may not have the time to fully appreciate the scent. We recommend that you test perfume on your skin in your own time, which ensures that you are making an informed purchase.
  4. Allow Time Perfumes unfold and develop over time: While browsing perfumery aisles and trying one scent after another, it can be challenging to enjoy the perfume in its entirety. Within a store, you will be mainly smelling top notes and some hearts. The back notes take time to become more prominent. We are sure you have come across situations where you have bought a perfume and later discovered that you don’t really like it or how it has dried down, i.e. the back notes of the fragrance.
  5. Home Environment: Perfumes smell different in your home environment than in the department store or duty free. The scent of your own, unique personal & home environment mingles with the perfume you have just bought, to create a new, unique perfume. This effect is nearly impossible to predict when standing in the perfumery isle.
  6. Peace & Quiet: Our noses need time, peace & quiet to discover and appreciate a fragrance. Within a bustling department store, our noses don’t get a chance to fully experience a perfume as our senses are in overdrive.
  7. Free Returns: Retailers that have embraced these advantages of online shopping for perfume offer free returns without quibbles.

To solve these issues, we have developed the Perfume Experience Box in the form of a Fragrance Library that you can buy online. It recreates the experience of a classical perfumery while adapting to our modern lives by bringing the full Experience of discovering a new niche perfume into your home.

Have you already considered buying your next niche perfume online?

Niche Perfume Brands from London

London has a long history of inspiring some of the world’s most iconic niche fragrances. From the bustling streets of the city to its lush parks and gardens, London has been a muse for many perfumers who have created niche fragrances that capture the essence of this vibrant city.

One of the most well-known niche perfume brands from London is Penhaligon’s. Founded in 1870, Penhaligon’s is one of the oldest fragrance houses in the world and is renowned for its luxurious and distinctive fragrances. Many of Penhaligon’s fragrances are inspired by London’s rich history and culture, such as its iconic “Blenheim Bouquet” fragrance, which was created in 1902 and was inspired by the Duke of Marlborough’s palace in Oxfordshire.

Another popular niche perfume brand from London is Jo Malone. Founded in 1994, Jo Malone is known for its elegant and understated fragrances that are designed to be layered and combined. Many of Jo Malone’s fragrances are inspired by London’s cosmopolitan atmosphere, such as its “English Pear & Freesia” fragrance, which captures the essence of the city’s lush parks and gardens.

Miller Harris is another London-based niche perfume brand that is known for its unique and unconventional fragrances. Founded in 2000, Miller Harris has created fragrances inspired by the city’s bustling markets and vibrant neighborhoods. Its “La Fumée” fragrance, for example, was inspired by the smoky and spicy aromas of London’s incense-filled temples.

Floris is another iconic London-based fragrance house that has been creating fragrances for over 300 years. Founded in 1730, Floris is known for its timeless and elegant fragrances that have been worn by some of the world’s most famous figures, including Winston Churchill and Marilyn Monroe. Many of Floris’ fragrances are inspired by London’s rich history and culture, such as its “Jermyn Street” fragrance, which captures the essence of London’s exclusive shopping district.

Sadly, these perfumery house have been bought by the Global Perfumery House, e.g. Coty, Estee Lauder, LVMH, Puigh, and it raises the question whether they are still Niche Perfume Houses or merely a branch office or subsidiary. For example, Jo Malone is owned by Estee Lauder and Penhaligon’s is part of Puig.

It is time for new Niche Perfume Houses, to introduce themselves to you.

London Perfume

Here at Pairfum London, we are London’s Boutique Perfumery House.

The heart of London, the essence of life in this vibrant city, is the inspiration for our niche perfumery house. Our collection of natural fragrances tells a unique story of London, from the regal palaces to the quaint village greens, from the sprawling parks to the charming cottage gardens.

We are inspired by the heady scents of the Kew Gardens Orangeries, the exotic spices of fusion cuisine, and the aroma of roasted coffee around St Katharine Docks. From Camden Town’s smoky incense to the rich spices of Portobello Road Market, our fragrances are a celebration of London’s diversity and vibrancy.

As one of the few remaining perfumery houses worldwide with an in-house perfumer, we take pride in creating exquisite and luxurious perfumery accords. Our handmade range includes natural boutique perfumes, luxury perfume candles, reed diffusers, perfume room sprays, sleep and linen spray. We are committed to using natural ingredients in our products, making them unique, healthy, sustainable and artisanal.

Our perfumes adapt to the unique micro-flora of each person’s skin. Unlike modern prestige fragrances designed to smell uniform on everyone, our natural fragrances become uniquely you.

We manufacture our fragrances in small batches, allowing the natural ingredients to change their profile according to the characteristics of each crop. Like wine, they will change subtly from one year to the next, ensuring each batch is a unique and luxurious creation.

London is a city where the traditional and modern coexist and flourish, allowing for an artistry of the unique to thrive. We embrace this spirit and create fragrances that are unencumbered by mass consumerism, where the artistry of niche perfumery can flourish.

At our niche perfumery house, we invite you to experience the essence of London life, distilled into our exquisite natural perfumes.

How does the Unique in You flourish when the High Streets of London, New York, Paris, Bejing and Tokyo are eerily similar? Be Your Authentic Self and Enjoy a Natural Niche Fragrance that is Uniquely You from London’s Boutique Perfumers.

Rise above the Mere Functional and Enjoy the Compliments for Your Fragrance.

London Perfume Boutique

Be Your Authentic Self

What is Niche Perfume?

Are you tired of smelling like everyone else? Do you want a fragrance that is unique and distinct?

Look no further than a niche perfume boutique.

Niche perfumes are fragrances that are crafted in small batches and are not widely distributed. They are typically created by independent perfumers or smaller fragrance houses and are not as well-known as commercial fragrances.

Niche perfumes are highly sought after by fragrance enthusiasts who are looking for a perfume that is unique and exclusive. They often feature unusual or exotic ingredients, and are known for their complex and sophisticated fragrances.

What is Natural Perfume?

Natural perfumes are fragrances that are made with natural ingredients, such as essential oils. They are typically associated with niche perfumes, as they are crafted in small batches, offer unique & natural fragrances and are not widely distributed.

Natural perfumes are also popular with people who are looking for a unique fragrance that is healthy, suitable for sensitive skin, is more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Most people associate Natural Perfume with natural fragrance oils. However, a genuinely natural perfume should also use natural alcohol and not use synthetic colours, solubilizers, preservatives, solvents or any other synthetics. We invite you to look at the ingredient list the next time you buy a perfume.

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