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What Is The Fragrance Of Eid ?

By Huib Maat | Jun 17, 2017
Fragrance Of Eid Sheer Khurma

Ramadan 2017 Ramadan, which is the Islamic holy month of fasting, started on May 27 2017. Saturday, June the 24th of 2017, marks the end of Ramadan and the beginning of Eid or Eid al-Fitr, “festival of breaking of the fast”. Here are two links if you would like to find out more about Eid […]

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Mother’s Day – For all those times !!

By Josephine McCarthy | Mar 25, 2017
Pairfum Write Your Message On A Candle Blush Rose Amber

For all those times when you picked me up. When you sent me off and you wished me Luck. You tied my laces and wiped my nose. Made my lunch and corrected my prose. Dropped me off at School and on final bell call. You were standing waiting by the School yard wall. For the […]

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National Fragrance Day 2017 – 21st of March

By Huib Maat | Mar 21, 2017
National Fragrance Day 2017 Woman Nose

Celebrate National Fragrance Day 2017 Is there a better way of celebrating National Fragrance Day 2017 than by wearing your favourite perfume, lighting a fragranced candle you love or unwinding in a bath with a much loved bathing gel ? Treat yourself today and enjoy the charms of perfume. This is the day for lovers of perfume. Prioritise […]

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In Honour of 13 Women on International Women’s Day

By Huib Maat | Mar 8, 2017
Frida Kahlo Self Portrait Womens International Day

About International Women’s Day March 8th is International Womens’s Day which was originally called ‘International Working Women’s Day’, it was first celebrated on the  28th of February, 1909, in New York in remembrance of the 1908 strike held by the International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union when 15,000 workers, marched through New York city’s lower east […]

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What is the Fragrance of Snowdrops?

By Huib Maat | Feb 22, 2017
Fragrance of Snowdrops Light Green Fresh Sun Spring

Snowdrop Profile Fragrance of Snowdrops A flower with a fresh, green floral perfume note. The fragrance of snowdrops is not particularly strong. In perfumery, the essence of Snowdrop adds a freshness and coolness to a fragrance accord or scent. Spring Is On Its Way ! Snowdrops (Galanthus) are hailed as symbol of spring with their tiny white […]

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Happy New Year 2017 !

By Huib Maat | Jan 1, 2017
Pairfum Happy New Year 2017 Home Fragrance Skin Care Perfume

We would like to wish all of our customers, suppliers and friends a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year. We hope that you had a peaceful and enjoyable Christmas with your family & friends and we look forward to meeting you again this year. May 2017 be a year in which your dreams come true. […]

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How To Wash Your Face: In The Morning Versus The Evening

By Huib Maat | Nov 4, 2016
how to wash your face

Here is a link to an interesting article about how to wash your face in the morning compared with washing your face in the evening for the best results: Click to read the article

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Try And Apply Perfume In Different Areas Of Your Body

By Huib Maat | Oct 31, 2016
where to apply perfume

Here is an interesting article with novel ideas of where you can apply perfume on your body for maximum effect and a longer lasting fragrance. After all, we all like to wear a wonderful perfume throughout the day. Click to read the article

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6 Things To Make Your Living Room Instantly Retro

By Hollie Jones | Oct 27, 2016

Home Decor – Retro Style Retro style home interior is boldly making its way back to homes around the world. With bright, funky yellow colors and gray, pink hues, retro and vintage styles will transform your living space into a charming, chic wonderland that’s full of character. Mixing old with new, designers have taken inspiration […]

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Green Oasis In Town

By Huib Maat | Oct 4, 2016
green oasis city living vietnam

Wellness Spaces & City Living Here are two examples of bringing the green outdoors into congested city living spaces by creating a ‘green oasis’ within two townhouses in Vietnam. It does not matter where we live, we all enjoy sunny green spaces to relax and unwind after the daily stresses. Click to see the green […]

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When asked by the ‘Amara Interior Blog Awards’ the question “What is your favourite / the best part about interior blogging?”, the first answer that sprang to mind was ‘perfume’ , we ‘love’ it and we ‘love’ writing about it! Of course, that may be because we are biased !

We know that people ‘love’ wearing / using perfume in their homes and they ‘love’ discovering their favourite scent, it becomes their aerial signature !

It has been proven that we create our world around us. We use our interior landscape to create the homes we wish to live in. This also includes our outside spaces, from gardens to a window box.

Within this interior/exterior world ( Our World), ‘olfaction’ or as we know it ‘our sense of smell’, is the oldest sense. It keeps us safe, creates memories and makes us happy.

For us, perfume, sense of smell and interiors are intrinsically linked, like ‘Love & Marriage’ or a ‘Horse & Carriage’, you can’t have one without the other.

So in a ‘nutshell’ (a beautifully fragranced nutshell) – What is the best part of blogging ? - we love it, we love sharing, learning and discussing.

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