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Rose Perfume: The Enduring Elegance of the Queen of Flowers

By Pairfum Digital | 08/07/2024

The Perfume of Rose, often referred to as the Queen of Flowers, has held a special place in the hearts of fragrance connoisseurs for centuries. Its diverse and captivating aroma has proven to be an enduring favourite, capturing the imagination and evoking an air of timeless elegance. Here at Pairfum London, a boutique perfumery house …

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About the Perfume Blog & News Magazine by PAIRFUM London

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the perfume blog by PAIRFUM London.

We were asked recently by a journalist in an interview this question:

“What is your favourite part when it comes to blogging?”

The first answer that sprang to mind was ‘perfume’. We love it, we love writing about it and we enjoy sharing our passion for it!

Are we biased? Of course we are, ... how can you be objective about perfume when it is all about passion and experiences. This is personal.

We know that people ‘love’ wearing / using perfume in their homes and they ‘love’ discovering their favourite scent, it becomes their aerial signature !

It has been proven that we create our world around us. We use our interior landscape to create the homes we wish to live in. This also includes our outside spaces, from gardens to a window box.

Within this interior/exterior world (Our World), ‘olfaction’ or as we know it ‘our sense of smell’, is the oldest sense. It keeps us safe, creates memories and makes us happy.

For us, perfume, the sense of smell and homes & interiors are intrinsically linked, like ‘Love & Marriage’ or a ‘Horse & Carriage’, ... you can’t have one without the other.

So, ... in a ‘nutshell’ (and that is a beautifully fragranced nutshell), what is the best part of blogging?

We love it, we love sharing, learning, listening and discussing.

Huib xx

P.S. ( God bless who ever invented ‘blogging’ )

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