Prebiotic & Organic Body Lotion – Intense

£ 15.00

Deeply moisturises & hydrates skin with the pure, organic oils.

Strengthen the micro-flora of your skin with prebiotics so that it can defend itself.

Leaves your skin soft, pampered and gently fragranced with natural essential oils.

Made using organic and natural ingredients.

Enjoy selecting one of our beautiful fragrances (see ‘fragrance descriptions’ below).

Contents: 250ml

Prebiotic & Organic Body Lotion – Intense

(Yes, you read this correctly, ‘Prebiotic‘ and not ‘Probiotic‘ Organic Body Lotion)

Improves the health of your skin !

Our skin or epidermis is our body’s largest and fastest-growing organ. It protects us, it helps us stay warm when it’s cold, and cool when it’s hot, it is central to what we do throughout the day and it deserves special attention and protection against the elements. We take it so much for granted with out ever slowing down for a moment to appreciate and admire how wonderful it is. Our body is continually renewing skin cells and getting rid of old ones and there are ways in which we can help. One very important way you can help is to nourish and moisture your skin.

With PAIRFUM’s Prebiotic & Organic Body Lotion, you are insuring that the skin on your body is nourished with our specially formulated Prebiotic ingridents and moisturised with our organic essential oils.

Our Secret

The secret behind this product is in its innovative prebiotic nature, which contains a cosmetic prebiotic food. Think of it as ‘an external food supplement for the skin’:

  • it balances the natural, protective flora of our skin whilst preventing undesired organisms from growing.
  • it allows our skin flora to recover and rebuild faster while harmful organisms that damage skin are reduced.
  • improving the protective barrier of our skin.

This amazing lotion is suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive skin, problematic skin, mature skin, stressed skin and tired skin, … in a word, ‘The Skin We Live In’. In this busy and sometimes stressful world in which we live, our skin needs help to balance its micro-flora and this gentle, highly nourishing organic lotion, helps it do just that.

This extraordinarily nourishing lotion is also rich in organic oils which moisturise and rehydrate your skin in an instant. When you use it, you are massaging organic oils directly into your skin for a luxuriously soft & healthy skin!

This is the future of skin care with bacteria (and prebiotics / probiotics in particular) being the new frontier of health care in general. We will and are already seeing amazing advances in this field.

Our lotions when applied to your skin leave it feeling pampered, gently fragrant and healthier. Everyone, every now and then needs a little help and our hard working bodies deserve that extra attention, your skin will thank you for it, as a matter of fact we are sure it will give you glowing results.. These magicial lotions helps strengthen your skin to look after and protect itself.

What makes this product so special ?

PAIRFUM’s Prebiotic & Organic Body Lotion has been developed to keep your skin healthy. This is probably the best and most advanced body lotion available on the market today.

We are firm belivers that you look and feel your best, when you are healthy both inside and out.

A healthy body requires a healthy mind and there is a definitive link between our physical health and our psychological well-being. It is at this stage that the naturally fragrant essential oils in our body lotions come to the fore. Using these lotions will help you to relax and unwind, giving your mind and body the necessary time to heal and repair.

For a special treat, why not combine the prebiotic organic lotion with our organic wash & oil. Gentle cleansing followed by a luxurious moisture boost to cosset, pamper and envelope yourself with beautifully scented essential oils.

Product Highlights

With naturally active pre-biotic components to improve the health of your skin:

  • prebiotic skin supplements to strengthen and feed the micro-flora of your skin
  • delivers nourishment and moisture deep into your skin
  • keeps you skin soft and supple
  • slows down the ageing process of your skin
  • combats the effects of daily aggressors, and
  • diminishes fine lines.

Pre-biotic & Organic body lotions for bodies that deserve pampering:

  • rich moisture for all skin types
  • contents: 250 ml
  • made using organic and natural ingredients
  • rich in organic oils to re-hydrate and deeply moisturise
  • beautifully complex fragrance leaves your skin lightly scented

A unique and ground breaking body lotion that is easily-absorbed, and that will generally improve skin quality, maintain healthy skin and radiate a glowing youthful appearance.

Our prebiotic & organic body lotion has been been given the seal of approval by our test panel:

  • even after 24hrs, all of the participants found their skin significantly more nourished and moisturised, and
  • 100% of the panellists would recommend it to a friend.

These results are from a consumer trial with 50 men and women.

Why not treat yourself and your body and make this product part of your daily pro-active skin care regime for naturally beautiful healthy skin.

Ingredient highlights:

  • free from any ingredients that negatively affect your skin’s health, e.g. colourants, solvents, …
  • check the tab ‘free from’ for more details

Healthy & eco-friendly care for your family.

How Should I Use It ?

Apply one dosage of the prebiotic & organic body lotion to your skin. Gently massage into your skin with a circular motion until the lotion is fully absorbed. Your skin will feel wonderfully soft, supple and yet not sticky.

Through massaging this amazing lotion and its rich organic natural oils into your skin, you will come to enjoy the full benefits of the product.

Enjoy the feeling of a skin that is wonderfully soft, healthy and gently fragranced.

In essence, Pairfum’s Prebiotic & Organic Body Lotion is ‘eco-chique’: organic goodness that is easy to apply and enjoy.

What Ingredients Does It Contain ?

The question really should be which ingredients does this body lotion not contain?

Pairfum’s product is designed to keep your skin healthy which is why we carefully select which ingrediends we use and exclude any that may have a negative effect, making it one of the best skin care products available on the market.

In a rapidly changing world where it sometimes appears confusing, it is reassuring to know that we need not loose touch with nature.

Please refer to the tab called ‘Free From’ for a list of all ingredients that are not in our products.

We care about the people you give this lotion to, they will know you care about them and their world too.


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