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Olfactive Triangles & Fragrance Descriptions

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Is your Perfume as captivating as Your Personality?

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Natural Niche Perfume Boutique

Enjoy naturally luxurious Niche Perfume in your life from London's Niche Perfumery House:

  • Natural Eau de Parfum, and
  • Natural Eau de Toilette .

Here, at Pairfum London, you will only find beautifully presented and exquisitely finished Niche Fragrances that you can fall in love with.

You will absolutely love experiencing our niche perfumes and their naturality. Delight in the elegance of natural, essential fragrance oils.

All of the products in the Pairfum London Collection are proudly handmade in our Ateliers in the UK by Artisans with love and care for your enjoyment. You can literally feel the passion and attention to detail. After all, PAIRFUM is crafted and finished by hand in small scale workshops and studios.

As a Boutique Perfumery House, Pairfum London develops new perfumes which inspire trends in the wider world of fragrances. We have an acute sense for the 'Zeitgeist' in fragrance and lead on the trends that are frequently picked-up by leading Haute Couture fashion houses and many other trendsetters.

Enjoy a Naturally Luxurious Niche Perfume

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The Art of a Natural Niche PAIRFUM!

When does a product become an item of beauty or a piece of art?

When ingenuity meets science. When creative invention and relentless research ignite a trend. When quality is pride of product. When a woman feels beauty in herself and a desire for life’s little luxuries is fulfilled.

Excerpt from Leo Tolstoy’s ‘What Is Art?’ :

“… In order correctly to define art, it is necessary, first of all, to cease to consider it as a means to pleasure and to consider it as one of the conditions of human life.” (1896 – translated by Aylmer Maude in 1900).

Experience a life Less Ordinary

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Natural Niche Perfume

Pure & Natural Perfumery is in our heart, here at PAIRFUM London.

This is why we went back to our roots or 'full-circle' and created a Perfumer's Collection of Boutique Perfumery Products. Indie Perfumes of outstanding quality, character and creativity. Niche Perfumes created purely to enjoy the beauty in perfumery, the tradition of the best Artisan Perfumers :

  • using natural or organic fragrance oils, essential oils and other unique perfumery oils
  • in the form of eau de parfum, eau de toilette or eau de cologne
  • as perfume sprays, solid perfumes or pulse roll-on parfums

We simply enjoy the use of unusual perfumery ingredients and fragrance accords with character in these natural couture perfume. Rare spice extraits, beautifully fragrant flower distillates and herbal infusions take center stage in our creations.

We believe that Artisan, Niche, Indie or Boutique typically express something very similar, perfumes that have the following in common:

  • an in-house perfumer, allowed to create
  • no mass marketing but buying directly at source
  • limited quantity & availability
  • unusual fragrance notes with new facettes to discover

All of our Artisans proudly make the products in the Pairfum Collection by hand with love & care, in our Ateliers here in the UK.

Pairfum is an Boutique Perfume Collection created for the wellbeing of the senses. Hailed as ‘best-in-class’, you can now treat yourselves or your friends.

Magazine & Blog

Read in our Blog & Magazine about:

  • Anything 'Making Scents', e.g. perfume memories
  • Home Fragrance, Couture Perfume, Skin / Bath / Body Care
  • Ingredients, e.g. natural / organic essential oils, flowers, bees, waxes.
  • Your Home, e.g. beautiful interior designs, architecture, decor, ...
  • Food, Drink, e.g. essential oils in foodd, desertd, drinks,...
  • Britain, e.g. London, the Queen and Royal Family, ...

The Fragrance Boutique

Enjoy shopping in our online Boutique:

Natural Home Fragrance:

Luxury Scented Candles, Reed Diffusers and Refill Oils, Perfume Room Sprays, Sleep & Pillow Sprays, Fragrant Botanicals, Wardrobe Sachets, Drawer Liners, ...

Natural Perfume:

Eau de Parfum "Intense" Sprays,  Eau de Toilette Sprays, Eau de Parfum Travel & Purse Sprays, The Perfume Experience Box, ...

Organic Bath, Body & Skin Care:

Hand Lotions and Creams, Hand Oil & Washes, Body Lotions, Body Washes and Shower Oils, Foam Bath, Hand Soap, …

Gifts & Giftsets:

Giftboxes, Giftsets, Luxurious Gift Bags & Tissue Paper, Gifts for Men, ...

Features of Exquisite Niche Fragrances

1. Unique and Distinctive Perfumes

Our perfume is very personal to us and yet it is astonishing that the new fragrances introduced by Couture & Designer Houses all seem to resemble each other. The economics of these products dictate that a wide audience need to purchase them.

This is why 'Small is Beautiful' and our Niche Fragrances are created to be unique, distinctive and natural. We can tailor our perfumes to the unique in you.

2. High-Quality Ingredients

Our heavenly niche fragrances incorporate a variety of extraordinary, unique and exotic ingredients that are carefully sourced and blended to create luxurious, long-lasting, refined and sophisticated perfumes. Mass-marketed or designer label fragrances have to appeal to a wide audience and cannot afford such luxuries.

3. Small Batch Production

Our niche perfumes, including natural eau de parfum and eau de toilette, are produced in small batches. This introduces the beautiful seasonality in our products that make every year's products different due to the different personality of each crop. It allows greater control over the quality and consistency of our final products.

4. Limited Availability

Our beautifully-fragrant products are produced in limited quantities and with availability in traditional retail stores.

This adds a layer of exclusivity and luxury to our fragrances, as not everybody will know where and how to buy them. Keep this secret to yourself.

5. Artistic and Creative Approach

Our in-house perfumer takes an innovative and imaginative approach to the creation of our notes.

We continuously experiment with different and novel ingredients and accords to create truly unique fragrances. With each creation, we always endeavor to create a memorable aura for you or a recognisable aroma for your home.

6. Storytelling and Personal Connections

Each of our niche fragrances has a unique, memorable story or personal experience that inspired the creation, which can add an emotional and meaningful impact to your aromatic experience and make it more enjoyable.

7. Who is the Perfumery House

When it comes to producing unique fragrances, our artisans at Pairfum London strive for perfection. From using the best ingredients to pouring our love and care into each technique, we work hard to ensure that our products are beautifully crafted.

Be inspired by incredible collection of niche fragrances to find either your new signature scent or the ones that you use for variety, special occasions or layering.

Rise above the mere Functional in Perfumery

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Tips for Finding the Best Niche Perfume for You

1. Sample Your Fragrances

Try as many different Niche Fragrances as possible. Actually, you should never stop trying out new fragrances. It is very enjoyable, particularly when you don't feel that need that you have to buy a new fragrance or change it.

Allways the fragrance on a paper smelling strip. You will get a sense of the scent and whether it might suit you.

2. Know Your Preferences

Be clear about what you like and dislike in terms of aromas.

Do you have a preferred scent profile? When trying, aim for fragrances that align with these preferences.

However, you should also go outside your comfort zone and be daring. It might surprise you what else you love.

3. Check the Ingredients

Do you love the ingredients in the fragrance? Does the name give you an indication of what type of scent you can expect?

Do look at the ingredients list of niche fragrances before buying it. Consider whether you actually want on your skin what is included in the list, e.g. colourants, solvents, surfactants, stabilisers, etc.

4. Test it on Your Skin

Test our natural fragrances on your skin as scents tend to differ based on people’s skin chemistry and their surrounding environments.

5. Which Strength

Do you have a preference for an Eau de Toilette or Eau de Parfum? Have you already tried the new Extreme or Intense versions of many fragrances?

If you typically find that your fragrance doesn't last or is not strong enough, the we advise that you should opt for more concentrated intensities. To keep within your budget, you can opt for a 30 ml version instead of the usual 100ml size.

6. Consider the Occasion

Think about the occasions, purposes and when you will be wearing the fragrance and choose a scent that matches your lifestyle.

Equally, you begin to build a fragrance wardrobe and incorporate in your collection fragrances a large variety of olfactive profiles that suit different occasions:

  • the opera or an elegant night out
  • for exercising and keeping fit
  • for work or the school run
  • for different seasons of the year, e.g. the summer versus the winter

7. Check for Authenticity

Be cautious of counterfeit or fake products. These types of products may contain skin irritants or sensitisers that may damage your skin long-term.

Ensure you buy from a trusted or renowned retailer. For example, shopping on our website to ensures that you are getting our best-in-class, authentic niche fragrances.

8. Research the Brand

Explore our website to get a better sense of:

  • the inventive approach and philosophy of our highly-skilled perfumer when it comes to creating luxurious fragrances, and
  • the passionate artisans that make our perfumes with passion, pride and attention to detail to ensure nothing spoils your enjoyment.

The World of Pairfum London

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Why Choose Pairfum London?

At Pairfum, we understand that choosing the right perfume can sometimes be difficult and a daunting task.

To help you pick the niche fragrance that will best suit your style and personality, we have created the Perfume Experience Box. This fragrance library includes a collection of 12 x unique perfumes, allowing you to first test and then try on your skin before you naturally select one perfume that truly speaks to you.

Check out our exquisite niche perfumes for a beautiful aromatic experience. Start shopping at Pairfum today.

At Pairfum, our highly-skilled perfumer and artisans have years of experience between them in the field of creating a wide range of incredible and unique fragrances using various natural ingredients. With our expertise and passion for niche fragrances, we offer a variety of exquisitely crafted products with memorable aromas.

Our fragrant collection not only includes natural boutique perfumes but also perfume room sprays, natural perfume candles, and natural reed diffusers.

We pride ourselves on our ability to create unique and innovative fragrances that won’t go unnoticed and stand out from the crowd.

Check out our aromatic collection, buy the one love and start enjoying perfume differently.

Pairfum London
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