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Experience Room Perfume in a completely different way and discover which Home Fragrances are ideal for your home:

  • try them at home and without the perfume cloud of the candle & diffuser isle that blocks & taints your nose,
  • in your own time, without any rush or pressure,
  • see how long they last in the air, and
  • which ones best compliment you & your home?
Rediscover the magic of room perfume and fall in love:
  • A collection of 12 x Home Fragrances, exquisitely presented as a gift and treat.
  • Each bottle contains approx 100 x sprays, enough to spray each perfume several times per day into the air for 1 x week.
  • Natural & Handmade | Essential Oils | Vegan | Cruelty-free | Eco-Friendly

Enjoy the luxury of discovering all facettes and layers of each perfume fully.

Box Content:
  • 24 ml = 12 x 2 ml bottles ( 0.85 fl oz = 12 x 0.07 fl oz ) = a quarter of the full-sized room fragrance bottle
  • 50 x smelling strips to easily sample each perfume
100% Happiness Guarantee:

We understand that shopping online for a new perfume is different, which is why we offer our 100% Happiness Guarantee.

This Home Fragrance Library, the Room Perfume Experience™ Box, is ideal for you, if you can see yourself in one or more of these situations:

  • You love Perfume but you are not in your comfort zone when browsing the candle & reed diffuser isles:
    • your nose gets confused and overwhelmed by the sheer choice available,
    • you prefer not to be hurried and enjoy taking your time when choosing a new room perfume,
    • you would rather not touch the in-store testers at the moment.
  • You absolutely adore Perfume and have a selection of Home Fragrances at home:
    • but you are tired of buying a perfume only to find at home it is not really you,
    • you can’t go out shopping but would still like a new room perfume,
    • you know that fragrance is personal and prefer to live with it in your home it for a few days before you decide,

Does one or more of these scenarios ring true for you? Can you visualise yourself in any of them?

Yes, … then the Room Perfume Experience™ Box is the perfect solution for you.

What is inside the Home Fragrance Library?

The following is included inside the Room Perfume Experience™ Box:

  • 12 x Room Perfume Sprays:
    • 24 ml = 12 x 2 ml bottles | 0.85 fl oz = 12 x 0.07 fl oz
  • 50 x Smelling Strips / Blotters / Mouillettes:
    • Sample each perfume on a card, like a perfumer, before you wear it
    • Here is a link to the smelling strips: Smelling Strips

Do you know how to use smelling strips with the perfumes in the fragrance library?

On this page, we have a guide that explains how to evaluate, sample, test or smell perfume.

Which Perfumes are included?

You will find one mini-bottle of each of the following 12 x Room Perfume Sprays inside the Home Fragrance Library:

  • Bergamot & White
  • Black Orchid
  • Blush Rose & Amber
  • Cognac & Vanilla
  • Innocent Vanilla
  • Linen & Lavender
  • Magnolias in Bloom
  • Orangerie Blossoms
  • Pink Grapefruit
  • Rich Spices
  • SPA
  • Trail of White Petals

A detailed fragrance description for each of these you can find here.

How do You buy a Room Perfume today?

Can you remember how you purchased your latest home fragrance?

You will probably have bought it in either a department store, gift shop, florist or garden center.

We suspect this is how it went:

You enter the beautifully presented section of the store and you are greeted with a cloud of fragrance.

As you walk around, you try one wonderful perfume after the other. Either by smelling a candle, a reed diffuser or perhaps by spray a room spray in the air.

Eventually, you cannot discern one scent from another and you are totally confused.

However, you are in a rush and choose the perfume that you liked most from memory.

Does this sound familiar?

Don’t misunderstand us, buying a fragrance in the home fragrance section of a department store or gift shop can be a wonderful perfume experience™ and you would not want to miss it. We most certainly enjoy it.

However, from a perfumer’s perspective, it is not the ideal way to shop for perfume.

If you would like to find out about what the ideal perfume experience would be from a perfumer’s perspective, then please refer to the tab called ‘Ideal Perfume Experience’.

What is the Ideal Perfume Experience™?

We believe the best way to discover or try a new perfume is to recreate the style of the classical perfumeries, where the perfumer met with his clientele on a one-to-one basis:

  • You took your time when visiting a perfumer,
  • You tried a variety of scents in a relaxed and neutral environment,
  • You wore your short-listed perfumes for at least a day before you finalised your selection, and
  • Only then did you buy your favourite amongst the fragrances you sampled.

This process made the visit to a perfumery a very special occasion.

A fragrance is very personal, it is part of your persona and embodies the invisible aura you radiate.

Unfortunately, our modern lives no longer offer us the opportunity to fully appreciate a perfume before we buy it. We tend to be in a rush when we pass through an airport or the cloud of fragrance in the perfumery distorts our perception.

This is why we have developed the personal Perfume Experience™ Box in the form of a Fragrance Library:  We wanted to recreate the experience of the classical perfumery but adapt to our modern lives.

The Reasons?

Here are our reasons why:

A Maximum 3 Fragrances

Your nose is designed to detect differences!

We all know that we can’t smell the scent we are wearing after a while. Our noses are there to warn us of imminent danger, e.g. a fire, food that has gone off. The best way to do this, is to keep familiar & safe scents in the background and instead continuously stay alert for new smells, i.e. a potential danger.

As perfumers we know that after 3 – 4 perfumes the receptors in the nose become saturated.

This is why some people offer coffee beans to clean the nose. It is, however, scientifically proven that this does not work and it is easy to understand why:

    • It is unlikely that putting something else into your nose, removes what is already there.
    • When you have a nice meal, you eat a sorbet between courses and drink coffee at the end.

Our suggestion is that your nose needs to time to naturally cleans itself. From experience, we know the time needed is approximately 3 minutes.

This means the following:

    • the wonderful cloud of scents you walk into at the perfumery section, immediately begins to block your nose
    • with each new fragrance you smell, your nose will focus on the difference between what it has smelled previously (and what saturated the receptors in your nose) and the new smell (i.e. the potential ‘danger’).

As you are in a rush, you don’t have the ‘time’ to give your nose a rest so that it can ‘clean’ itself before smelling the next perfume

Your Skin

We have all experienced that a wonderful perfume can smell superb on one person but not that exciting on another.

Perfumery Houses work very hard to minimise this phenomenon but it still happens.

This is why we should test a fragrance on our skin.

You are, however, in a rush and the charming sales assistants have already sprayed your two wrists but you really like this last scent. Hence, you spray it a little further up onto your arm.

Now, … this becomes confusing but you like the initial smell on your skin and because you are in a rush you purchase the perfume.

At home though, you discover that you don’t really like the scent on your skin after a while.

Over Time

We have all experienced how perfumes unfold and develop over time.

The top note shows itself immediately, the heart note shortly thereafter but the base note needs a little time to reveal itself.

Do you have the time to enjoy the perfume in its entirety when you browse the perfumery isles and try one scent after the other?

We are sure you have come across scenarios where you have bought a perfume only to discover that you don’t really like what it smells like after a little while.

At Home

A fragrance smell different in your home environment than in the department store.

We have all experienced situations where we liked what we smelled in the department store but don’t really love it when we are in our own 4 walls.

This phenomenon is easily explained:

For years perfumers struggled to recreate the wonderful scent of a rose in a garden or field.

Finally, they discovered that the smells that are in the air around the rose bloom have a significant impact on what we smell when bend down to smell a rose.

Essentially the same happens in your home. The scent of your own, unique home mingles with the perfume you have just bought. It adds itself to your new perfume as part of its ‘top’, ‘heart’ or ‘base’ note and this combination might not be to your liking.

Effectively, you create a new, unique perfume through the smells that are in your personal environment.

Peace & Quiet

Our noses are impressionable and we need to give them time, peace & quite to discover and really appreciate a fragrance.

Within a bustling department store our noses don’t get a chance to fully experience a perfume, as our senses are in overdrive:

    • eyes: there are numerous displays all around us that are illuminated and some of them even flashing, to attract our attention.
    • ears: a cacophony of sounds envelops us and it is exciting to be distracted by all we hear.
    • touch: we love touching the wonderful bottles, packs and beautiful displays around.
    • taste: did we just try this lovely piece of chocolate?

As you can see, shopping is a wonderful experience for our senses and we love it!

However, did we stop think for one second about our nose? It has been in overdrive working to absorb the millions of scents that are floating all around us. Every second there is a new one.

Is this really the best environment to focus on a new perfume to try and experience it fully?

Our noses need time, peace & quite to smell.

Just run this little experiment or analogy:

    • the next time you eat something, stop before you put into your mouth, and
    • smell it first.
    • then when you chew it, do nothing else and just taste it.

Do you notice the difference?

Do you remember that vast majority of what you taste, is actually smelled? You can only taste ‘sweet’, ‘sour’, ‘bitter’ and ‘salty. The rest you taste when eating, is actually smelled by your nose.

Knowing this, should you not give your nose time, peace & quite to smell fully?

These are some of the reasons why a perfumer evaluates a fragrance over time in a quite and neutral environment. With this in mind, we developed the personal Perfume Experience™ Box in the form of a Fragrance Library. Sit back, relax and savour each perfume and its evolution, just like you would with a book in your library.


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How do you use it ?

PAIRFUM Flacon & Voyage – simply spray a few times in the air to envelop yourself and your home with a beautiful couture perfume.

Pairfum invites you to add a touch of loving elegance to your world within.

Why are some perfumes not available as ‘linen & fabric’ sprays ?

Quite a few perfume ingredients would stain the fabrics, such a vanilla, some woods & citrus notes and most spices.

Why can you claim that your perfumes last for 2 – 8 hours in the air ?

This is what we say: ‘2 applications/sprays last between 2 – 8 hours in the air (in an unvented room)’

Our fragrances last so long in the air because:

  • We use very little water in our formulation, i.e. only 10% of water in the formulation to prevent a fire when accidentally sprayed into a naked flame. Water is heavy and falls to the floor when sprayed, e.g. you can see the water droplets fall down from a supermarket aerosol when sprayed.]
  • The high amount of alcohol we use, ensures that the liquid perfume is diffused into very small particles. The smaller the particles the longer they can float in the air. Try it for yourself and see how the perfume first floats and then disappears!
  • We use perfumes which are specially designed to smell beautifully in the air and last a long time. Each perfume has been developed & consumer tested to achieve this longevity inthe air. However, there are inherent differences in the longevity in the air of various perfume ingredients. For example, a perfume with pre-dominantly citrus notes will never last as long as a fragrance created around vanilla.

Why are there no names on the Flacon perfume bottle ?

Some perfume bottles have names printed on them but others others don’t have a name printed on the bottle. It tends to be brands with a minimal / simple / elegant / modern design. We believe a name printed on the bottle does not improve the design / look of the extremely elegant Pairfum bottle.

It is only in the store, i.e. on the shelf, that stickers / printed names help to choose the preferred perfume. It is for this reason, that we provide Pairfum tester bottles / glasses that carry a ‘tester’ sticker with the different perfume names on them.

There is only one bottle / glass shape for all of the products. Why ?

Every one of the ‘private collections’ use the same bottle across the entire range of their perfumes. Many of the leading fashion brands use the same bottle across many different products.

What is the difference between perfumes for the room and the skin ?

Perfume for the air is very different from perfume for the skin. In a room perfume, a very small amount of perfume needs to be able to fragrance a large space. With a perfume for skin, one typically only notices it when standing close by the person wearing it.

Does alcohol from molasses smell differently from alcohol derived from petroleum ?

PAIRFUM only uses very pure alcohol from molasses, which is why there is NO olfactive difference from ‘normal’, i.e. petroleum derived alcohol.

Excluded Ingredients:

None of PAIRFUM’s products contain any of the following:
• NO parabens, e.g. Methyl, Propyl, Butyl and Ethyl Paraben
• NO GMO ingredients,
• NO animal derived ingredients,
• NO animal testing,
• NO phthalates,
• NO sulphate,
• NO nitro musks or polycyclic musks,
• NO alkyl phenol ethoxylate solubilizers,
• NO mineral oils and none of the following petroleum derived ingredients: petrolatum, petroleum jelly, petroleum distillates, etc.
• NO propylene glycol, IPA, etc. from petroleum. Naturally derived alcohols are fine.
• NO carbomer,
• NO DEA or TEA,
• NO acrylates, and
• NO PVP/VA Copolymer
• NO Diazolidinyl Urea, Imidazolidinyl Urea, e.g. Germall
• NO Stearalkonium Chloride
• NO Synthetic Colors
• NO Fluroide
• NO Lead or other heavy metals
• NO Phenylphenol
• NO Sodium Chloride
• NO Talc
• NO Triclosan
• NO Zinc Oxide

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