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FAQs - Canopy Infusion By PAIRFUM

Find out more about this unique botanical diffuser

Canopy Infusion - The Natural Botanical Diffuser

Answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Canopy Infusion by PAIRFUM.

How To Use Them ?

How do you use them ?

PAIRFUM Canopy Infusion leaf arrangements are naturally as unique as the forests that inspired them !
Display them like a piece of art on a stand, hold them upright between stone pebbles, place them amongst pot pourri, arrange them on a platter or hang them like a mobile in your window and they will miraculously perfume every day (for up to 4 weeks). Each precious leaf is carefully coated by hand with a concentrated & pure perfume infusion (patent pending).

Are The Leaves Real ?
Leaf Size ?
The Perfume Coating On The Leaf ?
Do The Leaves Break ?
The Foil Sachet ?
Special Instructions ?
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Botanical Leaf Diffuser!

Natural fragrance leaf diffuser by PAIRFUM

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