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find out more about this unique natural wardrobe sachet with a honeycomb

Sachet Honeycomb - The Natural Wardrobe Sachet

Answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Sachet Honeycomb by PAIRFUM.

Is The Honeycomb Real ?

Is the beeswax honeycomb real and what kind of wax is it made from ?

The sachet contains a real beeswax foundation sheet:

  • 100 % pure beeswax made from European beeswax
  • the beeswax was only filtered, i.e. not chemical treatment
  • the beeswax sheet is edible
  • it has been mechanically pressed into the typical honeycomb structure as found in nature
  • these sheets are identical to the honeycomb foundation sheets that beekeepers use in beehives.


Here is a weblink with additional information about beehives:

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The Plastic Wrapper ?
Special Instructions ?
Why A Honeycomb ?
Does It Comfort Allergies ?
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Effective Against Moths ?
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