What is PAIRFUM With IQ?

Niche Perfumery Products which are Smarter

What Are Perfumery Products With IQ?

Every perfume within the PAIRFUM Collection will have the these three features:

  • innovation: the product will be innovative in its nature or will use an innovative formulation.
  • ‘best-in-class’: it will set the standard for product quality and performance in its class.
  • science: at the base of every product will be scientific understanding of what it is supposed to do and how to achieve this.

Products by PAIRFUM are simply smarter than their peers.


Over the last 5 years, PAIRFUM has consistently been the most innovative company by launching more unique products (some of which are patented) than any other brand in our industry, globally.


Using only ‘best-in-class’ ingredients and components in combination with smart product formulations, Pairfum continues to produce ‘class-leading’ products on a consistent basis.

  • Example: in its Snow Crystal Candle, Pairfum uses ‘stearine’ wax even though it is very difficult to work with but it is often described as the “Rolls Royce” of waxes
  • Example: in its Flacon spray, Pairfum uses pure alcohol as the carrier liquid to volatilise the perfume, even though it is a lot more expensive than water. Water drops to the ground when sprayed and drags the perfume with it. Hence, a water-based spray will never be as long lasting.

Science Guided By Nature

There is a significant difference between perfumes created for skin versus the home / air. The science around ‘odour detection’ and perceived ‘odour intensity’ is at the basis of this difference. A good example is ‘vanilla’:

  • only a very, very small amount of vanilla is needed for us to be able to smell it, i.e. the ‘odour detection’ level is very low when the amount of vanilla present in the air reduces, the perceived ‘odour intensity’ changes very little. Both effects in combination mean, that vanilla is very long lasting in the air.
  • Example: Pairfum uses its understanding of this science when developing its Flacon spray, to create unusually long lasting perfumes, i.e. 4 – 8 hours of perfume from 2 simple sprays.

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Flacon Room Fragrance Spray Citrus Aqua 16 9
Flacon Room Fragrance Spray Citrus Aqua 1 1
Flacon Room Fragrance Spray Citrus Aqua 9 16

Enjoy the Compliments for Your Fragrance, Naturally.

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