Luxury Scented Candles

The Handmade Touch Of PAIRFUM

Lovingly handmade in our ateliers in the UK, with pride & passion.

Lovingly Handmade

PAIRFUM is lovingly handmade & finished to perfection by artisans in our ateliers in the UK on a "micro-level", in small scale workshops or ateliers with a sustainable development ethos.

Part of the attraction of ethical luxury comes from the appeal of micro-production over impersonal factory-produced goods. Every individual product is carefully crafted with personal passion and pride, receiving its ‘finishing touch’ by hand to bring it alive.

This creates a unique personality that one doesn't find in most products. Nowadays, not many perfumes are still 'touching'.

We believe modern & conscientious luxury thrives on ‘personality’ in its products. At PAIRFUM, nothings happens without the touch of hand.

Since our very beginnings our concern for quality has been all pervasive in the creation of PAIRFUM. For each new PAIRFUM product, we typically raise the bar in the industry:

  • we create a completely new class of products,
  • we use precious, rare or innovative ingredients,
  • use an unusual production technique, or
  • we set a new standard with regards to ‘naturality’, ‘eco-friendliness’ or ‘biodegradation’

This only works because our workshops are leaders in their field and known for the quality of their craftsmanship, inventiveness, heritage and traditions.

At our core we are still a family company, run by people that are proud of and excited by the products that we craft for you.

To be honest, we love the products that you hold in your hand.

Luxury Scented Candles

A Touch Of Pairfum

pure luxury with a conscience at the touch of hand

Pairfum London
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