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Natural Home Fragrance, Eau de Parfum, Organic Skin Care, Bath & Body, Aromatherapy, Gifts & Giftsets.

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Delight your customers with Luxury Home Fragrances, Organic Skin Care, Bath & Body Products, Natural Perfumes, Aromatherapy, Gifts & Giftsets, ... all your fragrance requirements.

Transform your store into a haven of boutique luxuries, handmade in the UK.

The Product Categories of Pairfum London

Natural Home Perfume: Natural Room Diffusers and Refills, Luxury Fragranced Candles, Perfume Room Sprays, Aromatherapy Pillow Sprays for peaceful sleep, Scented Sachets & Drawer Liners, Fragrant Botanicals and Scented Art.

Organic Bath & Body Care: Pre-biotic Body and Hand lotions, Hand and Body Washes, Oils for Hand, Bath and Shower, Foam Bath and Bathing Gels, as well as many other wonderful skin care products.

Natural Perfume: Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette and Eau de Cologne sprays. Natural Artisan perfumes for Pairfumistas and Connoisseurs passionate about Fragrance.

Luxury Scented Candles

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Transform their Homes into Havens with Sensuous Boutique Luxuries.

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Luxury Scented Candles

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Pairfum London
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