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Afternoon Tea For Your Home?

Fragrance Makeover For Autumn?

How about the feeling of a cosy, lazy autumnal day in front of a fire?


Afternoon Tea Pairfum London Bergamot White


With time to spare, a good book to read and the table set for…

‘Afternoon Tea’ – for You and Your Home?

Pairfum London Fire Place Cosy Wood Library

Bergamot & White Tea by Pairfum is a wonderfully warming and yet fresh note.

That will set the scene and ban the autumn blues.

Below is a graphic with the olfactive description for this wonderful perfume.


Fragrance Description Bergamot Tea Lime Leaf Thyme Pepper

As Jack Buchanan famously sang:

“Everything Stops For Tea”


Pairfum London Bergamot White Tea Afternoon Home Fragrance

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