Can a Fragrance make a Man irresistible to a Women ?

Here at PAIRFUM it is our opinion, that wearing a beautiful fragrance will probably not harm one’s chances !

Following the recent article in “The Telegraph” ‘Revealed: the aftershave that turns women on‘, they have just published a further piece about the effects of fragrance ingredients on humans: ‘The truth about ‘sexy’ male fragrances.’

Here are a summary of the article and our thoughts on the subject:


Andosterone is an intoxicating pheromone found in the underarm sweat of men. It is believed to resemble sandalwood, a very trendy ingredient in men’s fragrances.

Here are a collection of perfumes for men which contain sandalwood .


Heliotrope / Heliotropin

Heliotrope & heliotropin have an almond-like, creamy, edible character and a major component in vanilla. It is a note that typically appeals equally to both men and women. Vanilla has a comforting effect on people and makes you feel relaxed.

Below is a selection of fragrances with heliotrope for men.



The researchers at “The Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation” in Chicago claim to have discovered that lavender may have the same effect on Men as ‘Viagra’ ! Will it work better than “viagra”? We very much doubt it but who knows !! as the Journalist for the Telegraph rightly asked how do they know this??

This is a range of lavender fragrances for men.


Does it work ?

“Duke University Medical Centre” in North Carolina has indeed been able to demonstrate in a study that wearing perfume does lift our mood.

The “Kinsey Institute” in America found in their experiment that women who smelled a male fragrance whilst visualising an erotic experience were more aroused than the control group who were simply exposed to a neutral odour. In this study various men’s fragrances were used and it proved that any men’s fragrance will have this effect.

Now, ….will you become irresistible and enjoy an unforgettable night, if you wear Joop! Homme, have a PAIRFUM ‘white sandalwood’ candle burning on the table and a PAIRFUM reed diffuser in ‘Linen & Lavender’ in the bedroom ?

Probably, … but it is our view, that perfume is entirely personal and subjective. We believe it is more about how it suit you and make you feel, rather than any pre-programmed effects, that may have been proven.

Typically, these pieces of research are conducted with a single ingredient at an un-naturally high dosage within a laboratory condition.

A couture perfume on the other contains between 50 – 200 ingredients, in various small dosages.

Our nose and sense of smell are in close proximity to our brain and related to the emotional centre of the brain. Consequently, some fragrances can trigger strong memories or emotions which are entirely personal: Lavender might remind you of your grandmother or Bergmot of a recent vacation in Italy.

We would expect the emotional effect of these memories to easily override any scientifically proven result of ‘heliotrope’ or other ingredients. These emotional effects will obviously be different for the wearer and the opposite sex, which is why it may not come as a surprise that a fragrance you love to wear may be unattractive or even off-putting to somebody else.

Is this so bad though ? We believe not, as you must both love the fragrance in your home or the perfume that is radiating from your partner. Perfume will always have an effect on you and the world around you: your partner, your home, your office, your friends … Fragrance will always be your personal secret weapon.

Perfume is typically one of the last things we apply before we leave our home (both for work and to party). When you wear a perfume that you love and that is right for the moment, you immediately feel better about yourself and the world around you. Inevitably you will radiate happiness, positivety and confidence and spring to your step.

We suspect that for women it is not just the fragrance which is important but the effort & intent you put into charming her. Wearing a perfume is allows her to sense this and maybe, just maybe it is also your aphrodisiac for her.

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