Main Product Features

  • Stearin wax, the “Rolls Royce” of waxes
  • 4 x more perfume released than soy wax
  • clean burn / no soot / not carcinogenic / non toxic
  • 100 % plant based, wax from old & sustainably managed farms => no GMO ingredients
  • no ‘tunneling’ of candle: the top layer of the wax liquifies right to the edge of the glass and the wax burns to the bottom
  • homogenously & highly fragranced with couture perfume (top to bottom). Cheap candles only scent the top layer.
  • the unique crystal structure in the wax is achieved through a special grade of wax, slowly hand-pouring the candle and other secret manufacturing techniques
  • uses natural cotton wick that is free from metal filaments = non carcinogenic


  • healthy candle
  • sophisticated & strong perfume in the room
  • no smudge marks on the candle in store, so the candle always looks pristine
  • long burn time (depending on fill):
  • 330g / 12 ounce: 50 – 60 hrs
  • 200g / 7 ounce: 30 – 40 hrs
  • no disappointment from wax left on the edges of the candle
  • no shock from GMO
  • beautiful glass can be re-used
  • no unsightly sides of the glass

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