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Joy de Patou


PAIRFUM jasmine flowers in perfumery and home fragrance luxury candles and reed diffusers

White Flowers in Perfumery and Home Fragrance

White Flowers have have been starring in perfumery from the early classics and they continue to seduce perfumers and consumers alike. Due to new types of white flowers, new extraction techniques, changing tastes and new forms of blending them, accords with white flowers keep evolving thanks to the inventiveness of perfumers and their houses to see them to continuing to bloom in couture perfumes, home fragrance and skin care.

Classic White Flowers

85 years after Joy de Patou and the famous 10,600 jasmine flowers required per vial, 30 years after Dior’s Poison and its narcotic tuberose, white flowers can to this day evoke in certain consumers a very classic perfumery world and a wealth of associated memories. Not surprisingly, perfumery houses have successfully managed to re-invent them by re-working them with modern facettes or unexpected angles to make them again a current and strong trend.

Gourmand White Flowers

Even gourmand style creation like to include these flowers in their accords, as they guarantee quality but also a certain naturalness of the note. Black Opium (YSL), one of the best new launches in 2014, mentions the use of sambac jasmine and orange flower absolute. Equally, Bonbon (Viktor & Rolf) captivates with the oils of sweet orange blossom and a sun-drenched jasmin.

In Gentlewoman (Juliette has a Gun; 2015) use a white floral and almond accord that was inspired by Cleopatra. Ilha do Mel (“Honey Island”), a new creation from the niche brand Memo, relies on honey in combination with the notes of jasmine and gardenia. Frequently found in cosmetics nowadays, it may be expected that honey will increase its influence on fragrances.

Jasmin & Orange Blossom

Every perfumer agrees that white flowers are timeless, and the two of them strongly characterise the latest creations: jasmin and orange blossom.

The focal point in La religieuse by Serge Lutens, jasmin partners with woody notes in Paradiso (Roberto Cavalli) and is also taking a more sparkling form in Quatre by Boucheron.

As for the orange blossom and its cousin ‘neroli’, often find themselves used in creations in the form of absolutes or essential oils. They beam in combination with lavender in Knot (Bottega Veneta). In Love Story de Chloé, they are gently and beautifully combined with stephanotis (a white jasmine flower also called Madagascar).

Jasmin and orange blossom can also be used in a more opulent fashion that is influenced by Middle Eastern tastes.

In one of the niche brands, neroli become oriental in Jardin Neroli for women (Comptoir Sud Pacifique), which recreates a trip on the Bosphorus. The boutique perfumery ‘Au Pays de la fleur d’oranger’ from Grasse, has combined Neroli with Oud this year in its creationg ‘Neroli Oud’.

Gardenia is coming

Among white flowers to follow next, gardenia leaves few people indifferent. It is a fragrance ingredient that has to the potential to return in force. Already a firm favourite with many fashion designers, it may be re-invented in a more transparent form but also in an opulent or chypre-inspired style.

In La Panthère for women by Cartier, we find a chypre and gardenia accord with leather facets. In 2015, La Panthère re-introduces itself as a ‘eau de parfum légère’, that is twisted with Panther comes in light eau de parfum, twisted with a solar Tiare Flower.  Gardenia also presents itself in Essence No. 2 Gardenia from La Collection des Essences by Elie Saab (unisex).

White Flowers in Men’s Perfumery

In the future, we will undoubtedly see white flowers in men’s perfumery. In particular orange blossom is well suited for masculine notes as it offers power, performance and originality, at this moment in time.

Summing up, there is no shortage of ideas how perfumers and their house can re-invent white flowers, whether this is women’s or in men’s perfumery.

White Flowers in Niche Perfume & Home Fragrance

Obviously here at Pairfum London, we have some absolutely beautiful white flower fragrances in our Home Fragrance Collection for you to enjoy at home:

  • Trail of White Petals, the scent of the white flower carpet at Katie & William’s Weddiing
  • Orangerie Blossoms, the fragrance of the Orangeries at Hampton Court Palace in London
  • Neroli & Olive, a relaxing excursion to Southern Europe

Within our Niche Perfumes, you find:

As you have come to expect from PAIRFUM, these fabulous perfumes are being presented in many different products in our online boutique:

  • Natural Reed Diffusers (large, classic, petite) in glass decanters with different shapes: bell, cube or tower
  • a refill oil for your Reed Diffuser (black refill reeds are also available)
  • our now famous Snow Crystal Candles (classic, large)
  • the new and very fitting, Flower & Soy Wax Candle,
  • our elegant Flacon Room Sprays, or
  • the Eau de Parfum spray
Polo Blue Ralph Lauren - blue the Worlds Favourite Colour

Is “BLUE” the World’s Favourite Colour?

A survey in multiple countries by YouGov revealed that ‘blue’ is the world’s favourite colour: it was the preferred colour in 10 countries across 4 continents, including China!

You Favourite Colour?

At some point in our live, all of us will have answered the question: What is your favourite colour ?

Actually, it is one of the earliest questions children are being taught to answer. It has been shown, that colour influences our moods, eating habits and even who we date.

Colour & Our Senses

Studies by Goethe (2013), Kandinsky (2000), and Farina (1986) show attempts at translating colours into sensations: they attempt to describe the psychological effects of colours on people.

In perfumery, the link between fragrance and colour has frequently been demonstrated. Here are some examples:

  • “THE INFLUENCE OF COLOR IN FRAGRANCE PERCEPTION” was studied by Camila Assis Peres Silva and Clice Sanjar Mazzilli from University of São Paulo.
  • “Cross-Cultural Colour-Odour Associations” were investigated by Carmel A. Levitan , Jiana Ren, Andy T. Woods and Sanne Boesveldt.
  • “Visualising fragrances through colours: The mediating role of emotions” by Hendrik N J Schifferstein and Inge Tanudjaja.

Colour is also closely linked to national and political identities in multiple countries.

The Favourite Colour in Different Countries
The Favourite Colour in Different Countries

Blue Is The Winner

With colour having such a strong and varied influence in our lives, it comes as a surprise that a new survey by YouGov, conducted in 10 countries across four continents, highlights that a single colour – blue – is the most popular across all regions. Between 23% (in Indonesia) and 33% (in Great Britain) prefer the colour ‘blue’ over all the colours listed, putting it 8-18 percentage points ahead of the next favourite colour.

The second-most popular colour varies a little bit more from country-to-cournty, although it is always one of three other options:

  • green (second in Thailand, China and the United States),
  • red (in Indonesia, Singapore, Germany and Britain), or
  • purple (in Hong Kong).
  • In Malaysia and Australia red and purple tied for second.

‘Blue’ even wins in a place like China, where colours like red, yellow and green are considered to be auspicious and the traditional symbol of ‘good luck’. Considering that is also the colour of the national flag, the result that blue is by far the most popular choice, is even more surprising.

These results confirm a previous study by Dulux, the paint manufacturer, in 30 countries. The figures vary, but blue remains the favourite color: 42% for men , with 30% for women . Blue is also considered the ‘color which displeases the least’.

Colour & Demographics

These preference also consistently filter through the different demographic groups within the countries surveyed.

Although blue tends to be more popular with men than women (in the US, the split was 40% to 24%; in Great Britain it was 40% to 27%), women still pick blue more often than any other colour.

Not surprisingly, ‘Pink’ was much more popular with women than men, but even among women it was preferred by only around 10-13% and was not usually any more popular than red, purple or green.

Blue is also the winner across age groups and, in the United States, where respondents are broken down into racial subgroups, blue is preferred by roughly equal numbers of whites (30%), blacks (35%) and Hispanics (35%).

Perhaps more surprisingly for a country often described as a collection of red (Republican) and blue (Democratic) states, US Democrats and Republicans are about as likely as each other to prefer blue (33% for Democrats and 29% for Republicans). However, 17% of Republicans like red – twice the number of Democrats who do (8%).

These surveys were carried out by YouGov UK, YouGov Germany, YouGov America and YouGov Asia Pacific.

A similar result came out of a study by Color Matters:

  • blue is the favourite color of 57% of men, followed by green and then black,
  • 35% of women prefer blue, followed by purple and green.

The Colour Blue In Perfumery

With blue being preferred by consumers, it is no coincidence that many successful perfumes are build around this colour. But what is the fragrance of blue? Indeed, very few food items are blue (with the exception of blueberries).

L’Heure Bleue by Guerlain, Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel Bleu, Polo Blue: the word ‘blue’ word is used by several perfume brands and it seems they have been successful with it.

In the case of Angel by Thierry Mugler, its blue juice caused shock waves in 1992, especially for a gourmand note. Since Angel though, blue is perfectly acceptable for a feminine fragrance, including a sweet accord, but the colour blue is still predominantly used in men’s fragrances.

When comparing L’Heure Bleue, an oriental powdery creation, Bleu de Chanel, a woody aromatic fragrance, we can see that the association of a colour with a perfume is still subjective.

Olfactively, blue masculinity tends to come in one of two types of notes:

  • a cool or luminous blue is typically associated with aquatic or sky / aerial notes, and
  • the cold blue, which tends to use oils such as menthol, rosemary, eucalyptol

A Blue Room Fragrance?

With ‘blue’ being so popular around the world, we can confirm here at PAIRFUM, that our ‘blue’ room fragrance SPA, is one of our best-selling fragrances.

Here is its olfactive description:

a tangy, effervescent top note of bergamot, mandarin, rosemary, lavender and fresh violet leaves, radiates from heart of  salty aquatic notes, with aerial and translucent flowers (lily of the valley, jasmine). The fond is layered with vibrant woody (cedar, patchouli), ambery and mossy accords (oakmoss).

To add a splash of blue to your home, you can use SPA in any of our luxury scented candles or natural reed diffusers:

  • Reed Diffusers (petite, classic, large) in various shape decanters (bell, cube or tower)
  • Reed Diffuser refill oil
  • Snow Crystal Candles (classic, large and tin)
  • Flower Wax Candle
  • Message Candle
  • Hand Wash & Oil
  • Hand Lotion
  • Body Wash & Oil
  • Body Lotion

A Final Contradiction?

It is not surprising that ‘blue’, the World’s Favourite Colour, is such a prominent colour in our clothes and fashion.

On the other hand, it does seem to be a colour used sparingly in our homes interiors and exteriors.

The human race around the world seems to enjoy wearing ‘blue jeans’, a splash of a ‘blue cologne’ or releasing the room fragrance of a blue reed diffuser.

However, are we overly keen on painting our walls blue, sleeping in blue sheets or walking on blue carpets?

And so it seems that ‘blue’ is the world’s favourite colour, but subject to terms & conditions.

Where does ‘Blue’ rank amongst your colour preferences?

Eau De Parfum Person Reflection Sea Salt Sage Amber Woman Black 1 1

Lifestyle Living Room Natural Reed Diffuser Fragrance Candle 1 1


fragrances that cool you & your home: perfume, room fragrance and skin care (natural / organic)

Is ‘Cooling’ In Perfume And Room Fragrance Feasible ?

‘Cooling’ And ‘Colder’ Fragrances

It is spring and as the sunshine is beginning to warm us up after the winter months, our minds turn to Summer and holidays, with an afternoon on the beach or dinner under palms. We also begin to think of cool & refreshing ‘cocktails’, a dip in the pool to cool down, body-surfing down a wave, testing the air-conditioning and other ways of how can we cool down.

Have you already chosen your couture perfume or room fragrance for this summer ? Not yet, well then hold on, because … perfume offers a refreshing solution with the concept of ‘cold’ or ‘cooling’ fragrances.

Here are some images you may associate with cold: pure white snow flakes, frozen icicles, crisp mountain air, glacier blue, waves crashing on the beach or a cold drink by the pool.

Equally, colours can have a cooling effect such as light blue, white and grey.

Perfume Houses and their perfumers use these images and colours as an inspiration to create perfumes which feel ‘cool’.

‘Cooling’ Fragrances To Wear

Kilian introduced ‘Vodka on the Rocks’  in 2014, a unisex accord opens with cooling spices and aldehydic notes to create the ‘freezing’ effect of ice cubes.

vodka_on_the_rocks_by_kilian small

The Demeter Fragrance Library offers an eau de cologne called ‘Snow’, reminding of crisp clean and freshly falling snow and snowballs. Demeter fragrances are unusual in being linear, single note perfumes without an accord of top, middle and base notes.

Snow_Demeter_Fragrance_Library small

The Frédéric Malle inspired fragrance Géranium pour Monsieur, cools via ‘mint’ and ‘peppermint’.

geranium_pour_monsieur_frederic_malle small

Luna Rossa by Prada, uses spearmint but in combination with the cooling effect of lavender, for a cooling wave splashing over the brow of a majestic yacht.

luna_rossa_man_prada small

Burberry’s Burberry Sport Ice (Man & Woman), uniquely employs the cooling effects of frozen ginger, icy citrus, and a cool, cool aquatic breeze. It is getting cooler by the minute just reading this !

burberry_sport_ice_for_men_burberry small burberry_sport_ice_for_women_burberry small









Then there are the dry, fresh woody-aromatic accords, as you can find in Grey Vetiver, by Tom Ford. The fragrance produces a crisp, cool silver shine.

grey_vetiver_Tom_Ford small

Ice Tea has long be a favourite in the USA for cooling down and the ice-cold combination of mint and eucalyptus certainly freezes the top note of Elizabeth Arden’s Iced Green Tea.


In Spain, it is the fresh, clean citrus fragrance of the Nenuco splash cologne that cools down the population after a bath.

nenuco_colonia small

Does a Hot Drink on a hot day cool you down ? Apparently yes. The same clash of hot vs cold, works also for fragrances. For example, in La Nuit de l’Homme Frozen Cologne by Yves Saint Laurent the icy and citrusy top contrasts with the warm, woody and musky fond.

la_nuit_de_l_homme_frozen_cologne_YSL small

Another example is Bloody Wood by Liquides Imaginaires, that places a cold and metallic top note on a warming base of woody and chypré.

bloody_wood_liquides_imaginaires small

‘Cooling’ Room Fragrance

Cooling your home with fragrance is different from keeping yourself fresh with perfume. You will be cooling down several rooms at the same time and placing a room fragrance in different areas of your house must become a harmoniously fresh sensation. Nobody likes a cold home but an ‘oasis of cool’ is what everybody enjoys stepping into out of the heat.

Depending on the room you may prefer a different sensation:

  • your hallway should be welcoming and fresh
  • but for your bedrooms, you may prefer a cool breeze
  • in the lounge, you could choose a ‘hot & cold’ sensation

Choose your room fragrance accordingly.

The effervescent top note of ‘SPA’ cools with bergamot and it salty aquatic notes. A perfect fragrance to give you that refreshing holiday feeling at home.

Pairfum reed diffuser SPA bell large: natural / organic / essential oils

‘Bergamot & White Tea’ is just like a cooling ice-tea for your home, simply a beautifully refreshing bouquet !

Pairfum Flacon coom perfume in Bergamot & White Tea: natural / organic / essential oils

The freshly cut ginger in Ginger & Lemongrass is both ‘cold’ & ‘hot’ and produces a tingling cool experience in your home.

Pairfum Snow Crystal Candle Classic in Ginger & Lemongrass: natural / organic / essential oils

All of these room fragrances to cool your home are available as luxury scented candles and natural reed diffusers:

  • Reed Diffusers (petite, classic, large) in various shape decanters (bell, cube or tower)
  • Reed Diffuser refill oil
  • Snow Crystal Candles (classic, large and tin)
  • Flower Wax Candle
  • Message Candle

Introduce a room fragrance for a ‘cooling splash’ in your home and enjoy the hot summer days even more ! Your home will be like a ‘cool’ haven.

Pairfum fragrances cooling like a splash in the pool: natural / organic / essential oils

Fuel for Life Homme Diesel man irresistible

Can a Fragrance make a Man irresistible to a Women ?

Here at PAIRFUM it is our opinion, that wearing a beautiful fragrance will probably not harm the chances of making a man irresistible !

Following the recent article in The Telegraph ‘Revealed: the aftershave that turns women on‘, they have just published a further piece about the effects of fragrance ingredients on humans: ‘The truth about ‘sexy’ male fragrances.’

Here are a summary of the article and our thoughts on the subject of making a man irresistible with perfume:


Andosterone is an intoxicating pheromone found in the underarm sweat of men. It is believed to resemble sandalwood, a very trendy ingredient in men’s fragrances.

Here are a collection of perfumes for men which contain sandalwood.


Heliotrope / Heliotropin

Heliotrope & heliotropin have an almond-like, creamy, edible character and a major component in vanilla. It is a note that typically appeals equally to both men and women. Vanilla has a comforting effect on people and makes you feel relaxed.

Below is a selection of fragrances with heliotrope to make a man irresistible.



The researchers at “The Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation” in Chicago claim to have discovered that lavender may have the same effect on Men as ‘Viagra’ ! Will it work better than “viagra”? We very much doubt it but who knows !! as the Journalist for the Telegraph rightly asked how do they know this??

This is a range of lavender fragrances for irresistible men.


Home Fragrance

Now, … what about this the synergy between the perfume you wear and your home fragrance?

Here at Pairfum London we have a few fragrances that we would like to suggest that will work in harmony with the masculine Sandalwood, Lavender or Heliotrope perfumes we mentioned above.

Here they are the fragrance to make the pad or apartment of a man irresistible:

“Linen & Lavender”: The fresh breeze of aromatic Lavender, Bergamot, Mandarin and Noroli Oil create the sensation of crisp & clean Linen. Airy and Watery Ozonic notes radiate from a transparent floral heart of Rosemary, Basil, Chamomile and Lily of the Valley. The fond is infused with soft, enveloping Musks, Amber and Cedar.

“White Sandalwood”: A Creamy Sandalwood accord with a hint of Chypre ! It includes top notes of Neroli and Lychee, a floral heart of White Jasmine, Violet and Cistus Labdanum, and a fond of sun-bleached Cedar, Patchouli, Musk and Tonka Bean.

“Anis & Black Vanilla”: This beautifully soft ‘Noir’ fragrance opens with top notes of Anise and Liquorice to add mystique to a heart built around the Vanilla and Almond nuances of Heliotrope and Powdery Violet. Sandalwood and Amber add warmth to the fond.

Does it work ?

“Duke University Medical Centre” in North Carolina has indeed been able to demonstrate in a study that wearing perfume does lift our mood.

The “Kinsey Institute” in America found in their experiment that women who smelled a male fragrance whilst visualising an erotic experience were more aroused than the control group who were simply exposed to a neutral odour. In this study various men’s fragrances were used and it proved that any men’s fragrance will have this effect.

Now, … will you become irresistible and enjoy an unforgettable night, if you wear “Joop! Homme”, have a PAIRFUM ‘white sandalwood’ candle burning on the table and a PAIRFUM reed diffuser in ‘Linen & Lavender’ in the bedroom ?

Probably, … but it is our view, that perfume is entirely personal and subjective. We believe it is more about how it suit you and make you feel, rather than any pre-programmed effects, that may have been proven.

Woman Man Embrace Kiss Love Perfume

Typically, these pieces of research are conducted with a single ingredient at an un-naturally high dosage within a laboratory condition.

A couture perfume on the other contains between 50 – 200 ingredients, in various small dosages.

Our nose and sense of smell are in close proximity to our brain and related to the emotional centre of the brain. Consequently, some fragrances can trigger strong memories or emotions which are entirely personal: Lavender might remind you of your grandmother or Bergmot of a recent vacation in Italy.

We would expect the emotional effect of these memories to easily override any scientifically proven result of ‘heliotrope’ or other ingredients. These emotional effects will obviously be different for the wearer and the opposite sex, which is why it may not come as a surprise that a fragrance you love to wear may be unattractive or even off-putting to somebody else.

Is this so bad though ? We believe not, as you must both love the fragrance in your home or the perfume that is radiating from your partner. Perfume will always have an effect on you and the world around you: your partner, your home, your office, your friends … Fragrance will always be your personal secret weapon.

Fragrance Woman Man Kiss

Perfume is typically one of the last things we apply before we leave our home (both for work and to party). When you wear a perfume that you love and that is right for the moment, you immediately feel better about yourself and the world around you. Inevitably you will radiate happiness, positivety and confidence and spring to your step.

We suspect that for women it is not just the fragrance which is important but the effort & intent you put into charming her. Wearing a perfume is allows her to sense this and maybe, just maybe it is also your aphrodisiac for her.

Bath Man Woman Kiss Perfume

Kubu Kube

Interesting Colour Game

Here at PAIRFUM we like colour ! Especially, as there is an intrinsic link between perfume and colour.

In this context, we came across an interesting game on the internet that is making the rounds: http://kuku-kube.com/

It is one those simple yet challenging free games on the internet that you can enjoy when you need a little break.

Click ‘start’ and spot the tile with the different colour. The squares in the next levels will become smaller and the color shades will become gradually more similar.

Admittedly, this sounds neither particularly difficult, nor particularly exciting – and yet “Kuku Kube” catches most player’s attention after the very first attempt.

Apparently, no more than 10 percent of all players worldwide have collected more than 30 points. How many different tiles can you spot?

eau sauvage

Perfume can attract the opposite sex !

Here are the links to two very interesting articles, one in The Telegraph  and in Science Daily, about the perfume ingredient 'hedione' and the 'pheromone effect' it can trigger:

For the first time, researchers have found that a perfumery ingredient, 'Hedione', can trigger ‘sex-specific activation patterns’ in the nasal tissue directly linked to the brain of humans. It activates the pheromone receptor VN1R.

“These results constitute compelling evidence that a pheromone effect different from normal olfactory perception indeed exists in humans,” states Prof Hanns Hatt from the Ruhr-Universität Bochum in Germany.

This research was first published in the journal NeuroImage.

Below are images of some perfumes that use 'hedione' in significant quantities:

'SPA' by PAIRFUM with 'hedione'

You can bring the attractive effects of 'hedione' into your home with the fragrance 'spa' from the PAIRFUM Collection, which contains significant quantities of 'hedione'.

'SPA' is available in the following luxury scented candles and natural reed diffusers:

  • Reed Diffusers (petite, classic and large size and in the bell, cube and tower shapes)
  • Reed Diffuser refill oil
  • Snow Crystal Candles (classic, large and tin)
  • Flower Wax Candle
  • Message Candle
amber wood fragrance or perfume

Trend: ‘Amber Wood’ In Perfumery

Eau De Parfum Person Reflection Sea Salt Sage Amber Wood Couple Young

Amber already has a long history in fragrance. However, more recently many leading couture perfume houses have included it in their fragrance creations. It can be said for some time now, ‘Amber Wood‘ seems to be everywhere!

‘Amber Wood’ Is A Perfume Trend

‘Power’, ‘intensity’ and ‘longevity’ are three attributes associated with the olfactory wave of ‘amber wood’ making its way in perfumes. It can be found in many recent fragrance launches, in both small and larger concentrations.

‘Amber Wood’ differs from true ‘ambergris’ in being more woody. Ambergris has sometimes being found to come across as a ‘little dry’ and ‘tobacco-like’. As a reminder, ambergris is a natural excrete of the sperm whale found floating in the sea. After prolonged exposure to sun and salt water, it develops it unique scent: warm, aquatic, salty, musky, animalic.

‘Amber Wood’ can be used to enhance oriental or gourmand scents but is also included in floral notes, including white flower accords. It may be surprising, but it is not just reserved for men’s perfumes but is also used in mainstream women’s fragrances.

These ingredients are great fixatives and can last for several weeks. Hence, they are frequently used in fabric detergents and softeners, to produce a scent and ‘feel good factor’ that lasts long after the laundry has been washed & dried.

In fine fragrances, it may be included in perfumes in very high dosages:  upto 30% in women’s fragrances and upto 40% in men perfumes.

‘Escentric Molecules’ even offer a perfume, ‘Molecule 01’, where it is the only note !

Ecscentric Molecule 01 Amberwood

Couture Perfumes

Among couture perfumes for women, Repetto (by Repetto) beautifully uses the ‘heat’ of amber wood.

In Chanel’s Bleu for men (eau de parfum), it is an almost velvety note.

In ‘Musk Oud’ by Kilian, the wake or fond is saturated with a dry version of it.

musk oud Kilian amberwood
Repetto with Amberwood
Bleu De Chanel Amberwood

‘Myrrhe Impériale’ (Armani Privé Collection) and ‘Invictus’ by Paco Rabanne reveal wood amber in long-lasting or ‘substantive’ background notes.

‘A Magnetic Night’ (by The Different Company) has wood amber at its heart or core.

une nuit magnetique the different company
armani prive myrrhe imperiale
invictus paco rabanne

Sea Salt, Sage & Amber

Here at Pairfum London, we offer “Sea Salt, Sage & Amber“, an Eau de Parfum Intense. This is a wonderfully unique and fresh note where Amber and Wood add depth and summery warmth but also the longevity to this accord.

In many ways, this is a new type of Aquatic perfume.

Pure Eau De Parfum Bottle Sea Salt Sage Amber Wood
Pairfum Fragrance Sea Salt Sage Amber Wood Triangle


Beyond the quality of the fragrance note itself, consumers are searching for performance: strong top notes, intensive diffusion, long-lasting and high quality. On the Internet (e.g. Fragrantica), many consumers are complaining that fragrances do not last long enough.

In a market where new product launches are too numerous to count and too similar to a previous generation, the public is waiting for fragrances which are noticeably better and different.

The success of amber wood is part of wider trends in society:

  • the modern shopper has an appetite for items which are ‘sustainable’ and which have a ‘visible effect’ (notably within skin care),
  • items which highly unique and individual,
  • they are on a quest for intense experiences and surprises, for example when trying perfume inside the store itself, i.e. at the point of purchase.

By allowing perfumers to create very long lasting or powerful fragrances, ‘amber wood’ perfectly matches the expectations of modern consumers.

Cedar Noir by PAIRFUM

Here at PAIRFUM, we are proud to introduce our perfume ‘Cedar Noir‘ in our Home Fragrance Collection which uses ‘amber wood’ in liberal amounts.

Pairfum Large Reed Diffuser Tower Signature Cedar Noir

‘Cedar Noir’ is available in the following Luxury Perfumed Candles and Natural Reed Diffusers:

  • Reed Diffusers (petite, classic and large size and in the bell, cube and tower shapes)
  • Reed Diffuser refill oil
  • Snow Crystal Candles (classic, large and tin)
  • Flower Wax Candle
  • Message Candle
Fragrance Description Cedar Noir Vetiver Juniper Leather Frankincense

Trend: Skin Renewal or Epidermal Exfoliation

Epidermal Renewal

‘Exfoliation’ is widely accepted as an important and efficient approach to improving the feel and appearance of skin. Lack of proper cell-cycling leads to skin that feels rough and looks dull. Skin appears aged when dead cells stay on the skin’s surface.

Generally, these are the two ways of exfoliating:

  • physical or
  • chemical exfoliation;

Physical exfoliation uses microbeads or textured ingredients, such as crushed shells / salts / minerals or other similar natural materials, to rub off the dead cells on the uppermost layer of the skin or epidermis to reveal a smoother, more uniform and younger looking smoother skin underneath.

Chemical exfoliation, employs acids to ‘dissolve’ this top layer to achieve the same result.

Our advice is to use physical scrubs for the body and chemical toners/brighteners should be used for the more delicate facial area. Microdermabrasion should only be professionally administered, as it is often a particularly harsh and strong physical exfoliant.

Exfoliation continues to grows in popularity. AHA exfoliants and similar products are a fashionable subject for beauty editorials and influential beauty bloggers / vloggers (e.g. Caroline Hirons, A Model Recommends by Ruth Crilly).


Looking at the top of the illustration below, the dead keratinocytes are flaking off (desquamation). This creates a ‘rough surface’ where cells are poorly or not at all bound together, which makes them sit at unstructured angles to one another. This causes ‘rough’ feeling and ‘dull’ looking skin, as light is not reflected perfectly to create a dull finish.

Exfoliation removes this deal skin layer to reveal the smooth cells below that are still structured and bonded together.

This natural process of exfoliation happens naturally but as we age, the differentiation of keratinocytes becomes less efficient and the appearance of rough skin becomes more visible.

epidermal renewal

New Trend

There is continuous research & development in the area of exfoliation and skin re-surfacing / smoothing / brightening / refining and general all round improvement.

In particular, research is looking at how the skin can be aided in the process of desquamation and how it can improve this cycle itself, as opposed to simply acting on the top layer by physically removing it. This work is focused around the idea of epidermal renewal and the internal processes involved, by defining the main proteins / enzymes and attempting to target them cosmetically.

“Nutriceuticals”, an ever growing trend, try to support the skin through diet with ‘good oils’ and ‘hydration’. Keeping hydrated is one of the best ways how each and everyone of us can help their skin from the inside !

professional exfoliation

sense you dinner: taste, fragrance, eyes, touch. Add a fragrance candle.

Do you ‘scents’ your food ?

Think about last night:

  • Did you experience the fragrance notes of your last meal ?
  • Did you feel the texture of the food in your mouth ?
  • Do you feast on a banquet with your eyes ?

Why not create a ‘dinner for your senses’ ?

A ‘sense dinner’ feeds and stimulates all of your senses, not just your taste buds. It is the combination of a fine meal, exquisite wine, fantastic table decorations, a fabulously scented room with luxuriously fragranced candles.

In fact, with a ‘sense dinner’ you will enjoy multi-sensorial dinner:

  • Taste: this is fine dining but you only taste in four dimensions: sweet, sour, bitter and salty. The mulitverse of flavours you experience when dinning all come from the nose.
  • Nose: this is the olfactory part of the dinner. It turns a meal into fine dining through the scents of the food you prepared. It is the aroma you notice before you eat and the richness of the flavours while you dine.
  • Eyes: the presentation of the meal, fantastic table settings and the beauty of the room will all enhance your meal.
  • Touch: do you sit comfortably ? What does the cutlery feel like to the touch but also when you place it in your mouth ?

When you prepare the next dinner for somebody special, think about all of these senses ! They will sense the difference.

How about reviewing the next restaurant you are going to dine in ? Ask you friends & family around the table what their senses think of the meal and the restaurant. You may be surprised.

Have you ever given your dinner a ‘Scent Theme’ ?

Here are some thoughts:

  • ‘chocolate’: Mexican Chocolate Chicken, chocolates with the coffee, a chocolate scented candle in the room, …
  • ‘rose’: Chinese shrimp in rose Schnapps to start, grilled sirloin steak and rose chutney, rose scented turkish delight with the coffee, a reed diffuser with beautifully rose fragrance on the sideboard, …
  • ‘lavender’: lavender scented bisquits

Let a ‘dinner for your senses’ inspire your creativity.

Here at PAIRFUM we automatically sense the ‘fragrance’. What do you do ? Do you taste first and then enjoy the aroma ?

multi sensorial and fragrant food

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