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Driftwood Diffuser

PAIRFUM Driftwood Diffuser – pure Art !

This natural piece of teak driftwood will fragrance a room for up to 4 weeks, thanks to its natural honeycomb diffuser ( inserted at the back). Compared with Reed Diffusers, there is no risk of damage from liquid spills (think of children & pets !) and it does not deplete the ozone layer. Simply open & display it to envelop yourself and your home with a beautiful couture perfume. PAIRFUM invites you to add a touch of loving elegance to your world within.

We care about the people you give this perfume to, they will know you care about them and their world too:

  • no two pieces of teak driftwood are the same !
  • our driftwood is collected from the floor of the rainforest, i.e. no de-forestation
  • honeycomb cartridge is made from 100 % natural beeswax
  • perfumes (lasts) upto 4 weeks
  • exquisite couture perfumes are made using essential oils and are fully biodegradable, healthy for you and the environment
  • PAIRFUM uses part of its profits to buy beehives for the developing world. One beehive sustains one family, year after year.


  • natural teak driftwood:
  • collected from the floor of the rainforest, i.e. no de-forestation
  • refillable, just insert a fresh perfumed honeycomb at the back
  • non flammable
  • non toxic – non carcinogenic – non VOC
  • solvent free


  • each piece of driftwood is a unique piece of art for the room = Perfumed Art !
  • each honeycomb perfumes for upto 4 weeks
  • a great alternative to the ‘Reed Diffuser’ for families with pets or children: no need to fear damage from the spillage of a toppled reed diffuser