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Eau de Lumiere – a ‘light’ Home Fragrance

eau de lumiere table chandelier home fragrance

The world of perfume inspires ‘Lights’

eau de lumiere dining table home fragrance

A tribute to the world of fragrance.

‘‘Eau de Lumière‘‘ created by designer Davide Oppizzi takes its inspiration from the world of Luxury Perfume.

eau de lumier beside light home fragrance

From a sculptural point of view, it symbolizes the iconic form of the perfume bottle. It extracts the essence and finesse of fragrance flacons, plays with the volume of bottles and the refraction of light in fine lines, folds and creases with the glass.

eau de lumiere table lamps for her & him home fragrance

A light for HER and HIM

The design work focused on the masculine and feminine forms, with curves or angles and in different sizes, by combining them and using natural materials such as wood, marble and fabrics to produce a complete and rich collection. These shapes, materials and colors, used in the same space allowed the designer to inject a homogeneous but varied spirit and a strong personality. The collection offers several forms (table lamps, wall lamps, suspensions, and chandeliers) and sizes of lights, some them of shown in this article.

eau de lumiere pendant light home fragrance

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Thanks to Oppizzi’s technical expertise, the integrated LED source illuminates perfectly, retro-lighting the interior color and the fine materials of the lamp. He offers a choice of finishing in wood (oak) or white Carrara marble, together with matching textiles.

eau de lumiere chandelier home fragrance

Based in France, Designheure is a manufacturer of modern, contemporary lights. Its offers interior architects and designers, tailor-made lighting solutions to set accents in unique projects or custom installations. On the other hand, Designheure’s collections produces contemporary, elegant and yet innovative lights.

eau de lumier floor light home fragrance

Home Fragrance

From the scent of a freshly cut Garden Rose to the soft calming notes of Field Lavender, perfume has over the years inspired Poets, Artists, Designers and even Chefs.

Fashion and trends come and go but wearing, enjoying and being inspired by a beautiful fragrance is always in style.

The world of perfume inspires ‘Lights’! Now it is time for ‘Music’,… ‘Action’,…

eau de lumier light arrangement home fragrance



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