Fragranced Couscous

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We recently posted on our facebook page an article about making ‘scent leaf couscous’.

Here is a link to the video with the recipe:

find out how to make Scent Leaf Couscous

‘Scent leaf’ is also known as clove basil and wild basil (in Hawaii).

This raised the question: What are the other favourite fragranced couscous recipes ?

We found an interesting selection and here are some of our favourites, that allowed us to see couscous in a completely different light:

Thyme Scented Couscous

Rose & Orange Scented Couscous

Cinnamon Scented Couscous

Orange & Ginger Scented Couscous

Lemon & Rosemary Scented Couscous

PAIRFUM herb thyme rosemary natural room fragrance perfume
PAIRFUM herb thyme rosemary natural room fragrance perfume

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