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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Perfume Green Happy St Patricks Day Ireland Guide

A very Happy St. Patrick’s Day to everyone, wherever you may be in the World, from Pairfum London!

Enjoy this wonderful day of Green Celebration.

Perfume Green Happy St Patricks Day

The ‘Green’ Note in Perfumery on St. Patrick’s Day?

Is there a ‘green’ fragrance that you should wear today to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Read our recommendation.

In perfumery, when we refer to the term “green”, we mean notes such as ‘freshly cut grass’ or ‘crushed leaves’.

A fragrance ingredient which typifies this class is ‘galbanum’, a resin from a grass, it has a very strong green, watery and spring-like note.

Perfumers automatically associate Galbanum with ‘Vent Vert’ by Balmain, the first perfume where it dominated the note.

In recent years, another ingredient has become a popular green note: Fig leaf.

It is a synthetic ingredient, which produces the green, bitter-fruity note typical of Fig Leaf.

Demeter’s ‘Fig Leaf’ is a perfume that exemplifies this ingredient.

Another modern green note is  ‘Violet Leaf’ with its aqueous nuances.

Fresh cut cucumber comes to mind when describing this ingredient, it is used frequently in men’s notes.

‘Tomato Leaf’ is a further popular green element in today’s perfumery accords.

It has more of a herbaceous note paired with its green character.

‘Eau de Campagne’ by Sisley illustrates tomato leaf in couture perfume.

What is your perfect ‘green’ fragrance for St. Patrick’s Day?

Perfume Green Shamrock Flower Happy St Patricks Day

Perfume Green Happy St Patricks Day Cup Cake

Perfume Green Happy St Patricks Day Bouquet

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