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How Do You Evaluate, Test or Smell Perfume?

National Fragrance Week Woman Rose Flower smell perfume

We are frequently being asked: “How do you smell perfume?”

Today on day two of National Fragrance week, organised by the Fragrance Foundation, we are taking a look at (and not for the first time) how do you evaluate or test perfume?

National Fragrance Week Man in Suit smell perfume

It may seem that the obvious answer is “with your nose” – and in a sense (no pun intended) that is correct.

However, there is so much more to smelling a perfume, than simply taking a sniff …

National Fragrance Week Perfume Bottles smell perfume

In an earlier post we discussed how as individuals we have an olfactory blueprint that is totally unique to us.

So, … how we smell perfume or interpret a fragrance or note, will be as individual and unique as you are..

National Fragrance Week Woman Rose Flower Head

We know that memory formation is linked to our sense of smell.

So if you think how different your life’s experiences or your life’s road map has been when compared to those around you, it explains why some of us love certain notes while others may loathe them…

With National Fragrance Week now underway, what better time to try new Fragrances or Notes and evaluate them as only You can.

From everyone here at PAIRFUM London we just want to say “Try it, Enjoy it” and “Be Your Authentic Self”.

Smell Perfume Your Way.

Eau De Parfum Person Reflection Cardamom Tonka White Oud Curls smell perfume

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