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‘Living Garden’ as a Vision of the Home of the Future – China House Vision 2018

Living Garden Home Future Vision Roof Glass Air

At “China House Vision 2018” MAD Architects propose ‘Living Garden’ as a vision of the home of the future.

When we as perfumers hear ‘Living Garden’ and ‘Future Home’, we immediately think about the fragrance that will be inside this house. The scents this house conjures up for us are green, earthy, stemmy, airy and woody but also with elements of soil and water.

The Architects present their model of a ‘home without bounds’ imagining an ‘en-plein-air’ environment that intends to eliminate the boundary between inside and outside, giving occupants the feeling that they are living in or with nature. Instead of a typical home – where walls and roofs create a separation from nature – a floating, swinging roof sits on top of lacttice like structure.

Living Garden Home Future Vision Coffee Table Fragrance

The clear, layered glass roof protects the occupants from the elements, e.g. rain, while providing natural ventilation and natural daylight to flood the home. The architects incorporated solar panels strategically to generate enough electrical energy to power the daily consumption of a family of three.

maintaining an openness towards the sky and its surroundings, ‘living garden’ sees life, (solar) energy, and nature coincide, seamlessly blending together to create an architectural ‘living’ landscape‘, it reads in a statement released by the studio. ‘one that emphasizes humanity’s emotional connection with nature.‘

Living Garden Home Future Vision Open Wall Perfume

This ‘Living Greenhouse’ sees life, sun and nature co-exist in perfect harmony and actually morphing together in a ‘living landscape’, as the architects describe it, in a symbiosis ‘that emphasizes humanity’s emotional connection with nature’.

This model of future living is being presented during exhibition Chine House Vision 2018, located inside Beijing’s Olympic Park during 21.9 – 6.11.2018.

As perfumers,

Living Garden Home Future Vision Outdoor Indoor Fragrance Green

For Chine House Vision 2018, 10 x teams of international architecture firms in partnership with 10 x innovative companies created their ideal ‘home of the future’ as 1:1 scale model. House Vision is a cultural research project focussing on the ‘home’ to explore future living through the cross-collaboration of different disciplines, such as architecture, design, technology, manufacturing etc.

Living Garden Home Future Vision Green Scent

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