London Fashion Week: Networking Tip

Are You Ready For Networking ?

Everybody will be preparing for the sharp lenses of photographers during the London Fashion Week by having to hand everything needed for a quick renew: perfume, eyeliner, lipgloss, hairspray … !

You will be looking your best and will we want to mix with the key people in the industry. Your handshake will be your first contact and introduction.

Our tip: have you thought of taking along a travel size ‘hand wash’ and ‘hand moisturiser’ ?

The ‘liquid soap’ dispensed in public facilities often leaves behind an unpleasant scent on your hands.

Your hands will treasure the little bit of extra attention from your own hand wash & hand moisturiser and you will enjoy their fabulous perfume.

Make it a habit to pack a travel size of your favourite hand wash & hand moisturiser.


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Fragrance Networking Party

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