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London Fashion Week Tip: How to fragrance the show’s couture ?

Fashion Tip For Designers:

Have you given thought to the fragrance of your fabulous clothes during the London Fashion Week ? You will have reviewed every detail of your show but will you have considered the perfume of your designs ? Will your clothes smell as wonderful as they look ? Will their fragrance radiate into the room ?

Your fashion should be a multi-sensorial experience.

How to perfume haute couture or lingerie ?

Basically, you have two options:

  1. use a specialist spray like PAIRFUM's Flacon linen & fabric spray, or
  2. use your favourite haute couture perfume

When you using your favourite personal fragrance, please ensure you take the following precautions, or you may stain the fabulous clothes you have just worked so hard for:

  • is it a 'heavy' fragrance that contain vanilla, woody or spicy ingredients ? All of these perfume ingredients are know to discolour fabrics.
  • before using it on any piece of fabric, test the spray for discolouration or staining on a small, invisible area, e.g. the tag
  • do not spray on any polished, painted, plastic or wooden items on your designs which may be damaged by perfume oils or alcohols.

The simpler solution is to simply use PAIRFUM's Flacon linen & fabric spray and you will have none of these worries.


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PAIRFUM Flacon linen perfume for linen & fabrics room spray

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