What is the fragrance of “20 Beautiful Women” ?

"20 Beautiful Women"

A book by Tejal Patel.

Let’s start by clarifying ‘what is a beautiful women’ ? This is a question that Tejal Patel gives her view on in her new best-selling book “20 Beautiful Women” through relaying the inspirational stories of 20 women: her own lifestory and that of 19 other women. In total, 20 stories that are inspiring, healing your soul and helping you find to purpose or passion.

Tejal defines a ‘beautiful woman’ as follows (quote): "A beautiful woman shares her story so other women won't feel alone. A beautiful woman is peaceful: she has made peace with her past. A beautiful woman is passionate: she is on fire with a strong desire to change the world. A beautiful woman is purposeful: she knows why she was born and does what she was created here to do. Be beautiful."

A great book for an inspirational read at the start of 2015 ! Did you read it already ?

So which fragrance have these “20 Beautiful Women” in their homes ? Will it be luxury scented candles, reed diffusers or room perfume sprays ?

Here at PAIRFUM, we believe it cannot be a single fragrance but must be 20 x different fragrances to reflect the indivuality of each women’s life story and home.

Take a look at the 20 x perfumes within the ‘Pairfum Collection’ and see which fragrance best matches your story for your home.


The latest hashtag that is trending on Twitter and social media is called #20BeautifulWomen. This is the #20beautifulwomen challenge:
- Take a selfie, and then
- Tag twenty beautiful women in the caption, in the hope they will do the same.

It started a few weeks ago and now more and more people are spreading the word about this challenge through social media.

Did you already tweet your list #20beautifulwomen ?

What is the fragrance of 20 beautiful women in their home ? perfumes, room fragrance and skin care

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