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Mad dogs and Englishmen Go out in the Midday Sun

With the mercury finally starting to rise in the UK at least for the coming week, it is predicted to be hotter in Britain than in Ibiza and Barcelona rising to a balmy 23C by Saturday.

O.K, it may not really be hot enough to declare ‘Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday Sun’, but it is still worth celebrating the fact that we can leave the ‘Brolly’ at home (hopefully) for the next few days.

So, with that wonderful phrase ‘al fresco’ that we have borrowed from Italy which means “in the cool air”, (and not as someone informed us recently that the Italians use to mean ‘spending time in Jail’ –  not recommended at all, and you would miss all the good weather).

The correct term they went on to inform us is “all’aperto”, but does it really matter when the Sun is shining whether we say “‘al fresco” or “all’aperto”, as long as we are “all-outside-o” enjoying the beautiful weather.

Get the grill out of it Winter woollies ( it may have to be wrapped-up again next week) but who cares?, yes it may be true that “Mad dogs and Englishmen Go out in the midday sun”, but when the Sun is shining we also “Like to make Hay”.

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From PAIRFUM London, we wish you all a wonderful Healthy, Sun filled week.


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