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London Coffee Festival (12 – 15th of April)

So for all Lovers of Coffee what better way to while away a few hours over the weekend, than to pop along to the London Coffee Festival running from the 12th to the 15th of April.

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On offer are things like Sipping Baileys flat White Martinis (whatever they are, but they sound nice), while dancing to live music.

It also includes events such as ‘School of Chocolate’, ‘La Cimbali Sensory Series’, to a competition showcasing the creativity and talents of emerging and established artists.

Have you heard of ‘Latte Art Live’ , they will be creating or preforming live at the Festival, Dhan Tamang, the UK Latte Art Champion since 2013, Lem Butler, 2016 USBC Champion, and Luke Shilling, Australian Latte Art Finalist, Worldwide famous Baristas.

The Aroma of Coffee is one of the first senses experienced when preparing or consuming a coffee, so whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or just one in the making there’s no denying that the smell of freshly-brewed coffee in the morning is an invigorating one.

In our World of Perfumery the ‘Coffee Note’ has always been a firm Favourite, and can be found in many Famous Perfumes perhaps without us even being aware of it.

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