Magnolias are some of the most primitive of our flowering trees

Magnolias are some of the most primitive of our flowering trees, known for their graceful, fragrant flowers they hail from a diverse genus of trees and shrubs.

They have been around for millennia with fossils dating back to the Tertiary period ( they were around before our Friends the Bees arrived). They are just as at home in our Gardens and Parks, as they are in their natural forest habitat, and most of them are perfectly happy to adapt to city living.

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In warmer parts of the country some magnolias have been in bloom since February others bloom in March and appear to usher in the spring , while others are Happy to wait until as late as June to flower. Regardless of when they grace us with their stunning Flowers and fragrance, the Magnolia has become one of the most loved plants Worldwide.

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Their colours range from pure white to deepest purple, and they fill the spring air with an enchanting scent that makes you want to stop and stay a while.

In 1900 Louisiana declared the Magnolia as its state flower due to its abundance throughout the state, and also in 1900 school children in Mississippi held a state wide election and voted the Magnolia to be their state flower. So from the Rain forests of Asia, central Europe, and from East to West coast of the USA, these exceptional plants  are loved Worldwide.

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If you are lucky enough this weekend to spot a Magnolia in Bloom, then stop take a look, and inhale their intoxicating fragrance.

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