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PAIRFUM Flacon – designed to be displayed !

Simply release PAIRFUM Flacon to envelop yourself and your home with a beautiful couture perfume. Pairfum invites you to add a touch of loving elegance to your world within.

We care about the people you give this perfume to, they will know you care about them and their world too:

  • couture perfume for you & your home. Two editions:

room perfume
– perfume for linen & fabric

  • content: 100 ml
  • perfumes are made using essential oils and are fully biodegradable, healthy for you and the environment.
  • 2 applications/sprays last between 2–8 hours in the air (in an unvented room)
  • alcohol: 100% biodegradable & natural from sugar (molasses), i.e. renewable
  • CO2 neutral – non toxic – non carcinogenic
  • handmade & gift wrapped by artisans in the United Kingdom
  • the perfume flacon is decorated with a silkscreen print of an original, hand drawn illustration

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