Love Candle – Write Your Message Of Love On A Candle

£ 7.50

A ‘greetings card, but on a candle !

A clean & healthy burn for around 23 hrs.

100% natural soy wax.

Perfumes beautifully with natural essential oils.

You can personalise the message candle with your own message: “I love you”, “Marry Me”, “Happy Birthday”, “Thank you”, “Get Well”, “Sorry”, …. the list is endless. A piece of chalk is included in the tin for writing on the blackboard side of the candle.

Read further below about the many way how you can use the message candle.

Enjoy selecting the fragrance that best fits your occasion (see ‘fragrance descriptions’ below).



Love Candle

The Love Candle by PAIRFUM allow you to write your own message of love on a candle instead of on card.

Personalise this candle with the included piece of chalk and write your chosen message. On this side of the candle is a blackboard where you can write and only your imagination limits what you can write.

We have listed here some of the ideas how you can use the love candle:

  • “I Love You” – it is always special when somebody declares their love for you !
  • “Be My Valentine” – together with a single rose it becomes a beautiful gift on valentine.
  • “Friends Again ?” – when it is time to make up but difficult to know how.
  • “Let’s Make Peace” – a peace candle of a different type
  • “Marry Me” – a nice way of asking the question.

Write your own personal message and present it ‘with love’.

Be creative and enjoy inventing new ways of personalising it:

  • a romantic candle: prepare a nice dinner, set the table with wine and place a candle on each plate
  • a spell candle: when love needs a helping hand, you could write a love spell on it and then light it
  • a candle to follow: dim the light, place burning candles along the way and who knows where it leads
  • a birthday candle: use the candle instead of a jewellery box and place a ring or ear rings inside

The scenarios are limitless. Just follow your heart and who know where your creativity might take you with the love candle.

Soy Wax Candle

Imagining the people and moments where you will be using the message candle, we took great care too in producing this candle. Here are some highlights of the many qualities in the love candle:

  • a clean burn for around 23 hrs – no soot, no smoke.
  • 100 % natural soy wax (not blended with paraffin !)
  • highly & deeply scented with couture perfume (top to bottom)
  • fragrances with natural essential oils.
  • cleanest burning soy wax – no toxins, no carcinogens
  • natural cotton wick (free from metal filaments = non carcinogenic)
  • handmade by skilled artisans in our studios in the UK
  • fill: 90 g / 3.2 ounce
  • biodegradable & natural wax (CO2 neutral)

This soy candle is healthy for both you and the person you love.

PAIRFUM invites you to add a touch of love to your world.

Why Soy Wax ?

Soy wax candles cleaner and are healthier for you than paraffin candle, regardless of how luxurious the paraffin candle may be.

Paraffin wax candles contain toluene and benzene which are two known carcinogenes. Sadly, the candle flame is not hot enough to combust fully these two materials. Consequently, parts of them still enter the room and affect your air quality.

With soy being natural, it does not contain these two toxins ! Burning a soy candle will not pollute the air quality.

The sight of a smoking or sooting candle and the blackened walls or ceilings they cause are familiar to many. When you see this, it is typically a paraffin candle.

Many well-known luxury candles use paraffin wax  but scented candles do not need to be bad for your health !

A soy candle, when it is developed professionally, offers a sootless and smokeless burning experience.

Recognising this, many companies unfortunately blend soy with paraffin wax and then write “soy candle” on their packs. This allows them to claim the benefits of soy wax, whilst keeping the price of the candle low.

Here at PAIRFUM, we do not believe in these practices and guarantee never to include paraffin in our candles. We are committed to healthy luxuries that can be enjoyed every day.

A Candle For The Moments When Love Is In The Air.

Additional information

Dimensions 6.4 × 6.4 × 4.5 cm


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