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Square Leaf & Flower Art

Square Leaf Art Green Water Lily Natural Form

Have you ever seen ‘Flower Art’ with square flowers or leaves?

No, neither have we, which is why we enjoyed Baku Maeda’s novel artistic approach to flowers and leaves.

He created square flowers and leaves to challenge nature’s organic forms.

Square Flower Art Pink Organic Form

Baku Maeda calls them his ‘bit flowers’ and ‘bit leaves’ series. In this series he trimmed the petals of various flowers, leaves and foliage into square shapes, creating a juxtaposition against their typically organic, natural shape.

By contrast, the Japanese Artist’s typical medium is relatively humble: He transforms greenery and flowers into graphic visuals.

With his two ‘series’ of square nature, we believe he created a new form of ‘Flower Art’!

Square Flower Art Yellow Organic Form

Art in Floristry usually focusses on unique combinations and presentations of flowers and greenery in novel bouquets or arrangements. Florists might curve a plant but we have not yet seen them cutting a flower (or plant) into a desired shape.

Baky Maeda might have started something new their.

Square Flower Art Pale Pink Organic Form

Flower Art Idea

The next time you are buying a beautiful floral bouquet for your partner, a friend, a colleague or somebody very dear to you, stop and ask the florist whether she/he can cut the bouquet into your preferred shape.

We would love to hear the reaction of the florist. Do let us know what she/he thought of this form of ‘Flower Art’.

In the meantime, if you are looking for something artistic and square, why not look at our ‘Cube’ shaped Reed Diffusers?

Square Leaf Art Green Water Lily Organic Form

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