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What Defines The Quality Of Perfume?

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The quality of perfume can assessed with the these simple questions:

  • Does it smell wonderful on you?
  • Has it got the right strength?
  • Does the scent last?
  • What does it contain? How was it made?

These may be a overly simplistic questions but ‘beauty lies in the eye of the beholder’. In other words, the quality of perfume is personal to you.

It doesn’t matter what the experts say, you have to love wearing a particular fragrance or it will always be of a lower quality compared with the fragrance you love.

How To Check Perfume Quality?

Having said this, there are a few criteria you can use the check perfume quality and we explain these here:

  • The quality of the note: Do you love the fragrance, when you smell it on a smelling strip, when you spray it and when you actually smell it on your skin, both initially and over time, e.g. at the end of the day?
  • Quality of the ingredients: Do the ingredients smell pleasant? Can you smell quality perfume oils? Do they smell pure? Does the fragrance have a certain naturality?
  • Quality of the accord: Does the note or accord have complexity and depth or it is overly simplistic? Can you only smell a single ingredient or is their a myriad of oils to intrigue? Is this accord rounded? Does it change much over time? Do you like how the fragrances evolves over time on your skin?
  • Originality of the fragrance: is this a unique note or do you smell it everywhere on others? Is the perfume old fashioned or modern? Does the perfume develop the same on you or is it different on every one of your friends that tries it? Do you get complimented for your fragrance?
  • Power & Radiance: Does the fragrance have the intensity to project? In other words, do others notice it when you wear it? What is sillage of the fragrance, i.e. does it leave a lasting trail when you pass?
  • Longevity of the note: how does the fragrance last on you and/or on a paper smelling strip? Is it gone in an hour or is it still present after 8 hours? Do keep in mind that your nose gets used to your own perfume. The best way to check this is to ask others, such as your partner, children and friends. Does the note still smell wonderful at the end of day?
  • Versatility: Can you wear this perfume at various occasions or is ideal at specific times? For example, is it perfect for the Opera or would you wear it when you are exercising? Can you wear during different seasons of year?

The Best Fragrance?

The question of “What is the Best Fragrance” is a personal one. In the end, however, the answer is quite simple: “Do you love it?”

Forget the criteria we have presented about the quality of perfume or what the experts are saying (and even family & friends) and go with your own feeling for a note. If you love it and love how it smells on you, then the rest is irrelevant.

The best fragrance is one suits the wearer!

In many ways, some of these assessment criteria of quality are similar to food, drink, music and even art or design. Unlike fragrance, we find it much easier to articulate our taste and reject sometime we don’t like, even if the Connoisseurs disagree with us. Taste is personal and so it fragrance.

You Must Experience Perfume

If you love quality perfume products, then you must have a look at our Perfume Experience Box. It allows to try our best-in-class perfumes at home and on your skin. The is no better way for you to check the quality of perfume.

You will only find the best fragrance for you by trying different notes, the more the better. Our Perfume Experience Box, the Fragrance Library, contains 12 x fragrances and you might discover accords and notes that you would not have naturally gravitated towards but that you find suit you superbly.

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